Yogas in Natal Chart: How we can check results of strength, debilitation, exaltation and fruitfication of Raaj yogas and neech Bhanga yoga in Natal & D9 chart

vimanas11 45 Yogas in Natal Chart: How we can check results of strength, debilitation, exaltation and fruitfication of Raaj yogas and neech Bhanga yoga in Natal & D9 chart


Strength of alone Yog Karka and Raaj yogas planets in d1 chart never justify its results.we have to see many factor i.e strength from Lagana and Moon and rest of Divisional charts but most important is its Yoga bhanga strength factor that only could be seen from D9 chart.

Raaj Yogas fruitfication depends on two conditions – firstly Navamsa Strength of that Yoga-karka planet and the factor of Yoga Bhanga in Both D1 and D9. If someone has exalted Saturn placed in lagana in  D1 chart and same if it is weakly placed and debilitated in D9 it is preciously causing  a Yoga Bhanga for Saturn.According to this rules Saturn would be considered as weak and we can not see its results according to its exalted state and good placement in d1 as the life source it is getting in d9 is not enough to breathe for longer periods and it is not able give its Exalted Results fully.

Firstly, Saturn is placed in 1st house considered as Maran-karka Sthan (Weakly placed 1st House – Lost the Sthan Bala – Unable to fruitfy due to weak by placement), though whole strength will be fully dependent on the Dispositer lord strength (Venus the house owner) in D1 and D9. If Same house owner is weakly placed in trik bhavas or afflicted with nodes we can say owner is itself suffering due to external factors and environmental based conditional  situations- So how could he help Saturn. Its like a situation of how could i help if i am already stuck in prison due to my sins and debits. Nodes afflictions are simply representation of Karmic impressions of past birth connected with current birth sufferings and realizations.

Secondly, here in this condition Saturn is suffering through Yoga Bhanga factor (Cancellation of Yoga) in D9. It simply means may be native get lots of opportunities to grow or rise by his some of Good karmic blessing in current birth. But if environmental factors are not supporting, native can lose everything if he isn’t able to sustain or support those conditions created by external factors or by those people. Those situations are given to him might be act as blessings or a curse totally depend on his past Karamas. Debilitation creates hurdles, obstacles and uneasy environment might be a lesson for native and exaltation are result of easy going situations and fruits as a result of good sanchit karmas as acquired by support of external factors and people. Here any Negligence of native can be major factor for fall in his life.vice a versa situation of exaltation and debilitation creates situational factors for fall.

For e.g if One has an exalted 7th lord in d1 and but at the same time it is debilitated placed in D9 with debilitation of Venus too.If there is malefic influence of Sun, Mars and Rahu on that 7th lord too in d9 than what could be possibility of marriage or relationship longevity strength  ?

Answer is ; Because of Exalted 7th lord and Good Strength in D1 native may have a good and long lasting Loyal relationship of 7 year duration but it can suffer or break at any moment after marriage due to native own mistakes or ego clashes or constant bickering between couples.

Here external Environmental factors are playing major role and they can create whole goody things into a mess and native can face separation but results would be depends on the strength of the 2nd lord from UL (Up-pada Lord).

Lets Take an another example;

Lets says in simpler words an old men can Get kingdom (D1 Exaltation –Blessing from ancestors) as a blessing from his ancestor to run it but due to native old age factor (Debilitation in D9 act as a Weakness or inability factor) he is unable to enjoy the fruits of kingdom fully, still he will be the king of his kingdom and can lose its kingdom at any time. Here external factors are his age and at what time he is getting ruler-ship and percentage of support from his own people.

D9 is like an extra life support or an extra oxygen cylinder to breathe as blessings from past actions by the divine. D9 is your fruits or dharama karmas you had acquired in past. Whenever any planet is weakly placed or Debilitated in D1, & if same planet get strength from other beneficial planets or get Neech-Bhanga yoga in D9 from dispositer lord, planets can live for much more longer periods or can give some positive results even the planet has lost his own strength but help from others can work as wonder.

Its simply because of the extra oxygen support in D9 from other planets to breathe or survive  for more days and time duration.

If Moon is giving extra life support it means mother role will be a major role play here for sustaining the native needs and requirements, if sun, than Father or bosses could be supportive, if mars, than help form brothers act like miracles.

