Sri Ganesha Ashtothram Namavali – 108 Names Of Lord Ganesha for removing all sort of hurdles in life



Shree Ganesh Ashtottaram is the stotram of the 108 mantras/ names of lord Ganesha to invoke the divine blessing of  Lord Ganesha in devotee life to get freedom from all sort of worries, Sorrows, obstacles, hurdles, and delays. As the Lord Ganesha is “Pratham Poojinya” Diety among all and helps in removing all the Vighanas of life. It is said to be believed that this ashtottaram is very dearer to Lord Ganesha and by reciting this ashtotaram regularly or on special occasions like Sankashti Chaturthi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vinayak Chaturthi, etc. Lord Ganesha will reside in your heart and provides you both spiritual as well as material prosperity and also remove all the Obstacles coming in the devotee way. Astrologically those who having ketu is well placed in the trines to the Lagna or D9 Chart those people should recite this auspicious stotra mantra. Even When Ketu is placed with Moon, also helps in removing all kind of fear, sorrow, and doubts.When there is Sarpa Yoga (Yoga of disillusioned mind, Extreme lust )  forming in the Kendraa houses chart, only Ketu can helps in breaking the Sarpa yoga that can only be done by the worshiping  of Ganesha Mantras or Ganesha Yantra made in silver.

“SarvaVighnaharam Devam Sarva Karyaphalapradanam
Sarvasiddhi pradhataram Vandeham Gaananayakam”


The remover of all obstacles and all problems, the one who gives the phalam (results) of all the work done, the one who gives all types of siddhi (wealth); I bow to the Lord who is the Leader of those who can not be led by anyone.


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Om Vinayakaya Namah


I bow to the Guru
Om Vighnarajaya Namah
I bow to the Lord who removes my problems and obstacles
Om Gauriputraya Namah 
I bow to the one who is the son of Goddess Gauri (Wife of Lord Shiva)
Om Ganesvaraya Namah 
I bow to the Lord of ganas (followers of Lord Shiva)


Om Skandagrajaya Namah


I bow to the elder brother of Skanda


Om Avyayaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the world himself


Om Putaya Namah


I bow to the son of Lord Shiva


Om Dakshaya Namah


I bow to the one who is the cleverest


Om Adhyakshaya Namah


I bow to the one who is the leader of all


Om Dvijapriyaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the beloved of bramins (saints)


Om Agnigarbhachide Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the slayer of the demon who omitted fire from his eyes
Om Indrasripradaya Namah
I bow to the Lord who is beloved of Indra who is the God of all devtas (angels)


Om Vanipradaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who gives Vaani(melodious voice)


Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who gives all kind of wealth


Om Sarvatanayaya Namah


I bow the to Lord who does the best for all


Om Sarvaripriyaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is beloved of all


Om Sarvatmakaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is present in every soul


Om Srushtikatre Namah


I bow to the Lord who is omnipresent


Om Devaya Namah


I bow the Lord of the Gods


Om Anekarchitaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is formed from the piles of the funeral elements


Om Sivaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is eternal


Om Suddhaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is pure


Om Buddhipriyaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the beloved of Buddhi


Om Santaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is like a sage


Om Brahmacharine Naamaha


I bow to the Lord who is a brahmcarin


Om Gajananaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the leader of those whom no one can lead


Om Dvaimatreyaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who has devtas as his friends


Om Munistutyaya Namah


I bow the Lord who is an object of devotion for the greatest saints
Om Bhaktavighnavinasanaya Namah
I bow to the Lord who stops all the problems before they reach his devotees


Om Ekadantaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is one tusked


Om Chaturbahave Namah


I bow to the Lord who has four hands


Om Chaturaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the wisest among all


Om Saktisamyutaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the mightiest


Om Lambodaraya Namah


I bow to the Lord who has a pot like belly


Om Surpakarnaya Namah


I bow to the Lord whose ears are like winnowing fans


Om Haraye Namah


I bow to the Lord who is worshipped everywhere


Om Brahmaviduttamaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is like a vidyut (spark) to this universe


Om Kalaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the one who controls the time


Om Grahapataye Namah


I bow to the Lord or the master of the house


Om Kamine Namah


I bow to the Lord who is a lover


Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who saw the demons with the soma ras(nectar)


Om Pasankusadharaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who holds the dangerous weapons of war i.e. Pashan and Kusha


Om Chandaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is as soothing as moon


Om Gunatitaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the master of many gunas (virtues)


Om Niranjanaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is as pure as milk and is spotless


Om Akalmashaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the point of fate for everypne


Om Svayamsiddhaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is himself a form of wealth and opulence


Om Siddharchitapadambujaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the sacred among all and whose feet are as soft as ambuj (lotus)


Om Bijapuraphalasaktaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who loves fruits a lot


Om Varadaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who gives boons


Om Sasvataya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is sasvat (permanent or perpetual)


Om Krutine Namah 


I bow to the Lord who is pure


Om Dvijapriyaya Namah: I bow to the Lord who has two consorts




Om Vitabhayaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is loved by all


Om Gadine Namah


I bow to the Lord who is armed with a club


Om Chakrine Namah


I bow to the Lord who has chakras in his hands


Om Ikshuchapadhrite Namah


I bow to the Lord who bestows his devotees with boons


Om Sridaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is merciful


Om Ajaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who can never be defeated


Om Utpalakaraya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is emaciated


Om Sripataye Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the husband of a goddess


Om Stutiharshitaya Namah


I bow to the Lord whose stuti (hymns) people sing happily


Om Kuladribhettre Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the Lord of the mountains


Om Jatilaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is ascetic


Om Kalikalmashanasanaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who killed the demons


Om Chandrachudamanaye Namah


I bow to the Lord who has a crescent moon on his head


Om Kantaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is very splendorous


Om Papaharine Namah


 I bow to the Lord who kills our sins


Om Samahitaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who possesses everyone


Om Asritaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is independent


Om Srikaraya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has radiant hands


Om Saumyaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is saumya (gentle)


Om Bhaktavanchitadayakaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is wanted by devotees


Om Santaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is like a saint


Om Kaivalyasukhadaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who just bestows his devotees with happiness


Om Sachidanandavigrahaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is bliss and whose existence is real


Om Jnanine Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is gyani (who knows everything)


Om Dayayutaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the one who is full of sympathy and blessings


Om Dantaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has one tooth


Om Brahmadveshavivarjitaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is exempted from the Brahmdvesh (hatred or sacred knowledge of brahmins)


Om Pramattadaityabhayadaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is an object of fear for demons


Om Srikanthaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has a very beautiful image


Om Vibhudesvaraya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is extremely talented and intelligent


Om Ramarchitaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord whom Lord Rama prayed to


Om Vidhaye Namah


I bow to the Lord who is destiny for everyone


Om Nagarajayajnopavitavate Namah


 I bow to the Lord who uses nagaraj as a yagnopaveet (janeu or sacred thread that is tied from the left shoulder crossing the torso)


