Alok Jagawat

Diversity of Experiences

Alok Jagawat born 03:03:1977 in Nimach (MP, India) is a Vedic astrologer, author, and Editor. He has a scientific background in visual arts and designing.

He is engaged in writing and research on Jyotish, Vastu and other Occult subjects. He is the editor for a Jyotish Magazine titled “The divine codes”. (The magazine is free and downloadable under Publications Menu). He loves to travel and Photograph different cultures. He has written books and is currently engaged in consultations and book writing.

Alok Jagawat uses Chandra Kala Nadi, Kavadi Prasnam and Prasna Marg as the foundations of Jyotisa and uses various other Jyotisa scriptures and sacred literature such as the Puranas and Upanishadaa etc. Being an artist, he has a niche in Sthapatya Veda (Vastu) and his client’s world over like his harmonious design work. He is working very hard to renew and rejuvenate this great science. His all-inclusive literature spans across various schools of thought. He is a strict follower of the teachings of the ancient seers and is also a keen promoter for research and further development of Jyotisha and Vastu.

Expertise & Skills



He hails from a traditional Rajput family. His grandfather served under the royal patronage of His Highness of Alwar Maharaja Jai Singh Prabhakar and Maharaja Tej Singh Prabhakar ji.

His grandfather was a great Sanskrit scholar who has authored record number of books during his lifetime. His books are still in place in Pagla Baba ashram in Vrindavan. Karpatri Ji Maharaj, Pagla Baba and many fakirs loved his grandfather and often visited his abode. His grandfather was a disciple of Swami Hari das ji of Sariska (Forest near Alwar) & Tatiya Swami Maharaj ( Of Vrindavan).

Career Management

For a brief time he worked as a designer for Pixel Multitoons, but soon left his job to devote full time to jyotish. It was predicted by many people in advance that he would become a Jyotishi one day.

2003 to 2012- Worked as chief astrologer for Parashara’s Light (Company related to Jyotish Software). He hand-wrote thousands of jyotish reports for Parashara during this phase. He also gave a live TV show, which became an instant hit. This live Jyotish show was so good that he closed down his contact lines for few days just to avoid the burden.

2006: Topped the PGA (Gemolgist) Exam.

During this time, Jyotish Gurus like Sri.Shakti Mohan Singh, Sr.K.N Rao & Sri B.V Raman, influenced him. He learnt the intricacies of Prasna Marg, Kavadi Prasnam and Ashtmangala Paddhati. Sri. R.G Rao influenced him for Nadi astrology. This experience and regular research into this area became a boon.

He was a first class Jyotish Visharad from I.C.A.S and an ardent follower of Shri V.Ganpathi Sthapathi from whom he learnt about the oriental architecture.

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