So, you can apply this principal for others factors too for checking influencing factors for other relational karkas.

Same way if any planet is exalted in D1 but debilitated in D9 result can be reverse if the environmental factors won’t support them.

Debilitation simply means one has to put more effort in order to achieve or get success in any venture or have to fight more from the environmental factors.

Exaltation means with little effort one can get everything.

king can Lost his well blessed Kingdom(D1) due to his own Mistake if he do blind trust on his kith and kins. Here Blind trusts in Kith and Kins are Environmental factors and weakness is Blind trust (D9 plays major role in weakness and Strength factor) and either they can support or either they can destroy him.

How to know a yoga is Benefic or Malefic.


yogas3 How to know a yoga is Benefic or Malefic.

How to know if a yoga is potent enough to take you to heights or just another planetary combination.
There are two types of astrologers now a days one who believe that yoga’s like Raajyoga don’t work and another who believe that they still work but now their meanings have been changes as per the Country, Time, and Person rule of Vedic Astrology. I am under the latter people who believe that Raajyoga do work we only need to judge them right. Our ancient seers were geniuses and there is no doubt in it and they also have seen so many things at that timer that were yet to be discovered and as we know their intelligence in still unbeatable so I can clearly say that where they say it’s a Raajyoga then also they are not making a mistake they are just referring to a yoga which is very much potent to bestow the native, good position, wealth and status as kings had in their times, in astrology we have to dive down into meanings of words and as per watching this we will find that in earlier times who were a king, a king was someone, who have control over a army, have all type of happiness if we see that in today’s concept,  we can say that a person having Raajyoga can be entrepreneur (he will have so many person working under him) he can have lot of money and enjoyments in life so Raajyoga is something that is essential in a chart and as per I have seen at-least one Raajyoga is present in every tom dick and harry chart. As our sages said and I believe that if Raajyoga is this much auspicious and good then sure it have to be result of good deeds done in past lives, so have everyone did good deeds in past lives, yes everyone do something good but is that thing that much good that he can make a potent Raajyoga, we can see Raajyoga in almost every chart but we don’t see Raajyoga working everywhere why.
pt ramyatna ojha How to know a yoga is Benefic or Malefic.

Remember that this method should only be used in Raajyoga not in Dhanyoga because as we know in dhan yoga 11th house become an auspicious house but in Raajyoga assessment 11th is considered a malefic house, but in the same way as modification we can use the same chart, like while judging Dhanyoga we can take 11th house as benefic, and so on we can made improvements in this chart,