Om Sthulakanthaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has a bulky or stout neck


Om Svayamkartre Namah


 I bow to the Lord who does everything on his own


Om Samaghoshapriyaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the vowels in himself


Om Parasmai Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the words


Om Sthulatundaya Namah


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 I bow to the Lord who has a big and bulky proboscis


Om Agranye Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is always at the front and is a leader


Om Dhiraya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the bravest among all


Om Vagisaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who is the master of all languages


Om Siddhidayakaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who bestows his devotees with siddhi (opulence)


Om Durvabilvapriyaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord to whom one prays with Durva Grass (Bermuda Grass)


Om Avyaktamurtaye Namah


I bow to the Lord who is invisible


Om Adbhutamurtimate Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has a mesmerizing and fascinating image


Om Shailendratanujotsanga Khelanotsukamanasaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is lord of the mountains and who is an object of happiness for the mankind


Om Svalavanyasudhasarajita Manmathavigrahaya Namah


 I bow to the Lord who has a grace of his own, who is a river of nectar and who is full of love


Om Samastajagadadharaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is the basis of the existence of this whole world


Om Mayine Namah


I bow to the Lord who himself is magical


Om Mushikavahanaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who has mouse as his vehicle


Om Hrushtaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is healthy and wealthy


Om Tushtaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who is pleased


Om Prasannatmane Namah


I bow to the Lord who gives happiness to the soul of a human being


Om Sarvassiddhipradayakaya Namah


I bow to the Lord who gives all kind of siddhi (opulence) to those who worship him.

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This ends the Ganesha Ashtothram


Kaalchakra the wheel of time – How Life impacts by transiting planets on lunar mansions

The Wheel of Time changes and how Life impacts by transiting planets on lunar mansions

(Revised Edition)

Subject Analysis

Formation of Grand Watery Trine and Panic of swine flu starts In North of India with conjunction/Course of Venus & Mars over Pisces (in Uttrabhadra Nakashtra) after Feb 15th, 2015.


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(Chariot of the sun God, Image Source – Molee Art )

After seeing the great dedication of the Demon Maya toward the Sun god, The Immortal God of Light and Energy himself said, I will present you this deep and immemorial knowledge on speed and motions of planetary structure closely based on Space-Time system.

(Reference – Surya Siddhaant, Intro chapter, Verse 6)

Neither anyone has any potential or tolerance to accept my violent and aggressive bright lights nor have I much time to deliver it but your deep devotion and dedication earned this and part of my brightness will sure present this deep immortal knowledge on Time to you. Henceforth, the person immerged from the Sun god said, oh! Maya, Lord of the Demon, Listen carefully with great dedication, and This Deep knowledge of time is same as preached to Seers by the sun god itself since the beginning of creations and from many eras’. This Deep secret on time is still same as mentioned in Veda’s and Scriptures only the difference is of speed and motion of the time with the changes in era and revolution of time.

Further explaining, the person said; listen carefully on secrets of time, what is time and how we can understand the true definition of the time in both the terms:

(Reference – Surya Siddhaant, Intro chapter, Verse 10)

Meaning and Explanation – As preached by the Sun god himself, the person said; Time is based on two schemes, one is used for creation and destruction of planetary structures for human beings and it is endless, eternal and cyclic in nature and another part of time is purely mathematical also cyclic in nature and preciously exist in both material and non material form.

Here the Sun-God revealing secrets and understanding on time and how it is connected with never ending tcycle of cosmos. First one is purely based on space-time formulation on cyclic nature of time that the process of Creation and destruction of planetary structures always moves in a continuous, it is endless and connected with never ending life cycle in cosmos. In Modern saying, life started after 13.7 billion years ago after a huge explosion, we called it big-bang and further planetary structures in our universe formed and thus we are able to understand how time and evolution process started in earth.

Hindu cosmology of Bhagwad Puraan and Visnu Puraan says bit differently, In the Beginning of the creation the universe was full of water. In that water first was emerged a huge egg which was round like a water. The egg keep on growing and it had the Supreme Lord present in it and thus this egg is called Brahamand. Inside the brahmand there were mountains, Lands, the oceans, the Seas, the Gods, and the demons in the seed form and covered it with water and rest of elements all over.

Thus it is said that the actual cause of this creation is Narayana – Nara means Waters “Ayana” Means – a place of rest and it is who himself materialise it, sustains it and dissolves it and manage the whole manifestation in three forms simply to keep forwarding the cyclic process of death and birth in material structure of this universe. It is said that time was never started and never ended only it was keep moving in cyclic from the beginning to complete 1 Mahayuga and when all the 4 epoch’s completed 1000 such cycles. The 1000 such Mahayugas called as 1 Kalpa which constitutes 1day of the lord Brahmha. Thus it is quite clear 1 such kalapa or day of Bramha is equal to 4,320,000,000 mortal human years and the whole 4 yugas composed of 12,000 Divine years which is equal to 4, 320,000 mortal Years of humans. This shows Process of creation and Destruction is a continuous process and it will keep moving in micro units of Kalapa from the beginning of this structure. Thus it is said that it is eternal, endless and cyclic in nature based on the system of Karma, rebirth, time and space formulation regarding mortal human’s years. The Creation and destruction process in cosmos is only part of divine plan for understanding Karma and rebirth process in Yugas and Kalpa System.

(The Wheel of the Sun, Temple of Konark, Image – wiki)

Second most important factor in calculation of time is its mathematical relation with movement of the sun and the moon around the earth as presume from the earth point of view. Thus the Sun is acting as a central controlling system where rest of the planets are keep moving around the sun and the earth in a fixed orbital distances. The whole planetary movement of the planets around the sun including other luminary also acting as part of calculation of the Hindu time system.

In Natal Astrological system, Time is bit more based on micro calculations and it is preciously mathematical and calculated based on shorter divisions of time units and Maximum calculated up to1 hour or 1 hora which is particularly used in electional astrology for timing appropriate time for an event. In Earlier systems, based on Surya-Siddhanta-1 hora is calculated based on 2 ghatikas and is constituent of 30 kala and 1 complete muhurata is composed of 48 minute. In Hindu siddhaant systems, calculation of time is very complex and based on millisecond’s factors i.e shortest unit of time is 1 pran composed of 4 seconds approximately and total 21,600 Pran constituent a 1 Day (86,400 Seconds), whereas, 1 Truti is equal to 29.6296 microseconds and 1 Paramanu is equal to 60,750 th of a second, this shows how time is preciously calculated based on the micro movements of the Sun and the moon around the earth as seen from the day and night point of view. Rest of the planets also act as supporting factor in calculating time in a natal chart for such micro calculations for using in division of charts.