While reading “Falit Vikas” By “Pandit Ramyatna Ojha´ I found this method and fell in love with this once again I found this in “Triphala (Jyotish) of “Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha” under the book “Sushlokshatak” this method was also used, in astrological treatises there are a lot of Raajyoga mentioned but which one can change the life of the native and which will be normal one (this can also be used with normal good yogas too) so many eminent Sanskrit scholars have given so many methods on how to assess result of any Raajyoga based on principles of parashara (basic astrology) but this method that was given by pandit ramyatna ojha was well supported by pandit vetal shastri too and they two are most eminent scholars of astrology so let me introduce you to the method
These are the points given to houses, remember them for usage,
1st house +1 point, 4th house +2 points, 7th house +3 points, 10th house +4 points, 5th house +2 points and 9th house +4 points,
3rd house -1 point, 6th house -2 point, 11th house -3 point, 8th house -6 point, and 2nd and 12th house -0 points,
These calculation are completely in tune with basic parashari principles as propounded by sage parashara in his BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra) and also as elaborated in Uddadayapradeep AKA laghuparashari. Thus clearly states that
  1. Ascendant lord is always auspicious
  2. If the ascendant lord be 8th house lord then also he will be auspicious
2nd AND 12th LORD:
These 2 lords are neither auspicious nor inauspicious, the place where their 2nd rashi is placed will decide whether they will be benefic or malefic, also their results will get modified by those planets with whom they are in conjunction, basically they are neutral, and they both will also be “Marak” there is no doubt in this statement,
Trine lord are always benefic (5th and 9th lord)
But if the trine lords are 8th lord too then they will become flawed having some flaws (some maleficence will be inside the planet)
But if the trine lord is 8th lord too and situated in 5th house then he will not be malefic.
If the trine lord be 12th lord then it will remain benefic
If the trine lord be 2nd lord then he will become “Marak” but still the power to give luck will be in the planet.
If the trine lord also become lord of a quadrant house then he will become most benefic “Raajyogkarak”
If the trine lord also be 6th lord then he will have some part of maleficence inside him but if he be placed in 5th house then he will impart only good effects.
If natural benefic be lords of quadrants then they will not remain benefic and if natural malefic be lords of quadrants then they will not remain malefic (means they will become neutral) and their result have to be decided based on placement of their another sign, 7th lord will always be “Marak” there is no doubt in it, in order Jupiter as 7th lord will be most powerful “Marak” the comes Venus and then mercury then moon, moon will become the least deadly ”Marak” but he will still be “Marak” if any of these benefic planets be 7th lord and they are also placed in 7th house then they will become very deadly and potent ”Marak”
8th lord is the worst malefic in the chart, but if 8th lord is also ascendant lord then he will leave his maleficence to a big extent (but as per my own thinking a little bit maleficence will be there)
If sun and moon becomes the lord of 8th house and they are placed therein then they don’t have the bad effect of being 8th lord but if they be placed somewhere else then the bed effect of being 8th lord will be inside them, the potential to do bad as being 8th lord will be inside them both.
3rd 6th and 11th lord are malefic.
If 3rd 6th and 11th lord are also quadrant lord then if they are malefic then they will be malefic but if they are benefic then they will be benefic.
Id 3rd lord be in 3rd, 6th lord be in 6th and 11th lord be in 11th then they will be benefic now matter they are neutral benefic or malefic.
  1. Imagine horoscope is of cancer ascendant and mercury, mars and Jupiter are conjunct then
Mercury 3rd lord = -1
Mercury 12th lord = -0
Mars 5th lord = +2
Mars 10th lord = +4
Jupiter 6th lord = -2
Jupiter 9th lord = +4
Summing all those up we get +7 as remainder so we can say this yoga results in +7 benefic points thus this yoga is benefic and planets involved in this yoga will give good results of the yoga under their MD-AD-PD combinations.
  1. Imagine a horoscope of cancer ascendant Saturn, Venus, mars and Jupiter and conjunct then
Saturn 7th lord = +3
Saturn 8th lord = -6
Venus 4th lord = +2
Venus 11th lord = -3
Mars 5th lord = +2
Mars 10th lord = +4
Jupiter 6th lord = -2
Jupiter 9th lord = +4
Summing all these up we get +4 benefic points thus we can say that this is a benefic combination.
  1. Imagine a horoscope of Leo Ascendant, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct then
Jupiter 5th lord +2
Jupiter 8th lord -6
Saturn 6th lord -2
Saturn 7th lord +3
Remaining -3 malefic results thus it is a malefic combination for the native.
  1. Imagine a horoscope of Leo ascendant and Sun, Mars and Venus are in conjunction
Sun 1st lord +1
Mars 4th lord +2
Mars 9th lord +4
Venus 3rd lord -1
Venus 10th lord +4
Summing all these up we get +10 benefic points thus this is a benefic yoga.
  1. Imagine it is Gemini ascendant and Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction
Jupiter 7th lord +3
Jupiter 10th lord +4
Saturn 8th lord -6
Saturn 9th lord +4
Summing all these up we get +5 benefic points thus it is a benefic combination.
This is a method given by “Pandit Ramyatna Ojha” in his book “Falit Vikas” this rule seems so good and it is good to and also it can be used in so many ways, like for example this can give us a clue in how to know if a yoga is malefic or benefic or how to know if a planet is benefic or malefic, like see in Virgo Saturn will be 5th and 6th lord having +2 and -2 there Saturn can be neutral in his result and there his effect have to be decided based on his house placement, rashi placement, D9 placement and nakshatra placement but in Gemini Saturn will be 8th and 9th lord and here he will get -6 and +4 thus he will contain -2 more maleficence inside him and for making him benefic more supporting factors have to be there as compared to Virgo ascendant, but as all major astrologers say (Few of them in which books I have read that they say too much mathematics is bad for predictive ability in astrology, Dr.Suresh Chandra Mishra, Shri J.N.Bhasin, Dr. B.V.Raman, Dr. Gouri Shanker Kapoor says this) so depending too much on this method is also not suggested as we know this table only shows their malefic and benefic nature as per their house lordship but in a yoga their rashi, D9, nakshatra placement and all others things also matter and we also should take them all in consideration and then we have to come to any conclusion after thinking a lot and after assessing a matter from all point of view we have to give our analysis, I have just given this method for learning and experimentation. The person who made this rule “Pandit ramyatna Ojha” was a very learned astrologer, scholar and guru of astrology and as per me his work should not have to be ignored.
I will request all people to experiment and research over this method and then come with conclusion.
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  • 20-09-2015 (Sunday)
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Raaj Yoga, Vipreet Raaj Yoga & Neech Bhanga Raajyoga. : What they are, what they mean and how they work.

Case Study : Understanding, Raaj Yoga, Vipreet Raaj Yoga & Neech Bhanga Raaj yoga. : What they are, what they mean and how they work.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALPAAAAJDU1ZWMyZWRiLTYyM2UtNDM1Zi04NDhhLTM3OTE0MjhjMDcyYg Raaj Yoga, Vipreet Raaj Yoga & Neech Bhanga Raajyoga. : What they are, what they mean and how they work.

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Does Raj Yogas, Vipreet Raaj Yogas and NBR has major role in Vedic astrology

We all are familiar with these words. Now let me explain what it means. But before watching anything see what they have in common and that is one word. Raaj Yoga. They are common in all three of them. 1st one is simply raaj yoga and other 2 are their modifications, but basically all of them are raajyogas.

What is a Raaj Yoga – Raaj means kings and yoga means combinations, literally meaning those combinations which have been found in the horoscopes of kings. Now who were kings in ancient times someone who is authorities’, powerful, enjoys luxuries. Have all kinds of comforts were kings in that time, so in present context someone having these qualities in their lives can be termed as having Raaj Yoga. Now for fructification of raajyoga it should have to be backed by proper power and good dasha and Antardasha, we have so many raajyogas and almost every planet can make raajyoga. So it is very much essential to have dasha periods of that planets making raajyoga in appropriate times to enjoy the fruits of raajyoga. I will be making them clear as the topic will go on further. So let’s start.
  1. Raaj Yoga – in any horoscope quadrants 1-4-7-10 houses are known as abode of lord Vishnu, one who enjoys all type of comforts and one for whom all comforts are being made and provided, and all trines 1-5-9 are Lakshmi houses she is goddess for abundances, prosperity and money, blessings. See here that ascendant lord is both a quadrant and a trine lord and hence he is the most powerful and potent raajyoga karaka and if any type of raajyoga is happening with the help of ascendant lord or having ascendant lord then that raajyoga becomes more powerful and is bound to fructify. Because ascendant is what a native is at birth what a native has born with and raajyoga being made with having ascendant lord in (paka lagna) or in ascendant will surely give his effect to the native, whole of his lifetime. Not be bound by dasha and Antardasha, ascendant lord is that much mighty that if you read classics carefully then you will find that for fructification of any type of good thing in a natives life lagna lord must be strong if it is not so then the native will not enjoy completely. Fully. Because what will you do of a huge bank balance if you can’t stand from wheelchair. Arudh lagna is the illusion that you create of yourself in front of the world. (Only in the case where exceptions are taken for calculation of Arudh as Sanjay Rath does, if you follow K.N.Rao then this rule will not apply so you can take two views. If raajyoga are being made from Arudh lagna which have been made taking exceptions then you can say that the native have that much raajyoga that he would be able to create an illusion of it in front of the world, means having that much money that he can buy a Ferrari and can show it to the world. And if raajyogas are being made with respect to Arudh lagna being counted without taking exception then you can say that in char dasha of that rashi where raajyoga is being made or in Antardasha of that rashi person will have risen in his life, the rule can also be applied to the 1st method of Arudh lagna calculation and can also be extended to any rashi dasha or any planet dasha who is being included in the yoga, in K.N.Rao method of calculating Arudh lagna if raajyoga is forming with respect to that Arudh then you can say that the person will have raajyoga but will not show it, ( it will depend more on him)). If AtmaKarak is also in the raajyoga then it means that the soul is desiring for the raajyoga and also will achieve it, this is the parashari raajyoga  in the same way Jaimini raajyoga forms when Ak, Amk, Pk, Dk, 5th lord, is connected or have any type of connection with each other either in Rashi or Navamsha. If more in rashi less in Navamsha then there will be more possibility of raajyoga and less fructification and if more in D9 and less in D1 it shows that person will not be thinking of getting some type of raajyoga but will get and enjoy that too (Take Jaimini Aspects primarily in analyzing Jaimini raajyogas). Gk will tend to destruct raajyoga. 6th 8th and 12th lord will also tend to destruct raajyoga also taking 7/8 Char karaka’s is all your decision as Parashara and Jaimini both said it all depends on the astrologer which method to choose. Also see the position of the rashi/house in which raajyoga is being made from Ascendant, Ascendant lord, Arudh lagna, Ak, and it will show in which it will be going to work like in 12th house it will show fructification in foreign lands, in parashari raajyoga also see the placement of raajyoga making planets in D9 if they are in 6-8-12 to each other then it will be a waste in some manner. More can be written over this but for keeping it short and simple I am stopping here. More will be revealed sometimes later.