In Hindu Predictive system based on mathematical part of time, Order of results and timing of an event depends on Sequences and formation of Sub dashas periods, in a particular Dasha systems keeping transits of major planets as a Deciding factor. Transits of major slow moving planets plays an elementary and deciding role in predicting how life of native gone changes in a year. Transits of planetary movements over different nakashtras in different-different degrees plays a major role in prioritizing events.

The Order of protocols in timing systems follows in any chart is purely based on kaal-chakara concept i.e circular in manner as like time system in clocks. Dividing 360 degree movement of the sun into 12 equal parts, we have 30 degree left in each house and each 30 degrees holds 2.5 portions of nakashtras part in it and are most important and valuable in Vedic astrological system to understand time correlation with planetary system in our universe.

Same is the process for rest of the rotating planets around the sun and the Moon moves around earth. Earth moves around the sun, Mars moves around the earth and the sun, same way rest of planets follows a same systematic approach, orbiting around the sun in a fixed distance and speed in our universe which constitutes a complete system for calculating time factors in any natal or mundane chart. Reason being based on our scriptures all these Material planets are residing entities of our Devtas and their role is to monitoring all the activities of humans including 5 major elements those also follows certain devatas.

This show how deep is Hindu cosmological system in understanding its roots and how well defined is our universe and how complex is for us for understanding its relation with actual timing and events happening in our earth with rest of planets.

In our Timing system, The Protocol heads are 27/28Nakashtra’s and their lords are playing leading role in triggering events with rest of planets which are acting as catalytic agents. Nakashtras are considered as micro level unit in our Vedic system.

In My observations, what I believe Nakashtra’s governs maximum power in timing of an event in both Natal and Mundane world. Each Nakashtra has its own nature, properties, ruler-ship and placement in nakashtra Loka based on scared ancient histories.

For more understanding on how nakashtra’s work individually we need to see their roots and historical description mentioned in our Puraan’s and Veda’s. By Default, all Nakashtras are feminine in nature which means, there is a residing power of Adi-Shakti in each nakashtra, “The Mother Nature or Prakarti or The Goddess energy “in creations/destructions of all the universe physical and non-physical matters and events. Our Universe is acting as womb where everything is summarized in it; spiritually Maya is holding every physical entity in a fixed order i.e. star, planets, and galaxies etc., Ultimate creator of this whole universe is Maa Adi-Shakti (Goddess Durga or Women energy, every men is the micro unit of The Shakti). Basically feminism is present in every matter either it’s a case of men, animals or plants or any herbs present in nature or in mother earth.

This is the reason why Goddess Maa Shakti has special place in brahamand and acting as main executive role play in earth and everyone should worship Maa Shakti (Energy in physics), the higher energy form, as mother of all in whole universe in order to understand creation and destruction process in cosmos. All 3 Superior entities are bound to follow order of Maa Shakti for running this Universe in a peaceful manner.

In Twin particle science whole universe is a reflection of the Shiva- Shakti energy. In quantum physics they are signified as two particles present in every being and were present before cosmos creation too. Even both the higher energies are self-responsible for creation and destruction in this universe and both constitutes root of “ Kaal- Chakra “System. All the12 planets are key player in this kaal chakara system. Every movement of the planets, the stars and the signs are playing an integral part in Space and time formulation. That signifies how important they are for understanding timing of an event in an individual life.

For better understanding on how Kaal Chakara system works we need to study some of verse mentioned in Srimad Bhagwad Puraan in canto 5, chapter number 22, The Creative Impetus where Sukadeva goswami explaining Priyavrata, Rishabha, and Bharata regarding the movements of the planets with rest of Structure of the Universe.

“Sa hovaca”

“ yatha kulala-cakreṇa bhramata saha bhramatam tad-asrayaṇam pipilikadinam gatir anyaiva pradesantareṣv apy upalabhyamanatvad evam nakṣatra-rasibhir upalakṣitena kala-cakreṇa dhruvam merum ca pradakṣiṇena paridhavata saha paridhavamananam tad-asrayaṇam suryadinam grahaṇam gatir anyaiva nakṣatrantare rasy-antare copalabhyamanatvat.”

(Reference – Srimad Bhagwad Puraan, Canto 5, chapter 22, Sanskrit verse – 2)

ExplanationIn Chapter 22, The Movement of the Planets and their Considered Effects, King Parikṣit inquired from sukadeva Gosvami that, the sun-god travels around the Dhruvaloka keeping Dhruvaloka and the Mount Sumeru on his right side. How At the same time, the sun faces the signs of the zodiac could able to keep Sumeru and Dhruvaloka on his left side. How we can understand this phenomena:

After listening this, Sri Sukadeva Gosvami clearly answered: When we see a potter’s wheel is moving in a fixed motion in an one direction and the small ants which are also located on that big wheel also moves with it. We can easily find that their motion is bit different from motion of the wheel because they move with the speed and direction of Wheel shows they are also relative to speed of wheel. If wheel appear slow they also appear to be slow, same is the case when it is fast they appear as fast. This unique phenomenon makes them sometimes appear on one part of the wheel and sometimes on another. Same way the signs and constellations also appears on their right side with the Sumeru and Dhruvaloka with relative motion of wheel of time. In this process the ant like sun and other planets also move with them but with different speed and motion covering shorter distance of wheel of time but seen as relative to wheel of time. However, the sun and other planets are seen in different signs and constellations at different times. This confirms that motion of the sun and other planetary structure is bit different from that of the zodiac and the wheel of time itself.

Further explaining, Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said in verse 3, 4 & 5of Srimad Bhagwad Puraan that original cause of whole cosmos and its planetary structure is the supreme lord Narayana. Lord himself descended in the form of the Sun in this cosmic structure situated in outer space between the upper and lower portions of the universe to benefit all beings living on earth; either animals, birds, humans or Planets all are dependent on the sun god for evolution process. Lord him-self divided into twelve parts like 12 spokes (12 Zodiac signs) of wheel of time transiting twelve months on the wheel of time. With every passing month the sun god himself moves through 12 different signs and known to have 12 different names according to those signs. Sum total of those 12 months is called a sam-vatsara or a solar year of 365 days. In the main course the sun god initiated 6 (2 month of each) seasonal forms from spring to winter and further promotes different seasonal qualities depending on solar movements in different zodiac signs in with due seasonal changes i.e. heat, cold, rain etc. to balance nature and all those living on earth. Thus the sun equally rotates with the moon in a month give rise to two equal fortnights of 15 days each; waxing and other of waning moon nights. That same 15 days period of dark nights in earth mainly known as Krishna paksha is one day and the same bright day’s period Shukala paksha of 15 days are considered as night for the planet Pitṛloka. Astrologically the month composed of two and one quarter constellations. When the sun passes a season of two months seasonal changes are occurred resulting many environmental changes.