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  3. Vipreet Raaj Yoga – we all are familiar with simple mathematics in which we all have most probably learnt about two negatives makes one negative, the same is the case with VPRY. In these the lord of 6th house 8th house and 12th Are placed in these house either in their own house will make this yoga. Like 6th lord in 8th or 12th house, 8th lord in 12th or 6th house or 12th lord in 6th or 8th house make this yoga. In this one thing in very much important that the planets have to be weak this is the basic fundamental principle. 6th lord or 8th lord or 12th lord have to be weak if they be in their own house 6th lord in 6th 8th lord in 8th or 12th lord in 12th then they will not make this yoga. Lord of a bad house situated in another bad house only with another bad planet or aspected only by another bad planets make this yoga, if any benefic get included in this then the benefic planet will lose his power to do benefic and also the yoga will get nullified, but what happens when a planet connected with this yoga is also a benefic like in Aquarius ascendant mercury and moon in 12th house see here mercury is also lord of auspicious 5th house so it will create problem in matters related to 5th house but will give good in matters related to 8th house, rather than saying good most probably I will say that he will give no negativities of 8th house. The weaker they become the more powerful will be the effects of the yoga. Now see there are 2 types of weakness let me quote an example 8th lord in gandanta or 8th lord in 12th house with 6th lord aspected by 12th lord, now in the first case all the goods and bad of 8th house will be destroyed but in the latter one only negativities of the 8th house will be destroyed good effects will always come, always keep this in mind.
  4. Neech Bhang raajyoga – Neech bhang means cancellation of debility it is a state when a debilitated planet which is considered weak becomes powerful. Exalted planets can also lose their power but we will not talk about that.  In this case any planet who is debilitated becomes supported in one way or another that the weakness caused in them due to debility gets pacified and they becomes not like exalted but becomes capable of giving good, (debilitated malefic in quadrants are good –  their karkatwa will prosper but house ownership will suffer and also the depositor of the debilitated planet will become stressed) when the planet in which sign planet becomes exalted is in quadrant to Kendra or the planet who becomes exalted in the sign in which a planet is debilitated is in quadrant to ascendant or the depositor is in quadrant then Neech Bhanga raaj yoga happens. I am only taking placements in quadrants from ascendant because a planet being in quadrant to moon in a common thing that will be there for at least 2.5 days and NBRY is not this much common. So only take the position in quadrants from ascendant. Also I have left few things like being aspected by depositor gives NBRY. Because it gives power to the planet not NBRY.  This is to be understood, it is only because there is a statement in BPHS that planets in quadrants is most powerful and those are in aapoklimas are least powerful. So based on that this rule is derived. Also one more thing that I want to say here is that when an exalted planet is situated with a debilitated one then the exalted will lose his power and debilitated will gain power.
Judgement of chart is not a children’s play and so many things have to be kept in mind. Not everyone becomes astrologers very few are those who becomes. With this I conclude this writing, saying that you don’t choose to be an astrologer astrology chooses you. Be blessed and please if you are in problem consult a potent and pious astrologer.
Om Tat Sat
Written By Shubham Alock

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An Insight on Jamini Astrology: Basic Understanding on Jamini Aspects, Karka, Argala and Jamini Raaj Yogas in D1 and D9.

jaimini astrology An Insight on Jamini Astrology: Basic Understanding on Jamini Aspects, Karka, Argala and Jamini Raaj Yogas in D1 and D9.