This further clarifies how important is role of the SUN in wheel of time in understanding mundane activities triggering in nature due to changes in planetary motions and structures. As, the Sun is one who himself controls all the physical manifestation required in cosmos balance.

Same way moon controls all the life forces and act as nourisher in earth following a similar relative motion to the sun and helps in understanding such micro units of time. Moon situated 100,000 yojanas (astronomically around 385.000 km) above the earth moving faster than the sun covers approximately a month of distance. Divided by schema of two fifteen day periods (Paksha) covering its individual distance of two and a quarter day. The changing phases of the moon constituent two zones; Waxing and waning moon. Waxing phase is part of the moon that is of the demigods (Full Moon) and waning phase of the moon is of the forefathers (Dark Moon). The thirty Muhurata (a full day) per nakshatra with its waxing and waning constitutes the division of the days (15 days of the demi-gods) and the night (15 days of the forefathers; the pitru paksha) of the sum total of all living entities. This is the reason why it is considered as an essence of life. Thus moon with this all its sixteen aspects concerning with senses, their objects and the mind is described as the Supreme deity of the moon. The source of all food represents all the delight in life. Thus the moon is considered as refreshing, the life breath of all the gods, ancestors, human beings and all other living entities like the mammals, the birds, the reptiles and the plants. This shows why the Moon is considered as an important part of Panchanang system in Hindu Time system

Tata upariṣṭad usana dvilakṣa yojanata upalabhyate purataḥ pascat sahaiva varkasya saighrya-mandya samyabhir gatibhir arkavac carati lokanam nityadanukula eva prayeṇa varṣayams careṇanumiyate sa vṛṣṭi viṣṭambha grahopasamanaḥ.

(Reference – Srimad Bhagwad Puraan, Canto 5, chapter 22, Sanskrit verse – 12)

Same way other planetary systems does have an important role play in understanding wheel of time w.r.t to the speed and motion of the sun and the moon. It is been said in Srimad Bhagwad Puraan that , of all the planets the one considered as always exerts a favourable influence in the form of rainfall to those living on earth, by its movements neutralizes the influence of planets that obstruct rainfall. None other it is the planet Venus situated at a distance of 200,000 yojanas about the star centre or the sun (astronomically at a distance of 107 million km) Vedic name “Usana”. It is the planet thus seen and observed as going in front, behind and rotating along with the sun as fast, slow or with a moderate speed. In mundane Astrology Venus is considered as an important planet in predicting heavy downpour with the changing climates. Of all the planets it is seen as constantly good and always gives favourable conditions in causing rainfall and nullifying influence of the planets those cause an obstacle to the rainfall.

Ata urdhvam aṅgarako ’pi yojana lakṣa dvitaya upalabhyamanas tribhis tribhiḥ pakṣair ekaikaso rasin dvadasanubhuṅkte yadi na vakreṇabhivartate prayeṇasubha graho gha samsaḥ.

(Reference – Srimad Bhagwad Puraan, Canto 5, chapter 22, Sanskrit verse-14)

Based on Srimad Bhagwad puraan there is a planet Situated 1,600,000 miles above Mercury and 8,800,000 miles above earth named as the planet Mars. It has been said that if it does not travel in a retrograde motion in sky, it can cross through each sign of the zodiac in three fortnights. It has been observed as malefic in creating unfavourable conditions in respect to rainfall and other influences.

In Modern terminology revolution of planets, Time & Space are relative to each other as what theoretical physicists found during their life time researches and Hinduisms says every action in time and space are directly proportional to the karma and rebirth system for initiating process of creation and destruction in cosmos.

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(Above Image of Vishnu Kalachakra- Eight spokes of the Kalachakra wheel Mark the Directions in time and each one is governed by a specific Aspect of Shakti. Source – Free bsd

All the planets are submerged in part of kaal, means time and all are moving around The Sun – The creator himself; who is responsible for creation of the Brahmand, that’s why we called him king of Solar system. Spiritually signified by the Narayana and the energy present in the Sun is of Maa Adi Shakti, is closely holding and binding all the reaction within sun. This shows how Prakarti or Maya is harmonically attached with every activities or manifestations in brahamand.

In Mundane Astrology, Time is connected with transiting planets over different nakashtras and degrees. The day an event triggered and Life progression in earth is preciously based on movement of the moon in those stars. As moon progresses life grows in earth and follows the system of night and day with the sun. Same way in the natal chart vimsotri dashas signifies how important events are connected with the nakashtras and our mind and the body setup. This shows how our state of mind changes significantly in those 29 days in a month when moon changes significantly in transiting over different-different nakashtras with slow and fast moving planets. This also shows how an important event has deep impact on our psychological and biological system. Clearly justifies everything is relative in cosmos.

Likewise the Sun is responsible for creation, same as the moon is responsible for the life and growth process and shows how we are connected with the day and night system. This shows everything is relative to each other; both time and Space are in relation with Kaal Chakara system. Same way every planetary movements has its unique role in displaying meaningful and eventful results in human life. We have seen how wheel of time is exclusively linked with creation since the beginning of cosmic era and how different planetary alignments with sun and moon invoke dynamic results in different signs and lunar mansions.

Formation of Grand Watery Trine and Panic of swine flu starts In North of India with conjunction/Course of Venus & Mars.

It has been seen and observed during course of Venus over Uttrabhadra nakashtra in Pisces sign around 15th of February 2015 Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Nodes (Rahu-ketu) were also transiting over watery signs and helped in formation of triangle of “Grand Watery trine” (1, 5 & 9th) in Cn, Sc and Pi signs. As soon as Venus & Mars closely conjugated over Pisces sign in “Uttrabhadra Nakashtra” (Star resemble like Ardra and having symbol like Serpent) during their course around February month people of north, Central and west of India were greatly affected by panic and fear of swine flu.

Now let’s see how we can analyse with the help of below mentioned Sanskrit verse as explained by Varahmihira in Brihat Samhita.

(Reference: – Verse 20 & 21, Shukarchar, Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira by Panditabhushana V Subrahmanya Sastri & M Ramkrishn Bhat)

Explanation and Meaning:

Based on verse 20 &21, 6th Mandala nakashtras (Dhanistha, Satabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttra Bhadrapda, Revti and Ashvani) are fall in auspicious category and it is usually considered as good for wealth through cattle, abundance of wealth and huge crops growth but it has been seen whenever transiting Venus over this nakashtras zone is afflicted by an another malefic Planets (i.e. Mars, Saturn, mild malefic planet(Sun) or deeply conjugated with nodal Axis) people of *Sulikas,*Gandhara and *Avanti will be greatly suffers from diseases, fear and panic and those were living near Videha will be killed and those are living in*caves, *Yavanas,*Sakas and Slaves will get prosperity.