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The main propagator of Vedic astrology in kaliyuga is sage Parashara and Jaimini, Parashara wrote Brihat parasar hora sastra. And Jaimini wrote Jaimini sutras where he himself very clearly wrote that I am only saying here those things which have been left by ancestors before me and the areas in which more light have to be putted in that’s the reason why what Jaimini wrote we can find nowhere and that too he wrote in an coded language. That can only be decoded by katpayadi varga that is a hard nut to crack. But in no way he was proposing a new way or tradition in astrology as he himself was disciple of son of Parashara what he wrote was just the teachings of Parashara explained in detail and that’s the reason that you can find so many things related to Jaimini Jyotisha in Brihat Parashara hora sastra.

Basics of Jaimini part of astrology known as Jaimini astrology.

Aspects – different from parashari astrology where we use aspects of planets in Jaimini astrology there are aspects of rashis. Means each rashi is watching another rashi that makes a connection between all of them. Every movable sign aspects all fixed sign leaving one adjacent to it. In the same way ever fixed sign aspects all movable sign leaving the one adjacent to it. Every dual sign aspects all other dual signs. If any planets are posited in these houses then they will also aspect each other and other signs too. Like see if Saturn is in Aquarius and Venus is in Capricorn and moon is in Leo then as per this Saturn and moon have mutual planetary aspect and Venus and moon both have mutual rashi aspect, but here Saturn besides aspecting moon in Leo is also aspecting Aries, Cancer, and Libra. And his effects on these rashis and in which houses they fall will be permanent devoid of dasha and antardasha.

Karaka – there are 3 types of karkas 1st are natural karkas, 2nd are fixed karkas and 3rd are char karkas. Natural karkas are like sun for father, government, and so on fixed karkas are like stronger between sun and Venus will be for father. These all are explained by Parashara in his book what Jaimini introduces new to us is char kakas where he guides us that planets irrespective of his rashi only take degrees and then place them in ascending/descending order. The highest of them will me Atmakarak signifying soul. Known as the king of the horoscope every activity have to be guided by him. If he is weak then all of the charts prospects will get destroyed. Atmakarak is the main thing Atma meaning soul consist everything in himself and it is the base for everything. A major lesson related to Atmakarak native is must have to learn and 12th from AtmaKarak in Navamsha will show ishta devta the deity that will guide soul towards liberation. Next in order the planet having 2ndhighest degree is called Amatyakarak is the one who will give food to the soul (AtmaKarak) he is the minister in the chart like king is incomplete without minister a powerful Atmakarak is incomplete without a powerful Amatyakarak. He is the 2nd most important planet in the order. The placement of Amatyakarak from ascendant will show how the professional life of the native will be. The 3rd one is Bhratrikarak signifying brother and guru. Based on Bhratrikarak auspicious deity is decided. Next in order comes MatriKarak signifying mother and father basically parents. Next comes Putrakarak signifying son and next in order comes gyatikarak signifying relatives and enemies and next comes darakarak signifying spouse. Darakarak will also signify death and gyatikarak relatives. Their placement in rashi and Navamsha have to be judged to know their effects on parts of lives.

Some controversies lies there is one controversy in deciding to take 8 charkarkas or 7. Parashara and Jaimini both says that users are independent in choosing to use 8 or 7 and some opine that if 2 karkas clash then use one of them as alternative karaka. Now here one question that comes in mind is that what if more than one karaka coincides. Here there are 2 things that I want to say K.N.Rao says that if you calculate planets up to minutest degrees then there are no chances of clashing of 2 karkas. Whereas Sanjay Rath and some other astrologers add one more karaka after MatriKarak as pitrakaraka. This seems right to some extent as if there is char significator for mother then why not for father. But then one thing that comes in mind is that when both Parashara and Jaimini told karkas they told about 7 karkas not 8 and also told to use rahu for replacement not for making a new karaka. Here I will leave this up to readers to choose what they want. As both the system can give amazing results.