* Sulikas – Places near South east of India, currently part of Orissa

*Gandhara – People who are living in hilly areas of Kabul up to Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Takshasila-a place in western Pakistan near western Punjab; up to mountain ranges of north India, and mostly indicates places which are lying close to west and east of Indus

* Avanti – West and Central India region

*Videha – Mostly comprised of northern part of India up to eastern region of Nepal

*Caves – Early humans low in technology, people living in mountains and hills.

*Yavanas–Modern Greece

*Sakas – People who are living near South-west of India as mentioned in Agni puran.

Observation and Analysis:
Venus Course over Uttrabhadra and formation of Grand Watery Trine

With this grand watery trine formation we also had observed sudden and dramatic climatic changes over northern, central and Western India, majorly around those are living near hilly, tropical & coastal areas. As a result of dramatic climatic changes gradual rise in tropical diseases also been observed. Tropical diseases spread mainly due to atmospheric infections, insect’s bites or micro-organism contact. Most of the diseases occurred due to rise in foreign Infectious agents in such environmental changes stayed long might be as influence of low temperature and presence of watery content in atmosphere due to heavy rain and cold and rest are due to communicative contact of micro -organisms which are mainly influenced by presence of dry cold in atmosphere. All this triggered due to increased biological changes in weather resulting instability in climatic condition such as sudden cold and rise in temperature at same time. With these climatic changes cyclonic activities near oceans also increased over tropical and coastal areas and in few places earth-quakes shivering also been noticed which are ruled under these grand watery trine.

Earlier in the era of Johannes Kepler it has been observed by the notable mathematician and astrologer that whenever such triangle formations seen in “Great Fiery Trines” (i.e Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) Sign it usually invokes war like situation between neighbouring countries, busting of celestial blasts like Supernova explosion also been noticed by astronomers, and it has also been an acting agent for triggering heated issues over political crisis between different countries wherever these fiery trines influences much and also increases fear of bilious diseases which are ruled by fiery elements.

If such fiery formations have close influence of nodal axis with malefic planets those are greater in Mass and Size, it usually bring catastrophic events even planet like Jupiter is always not beneficial whenever it is transiting very closer to earth orbit and it usually brings famine or Drought in fiery signs.

If the Trine is formed over watery signs, natural tendencies of water based diseases usually get invoke and influenced much by transiting planets. If the Planets and signs involved are beneficial in nature, transit usually bring positive results and promotes peace, growth & humanity prevail over masses. If Malefic planets are involved in such kind of formations over these signs with Nodal influences we have seen rise in catastrophes of waters occur in tropical and coastal regions and to those places closer to small lakes, rivers and oceans & usually bring cyclonic activities .With increase of diseases greatly influenced by water content also noticed during this period. If such formations are deeply conjugated with nodes it can also give infectious diseases preciously based on cells multiplication. During this course of transits mass level of disturbances in oceans also been noticed whenever such transiting planets conjoined with massive size planets and can results Earthquakes and tsunamis like activities over oceans.

It has been observed whenever such formations are triggered over these Signs or Stars, people ruling under these signs or areas prosperous or they usually face greater level of Sufferings and Panic even if they are having good dashas in their horoscopes. These transiting effects are Sudden in nature and frequently seen and usually bring havoc like situation in mind & body setup for those living over these places for some period of time till close conjugation actively participate.

Based on world Koorma Chakara Jupiter was transiting over cancer Sign in ashlesha nakashtra effecting both the areas falling under same axis. Ashlesha nakashtra rules those states falling in south east directions of India and Capricorn mostly rules north of Indian and some part of Punjab region and in world it falls in north of America. In world map countries falling under cancer signs are Holland, Scotland, New Zealand, Paraguay, North and west Africa, Mauritius and those are falling under direct influence of Jupiter in Capricorn signs are Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Part of Iran, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
Saturn was ruling those countries and states falling under direct influence of Scorpio-Taurus axis in “Anuradha Nakashtra”.It includes south-west region of India i.e. Goa, Karnataka, West Maharashtra, Pune, Northern Gujarat, Indus Valley, Sindhu, Pallava, Kambhoja -currently south of Kashmir till kafirstan, Jheluma and all those placed near Indus river.

Countries those are effected by Saturn direct influence are Norway, Bavaria, Algeria, North Syria, Sweden , Brazil, Fex (Morocco), Washington, Dover, Liverpool, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Halifox & those are falling under Taurus axis influence are Ireland, Parts of Switzerland, Holland, Iran, South of Russia, Cyprus, Part of Poland, Part of Greece, Georgia.

For better understanding how above mentioned states and countries got influenced by grand watery trine we need to analyse below mentioned Verse with respect to situation we had observed soon after Venus and mars transit over uttra-bhadra nakashtra.

(Reference: – Verse 34, Shukarchar, Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira by Panditabhushana V Subrahmanya Sastri & M Ramkrishn Bhat)


When Venus moves over satabhisa nakashtra people involves in liquor suffers and those who are in this profession also get affected by this transit and when Venus transits over Poorvabhadra Nakashtra people of Kuru and the Panchala Suffers but it will gives abundance of rain during this period of time.

*Kuru: It includes Delhi, Harayana, uttrakhand, uttarpradesh ruling Ganges-Yamuna doab and eastern Punjab (Haryana).

*Panchala: Panchala Deshas lays down from Madhyadesa (Olden Aryavarta) to those are close to the north and west of Delhi from the foot of Himalaya to the river Chambal located in the Ganges –Yamuna Doab from uttrakhanad to west Uttrapradesh diving ganga into Uttra and Dakshina Panchala.

Analysis & Explanation:

It has been seen during the onset of Venus in Pisces sign over Satabisha, Poorvabhadra and Revati nakashtra people living over north of India observed full of incessant winter rainfalls though it was not a usual time for the downpour during this season. During this course of Venus from February to March 2015 People living over foots of snow bound areas in north of Himalaya including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and other such places observed *vibrant weather changes within a month with un-seasonal rainfall and delayed first breeze of snow. Due to this unusual weather changes people living over these places observed drastic increase in throat diseases as soon as Venus transits over uttrabhadra with mars and nodes.

Earlier both Mars and Venus were transiting in poorvabhadra but no such issues observed. As soon as both transited over uttrabhadra in between 17th to 19th of Feb 2015 in a deep conjugation panic of swine flu and fear with other such throat diseases started in almost most of northern India, Gujarat, New Delhi, Maharashtra and UP. Death toll via swine flu and other such throat diseases suddenly got increases and even in some cases possible reason of cold also found. This show whenever Venus closely involves with malefic planetary conjunctions (i.e. mars and nodes) panic and fear will increases in those places.

*Vibrant weather – For more info readers can go through following links; Spring Rain, Unseasonal-rain-affects & Accu weather.

Soon after Both Mars and Venus moves over Pisces grand watery trine effects start giving its results those are falling in it. Its effects also seen around central Asia, Africa, USA – Mexico, north-west Pakistan. Whenever such type of formation triggers Planets and Signs those are either ruled by it or those are in opposite signs are greatly affected by this.

Here are the Places in India deeply impacted by this Watery trine Formation: Cancer – South-Eastern states of India close to coastal areas, Scorpio – Maharashtra, Goa, part of Gujarat and those are close to South-western states of India and Pisces – Hilly regions of Himalayas i.e. Part of north of India, Jammu & Kashmir, Part of Pakistan, central Asia lying close to upper Himalayan ranges. This has been true to some extent based on past events as panic of throat diseases was first seen around in central Asia regions ruled by Pisces sign with nodes. It has been observed whenever such planetary combinations influenced by nodes, It usually triggers diseases those deeply effects our protective cell micro structure and Immune system.

This clearly shows why India is being affected by this trine as Pisces and Virgo axis already been afflicted by Nodes (Virgo rules southern India and also considered as sign of India).Till this watery trine is active panic will be there in India via watery diseases i.e. Cold, Cough, throat Diseases, flu, pneumonia. These diseases usually leads to throat infection, chest infection in Respiratory system or in lungs and can give deadly lungs infections (due to presence of Nodal influence in watery trine) which are spread via from small insects, small animals, micro-organisms (Karka Ketu) having no cure if it is untraceable, like a deadly cancer (Ruled by Rahu) – whose only motive is damage and multiply infected cell structure.


Based on above mentioned quotes conditions are clearly satisfying why after 17th of Feb (when mars transited over Uttrabhadra in close conjugation with Venus influenced by Rahu – Ketu Axis) swine flu got sudden growth. Death toll and number of cases infected by swine flu in north of India got major rise and badly effected people of those were living in Gujarat, New Delhi, UP, J&K and Maharashtra, all are under ruling signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

(Reference: – Shukarchar, Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira by Panditabhushana V Subrahmanya Sastri & M Ramkrishn Bhat, Verse 42)

Meaning and explanation:

It has been observed by our ancient learned scholars that whenever Jupiter is ahead of Venus white objects, abodes of Brahmans, cattle and Gods will ruin and people those are in eastern region will be afflicted with Throat Diseases but the autumnal crops will be flourish. Cloud will pour down Plenty of Hail stones.


This has been quiet true; during course of Jupiter over watery trine it was transiting advance signs than Venus over western sky region in cancer 5th from it. Saturn was transiting 9th to Venus in Scorpio in Anuradha. Nodes were influencing Virgo- Pisces, both Mars and Venus were in deep conjunction in uttrabhadra with orbital distance of 8 degree till 2nd March 2015. Retrograde Jupiter was in trine (5th sign away from Venus Sign) to Venus in Ashlesha Nakashtra. All the conditions were quiet satisfying why that till this formation was active people living over central Asia including India majorly suffered via throat diseases with panic and fear of swine flu and Most of Northern and eastern region of India badly suffered by drastic hail stones in month of march. Apart from massive hail stones in north-eastern region people living over these Signs suffered via infectious Watery diseases controlling chest and lungs areas and also seen rise in pneumonia cases.

(Reference: March 2015 North India unseasonal rain, Farmers in peril as rain and hailstorms batter crops in the North-West)

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(Reference: – Shukarchar, Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira by Panditabhushana V Subrahmanya Sastri & M Ramkrishn Bhat, Verse 35) 


It has been said whenever Venus will occupy the Star of Uttrabadrapada, Venus will destroy ” Roots and Fruits” and in the star of revati it will effects travellers and Marching troops (Army).

Note: During Venus course over uttrabhadra heavy rain triggered in most of the northern regions of India. For some part this has been considered well for crops but in rest of India heavy downpour during uttrabhada destroyed mostly fruits and newly born Crops.

Further it has been noticed, North India was fully under bad weather conditions and affected by acute cold and was continues till March month .This has been never seen in Northern region of India since many years; people severely suffered via sudden rain and hailstones, Kashmir got delayed Snowfall in month of February even the winter started in December month, Because of this delayed weather pattern Newly born crops damaged by unseasoned rain, hailstones and Snowfall. Older crops flourished well due to delayed rain and snowfall.

Conclusion: Due to delayed rain and Snowfall patterns in Northern Hilly regions of India, Throat and Watery based infectious diseases got sudden boost in February month due to temperature variation. In Jammu temperature was moving around 8 degree in Night and up to 15 to 21 degree at Day time with much presence of Moisture in environment, and in Kashmir it was around 6-7 degree in day time because of close conjunction of Venus and Mars over Uttrabhadra in Pisces Sign. Due to all this climatic factors, frequent disturbance in weather condition seen and result was heavy rainfall considered as one of main cause for swine flu seen in Most of north India, Gujarat and Maharashtra, where Moisture and Cold Condition in atmosphere was still within 32 degree.

Explanation of Sage Parashara on Venus Course:

” According to Sage Parashra Venus Being glossy and full of rays produces rain while tenanting purva and Uttraphalguni, Swati, Vishakha, the Bhadrapadas, Ardra, Bharni and Pushya. In Case he moves to north, in the middle or to the south of Rohini Nakashtra, Chitra, Vishakha and Anuradha, he will cause Health issues and Happiness Both, Crops and rainfall to the best advantage. Moderate Benefit and Minimum Advantage Respectively of the people. If he moves to the north or in the middle of Magha and Krittika, he will prove beneficial to Mankind. Similarly his movement in the middle of Asadhas, Punarvasu and Rohini will bring about encirclement of cities by enemies.”

( Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira, Chapter 9 by Ramakrishna Bhat)

Further it has been said for Venus “when it rises or Sets on the 8th, 14th or 15th Lunar Day of the dark fortnight, the earth would look like as Though it were a vast sheet of water i.e. it will be completely submerged in floods” but till now in life experience it has never been seen, what is written in future only wheel of time knows.

(Verse 39, Shukar Chara, Brihat Samhita by Ramakrishna Bhat)
(Verse 23 , shukar Char, Brihat Samhita by Ramakrishna Bhat)

Close conjunction of venus and mars clearly seen over west direction with Uranus after sun set in North and east of india.

It has been said when Venus will be Visibly seen before the Sun Sets (Now Venus is in Pisces sign in western direction and easily seen via naked eyes before sun set and after sun set too), he will create Panic; If he will be seen throughout the day, famine and diseases will break out; and if it is seen during midday along with the moon, there will be discord between the king , His Army and masses.

Observation : Above mentioned conditions are also satisfying too, during this course Venus was easily seen over western direction via naked eyes before and after the sun sets conjugated with Mars.