Dashas – Parashara told us about nakshatra dasha like Vimshottari dasha, Kalachakra dasha, mool dasha whereas Jaimini teaches us about rashi dasha based on sign whereas nakshatra dasha are based on lunar asterisms. I will be writing over them in the next article.

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Pad- pad means position, simply meaning position in this material world. Count the distance of rashi lord from the rashi and then count the number next to the house lord for example if 7th lord is in 11th house then 3rd house will be pad of 7th house because 7th lord is in 5 houses away from his house in 11th house and 5 houses away from 11th house is 3rd house so pad of 7th houses falls in 3rdhouse known as darapada. Pad of any house will show all the things related to that house and planets related to pad will become connected to that aspect of life. for example if pad of 6th house is in Libra and Saturn is also in Libra then it can show that there will be a strong enemy because Saturn is strong being exalted in pad of 6th house that stands for enemy’s. Pad of 1st house is known as Arudh lagna showing position of native in society and the way in which he is viewed in society and his position power and authority. 2nd pad that will be the pad of 2nd house will show family and money. 3rd house pad will show courage, bother and so on as in the series 4th house pad will show happiness etc. 7th house pad will show relationship and 12th house pad will show marriage. Planets connected to 12th house pad will be potent to give marriage and also from the 12th house pad known as upapada and 2nd from that marital bliss, marital life is to be judged. Planets associating with upapada in D1 and D9 will give marriage. Here too is a controversy some says that pad of any house can’t be in 1st or 7th house while some don’t follow this rule. Readers can choose himself as best. But what I will suggest is use exception with 8 char karkas and 7th char karkas without taking exception in calculating pad lagna.

Special ascendants – like rising ascendant in rashi chart Jaimini introduces new ascendants too and also have given some specific formulas for counting them. Like he told about Hora lagna dealing with wealth and Ghatika lagna dealing with power and authority and a planet connected with lagna and hora lagna will become special significator for wealth and a planet connecting with lagna and ghatika lagna becomes special significator for power and status and a planet connecting with all 3 of them becomes extremely powerful in giving all goods to the native in the same way there are Shree lagna showing the position of Lakshmi in horoscope and Sudasha showing her movement through the life of the native.

Argala – in these there are 2 sections 1st is argala planet supporting and 2nd virodh argala planet opposing, any planet that is in 2nd 4th and 11th house from any house becomes primary supporters and 12th 3rd and 4th becomes opposites of those supporters and will tend to obstruct the result of that house whereas the planet making argala will tend to give effect of that house and will tend to save effect of that house. Effect will be there or not that have to be judged on the basis that which one is stronger argala or virodh argala. The virodh meaning opposition will be in 12th for 2nd 3rd for 11th and 10th for 4th here there is an exception that if there are more than 1 malefic in 3rd house then rather than making obstruction they will support. 2nd argala will be made by 5th and 8th house and opposed by 9th and 6th house respectively.

Raajyoga – next and last lesson on this comes with raajyoga. Just like there are so much raajyogas in parashari astrology in the same way there are so many yogas in Jaimini astrology too and we can’t remember them all but as we remember their formula that connection between Kendra and trikona lord gives rise to raajyoga in the same manner in Jaimini astrology connection between AtmaKarak, Amatyakarak, Putrakarak, Darakarak and 5th house and its lord will give rise to raajyoga. Mutual aspect between Venus and moon is also raajyoga. Now you have to see if there are more yogas in D1 or in D9 if more in D1 then the person will see more dreams of raajyoga and less will fructify and if more in D9 then the person will expect less and will get more. Also see in which houses the raajyogas are being made as there is no use of house lords so houses in which yogas are being made will play a very prominent role in deciding. See their position from ascendant, Arudh lagna, hora lagna, Ghatika lagna, shree lagna and so on.

Jaimini astrology is a vast ocean and so many gems are also to be culled up we till now are not able to understand Parashara astrology completely then what can we say about Jaimini. We know nothing about it. Only one thing that I can say is that 100% correct prediction can be given out by using parashara+Jaimini method.

Om Tat Sat

With Thanks and Regards,
Shubham Alock

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