(Verse 24, shukar Char, Brihat Samhita by Ramakrishna Bhat)

Meaning: If Venus pass Cutting the Star Krittika , the entire earth will be Submerged by rivers carrying waters that overflow the banks and conceal all elevations and depressions on the earth. This Situation of Venus course never been observed might be we may see during full and half annihilation process.

This has been observed till Grand Watery (Cn- PI – Sc ) Trine was active – People living over North, Central and Western region suffered via Panic and fear of throat diseases and increase in watery & tropical Diseases and issues related to water and oceans seen much being influenced by these signs, and stars. Later when Mars and Venus Move ahead from this Watery Trine situation got under control . After March 2nd (when Venus move over to Revti Star – people of effected stars got prosperity) and when mars moved on to Revti Nakashtra on 5th of March 2015, with 6 degree of orbital distance from Venus, People started overcoming from panic and fear. After 20 to 23rd of March situation was totally different and in month of April 2015, Scenario was totally changed but mankind was affected by catastrophic earthquake effecting North-eastern Himalayan ranges.

With thanks and Regards,

Rakesh Jamwal

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Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

Career Analysis: Natal and Dashamsa chart (D10)

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This was a case study of one of the client I did in a few years back, I am just sharing here for the technical understanding of chart how we can use Different Charts while doing case studies. I thank Mr XXX sir for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Based on the above Natal chart details, native is born under the Scorpio Lagana making her very much logical, courageous, deep-rooted and having a desire for engineering and mathematical jobs. 

Lagana lord Mars is retro being placed in 7th house (House of partnership and work based on Independent Management or entrepreneurship) of administration in a sign of Venus (Taurus – Sign of Wealth and money matters, finance) aspected by North Rahu (Communication) from the 3rd house in D1 chart. Generally, From the Lagna, we see how and where native used to apply his intelligence in which area or his natural inclination can be well studied from the Placement of the Lagna in D1, D9, and D10 chart.

In Current case, it is clearly indicating choice of Working would be in IT, Software, Computer sector, dealing with foreign clients having some marketing, management, and planning involved in technical products.In Her case, Day to day task would involve lots of Communication with foreign clients where she has to manage and to do administration tasks to finish those goals and role of working environment would be of the independent sort of. 
This is clearly indicating a job of an Independent Technical manager as Mars is Retrograde in motion and placed in 7th house (7th house always shows work of an administration)  aspecting both Lagna, 10th house and Saturn which is placed in 2nd house having lordship of 3rd house and at the same time it is getting 5th aspect from the Rahu placed in 3rd house, this clearly shows some sort of technical bent of mind where she need to travel or manage (Link of 6th Lord Mars with the 3rd house – travelling, Marketing, and sales of technical equipment or products is vital here)  on account of same. it’s her deep desire to working in these types of environments where she need to manage others independently, desiring for leading work profile, and to get comfortable position seeking high paid jobs profile & to do bossy types of jobs having nature of technicality and management in nature both at the same time

Mars is lord of 10th from the Moon and it is placed in 4th from it and aspecting the 10th sign from the Moon, further justifies that the native has a deep interest in administration, technical pursuits and having a strong desire for independent sort of work. 
If we check Same Mars in Navamsa chart it is weakly placed in D9 chart in Cancer sign in 10th house indicating jobs where one has to deal with software-based products or in industry of same or those IT based Management Industries as it is getting aspect from both Venus (Lord of 7th and 12th lord, Karka of Private and cooperate sector Marketing based job Profiles) and Sun (Lord of 10th, Karka of Administrative based tasks) from 4th house. 
Here Both Sun and Venus providing strength to Mars. Dispositer lord Moon is again strongly placed in sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter in the 3rd house. Again confirming work industry where one has to consult others or advise others.
The aspect of Sun and Venus providing extra strength for mars in D9 and this is the only reason why native is mostly involved in the Private sector work profiles rather than desires for having Public sector jobs and mostly she will have to do managerial and administrative jobs in earlier job profiles.

In D1 chart Mars is placed in 3rd from the AL and Both Saturn and Rahu are placed in 10th and 11th from the Al respectively and influencing Mars from Rahu 5th aspect – This clearly indicates that she will have to work hard like a bull and she will need to put lots of continues efforts in increasing her Image in society in career and working environment where she will go.

Though malefic placed in upchaya houses from Al always considered as good for monetary gains but same time it also indicates one need to do lots of hard work in attaining those monetary gains as well increasing working image in social society and in career too.

As Saturn is placed in 10th from AL and getting aspect from Mars too – This makes her image as very rough and tough type, very hard working, rigid in work envrionment, Hard and very determined, proactive, Bold and industrious type, sometimes it makes her very bossy and arrogant too in his work environment, which can impact her image in society further.

General Rule is, Malefic planets placed in 10th from AL makes one struggle a lot in establishing goodwill in society and one has to put lots of extra efforts. Malefic usually gives harsh path those are not easy to follow or move in whereas beneficial planets in 10th from the Al makes very shiny and good nature with easy going path, which follows the good name and fame in society.

In her society, native will be known for her very industrious nature in the working environment and this also indicates that she will always involve in industries profiles where she has to deal with managed services or sort of service industries job types or those are very technical in nature where one need to follow routines based jobs daily. This makes one very rigid and sometimes harsh too. 

It makes involves her in a regular job patterns, doing the same thing, again and again, to monitor or finish those tasks, where one need to deals with clients other than own countries or places i.e foreign clients or clients belong from different culture or creeds etc.

Here, 10th lord (Sun) is placed in 12th house (Working with other countries) with 11th lord (Mercury) and 7th lord Venus this clearly indicates she will get good prosperity in her career and working profile other than his own birthplace, mostly in states or countries those are falling in western direction from India or from own birthplace.

She will get lots of success in foreign places and chances are also that she will be moving with her partner after marriage regarding her work and profession and she might need to travel a long journey for accomplishing this. After her Married life, she will travel a lot for work purpose.

If we check D10 chart same, this is is also clearly seen too, Saturn is placed in the 10th house in Sign of Leo and 10th lord Sun is placed in 3rd house with 12th and 7th lord Venus too – Making her very much industrious, adventurer, traveler, courageous and hardworking type and she needs to travel a lot for work purpose for marketing or sales related work. 

Clearly indicating a job of either marketing, management or planning where one needs to communicate and travel a lot for same. Both Venus and Sun are placed in 3rd house, 6th from AL makes her working in a corporate job profile or dealing with public life.

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This also confirms from Ashtakavarga charts of D1 too where 4th and 10th house having maximum points. 4th & 10th house having 33 and 39 points respectively this makes native will have to deal publically a lot for work purpose and have to consult people with lots of involvement and  also requires traveling a lot.

If we check in D10 chart Ketu is placed in Upchaya Sthan having aspect of Both Saturn and Jupiter,  falling in10th house from the AL in a sign of Taurus which usually gives working in a big corporate industries. Dasha of Ketu will be beneficial for her being lord of D10 lagna. 
As Jupiter is placed in 2nd from the AL and falling in 11th from D10 chart, Jupiter Dasha  will act as sustainer, will be providing necessary food and resources in society. Jupiter will simply sustain her mundane needs and good image in her work environment. In Jupiter Dasha she will keep  on getting good Job profiles and good hikes.
If we see deeply, Jupiter Dasha started in the year 2006 and exactly it is the dasha period of fruits of the Past birth karma. In all the Charts from D1, D9, D10, and D60 Jupiter having Much Strength because of that she will get good life until this dasha period is active.
In D1 it is placed in 9th house (Usually gives highly administrative jobs or jobs of consultants). In D9 it is exalted placed in own sign with Moon-forming Gaja Kesri Yoga. In D10 it is placed in 11th house in Upchaya Sthan and also 2nd from AL too. 
In D60 again it is exalted placed in the sign of cancer with Moon and Venus. From all D charts it is clearly seen She will get the huge name, fame and success in Jupiter MD period from the year 2006 to The year 2022 all because of her past birth good Sanchit karmas. 
Though she might get some bad results in some of the AD dasha periods in Jupiter MD too. PD period in Saturn, Rahu, and Venus AD period won’t be much productive in Jupiter MD period for her.
Though she needs to take much care in Saturn MD period starting from the year 2022 to the year 2038, reason being firstly Saturn is Atma karaka placed in 2nd house in D1 chart getting aspect from Mars (6th lord), Rahu is placed in 2nd house from the Saturn too and most important it is placed in 10th from AL – She might can take some wrong decision wrt to  her career or she might get suffering on account of his past birth Prarabha karma (Linking of 6th and 4th lord) in Saturn MD period. 
Secondly, Saturn is placed in the 2nd house in the D9 chart (Acting as Karakamsa – Soul filter ) getting aspect from Rahu placed in 5th from Own, debilitated Mars is placed in 9th from the Karakamsa, only good part is Dispositor lord of 9th lord from Karakamsa  moon is placed in 2nd from the Karakamsa with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius – that clearly shows she will never face any sort of financial crunch even after marriage –  Possibility would be that She might do some mistakes which is not considered as good w.r.t Soul uplifting. 
Most important Part is,  in D10 chart it is placed in 10th house from the AL, that itself clearly indicating struggle wrt to the establishment in the career in society.More she work hard, more she can achieve that would be the best mantra for her in Saturn Dasha period. Finally, in d60 it is debilitated getting aspect from retrograde Mars too – She might need to learn some lessons and need to correct it same in Saturn MD period on account of past Praradbha karmas. 
From all these things, it is quite clear that She might face some struggle in Saturn MD period as a reason for Soul upliftment but still these results are only be expected not in whole MD period but restricted to only some of AD periods going to start in Saturn MD period. Though transits of Major slow moving planets have much to say on Saturn MD results. 

If we see her Chara Dasha, Based on the Current Chara Dasha period she is having good dasha period of Virgo and Dasha lord Mercury is placed in  the 2nd from Dasha Lord with Sun and Venus till 2021. Dasha period of Leo starting in the year 2021 will say much on her Career life as Dasha lord Sun is Debilitated and weakly placed in 12th house in d1 and 3rd from Dasha Sign Leo. That period will be much struggling one and she might need efforts in that. 
In Strength wise Jupiter has maximum Shadbala Strength around (518.25) with 8.64 Rupas, With maximum ishta Phala of 41.46. 
From all this, it is clearly seen that Jupiter MD will be very fruitful for overall growth and grooming of career and material life. 
In Dasha Varga Scheme (Strength in Main 10 D charts) she has good strength for Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury too.

Married Life and Timing of Marriage Events

Based on her chart Her 7th lord Venus is placed in the 12th house with 11th lord Mercury and 10th lord Sun, it is clearly an indication of Marriage by her own choice and she will leave her homeland for some work purpose, or she will be working to another land and she might meet her spouse there. 
Chances are very high that She will move outside with her life partner after getting married probably be in abroad or in those places fall in the western direction from her Birthplace. As Libra is an Airy sign she will need to travel a long-distance journey to meet her choice of husband or partner. Another important point is 7th from Venus is a sign of Aries and lord Mars is placed in 7th house (House of the partnership) of Taurus (clearly indicating the sign of love cum arrange marriage).
The only Problem is she will meet her choice of ideal partner late in life as 7th lord from Venus is retrograde in motion which usually brings trouble or delays in bringing right partner in time, would never give as much early marriage life.

Although she is having a high desire to meet her spouse, possiblly being the 7th lord from Venus, mars is placed in 7th house and she is having strong desire to appear her partner sooner in life. 
Simply she might be waiting eagerly for her ideal life partner. But due to its retrograde motion, she is getting delays in meeting him. 
This is the only reason why Matches are not coming according to her wish. 

Chances are high that She will meet her choice of spouse In Middle of her age in between 27th -28th after August Year 2016 up to the period of 2017-2018, when Jupiter will travel around libra and Scorpio.

Her UL is in 9th house with Jupiter and Ketu, indicating guy he will meet will be having spiritual nature as well religious bent of mind. Probably he will meet this guy either in her working environment or her father will help in bringing in front of her. 

Overall Father will be the root person to bringing that person in Daughter life for the final knot.
The important point here is Al and A7 is placed in 5th house, lord of Al and A7 is placed in UL in 9th house, this clearly indicates it would be a love cum arrange marriage. 

She could get Married after AD of Sun (after 30th August 2016) in Jupiter MD reason being Sun is with 7th and 12th lord Venus in 12th house in D1 chart and in D9 chart, 7th lord of D9 Mars is getting aspect from Both Venus (7th & 12th Lord) and the AD Lord Sun too.
This clearly indicates that Sun, Venus, and Mars have potential to give marriages in their AD periods. Moon AD period also have stronger chances to get Marry reason being dispositer Lord 7th lord of D9 is Moon placed in Sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter too. Moon is UL lord in D1 as well as Dispositer lord of Mars too in D9.
In General, her married Period could start after 30th of August 2016 to between 18th October 2018 where Sun AD (From 30th of August 2016 to 16th July 2017) could  be a peak period for marriage and Mars and Moon will be stronger Dasha period for getting marriage. 

So overall from age of 26th to 28 she will get married. 
Transit of Jupiter in The year 2016,2017 and 2018 in Virgo-Libra-Scorpio sign will bring her married life.Where Libra and Scorpio has much potential for getting married

UL lord is placed in the 4th house in Sign of Saturn indicating the family of spouse would be known to native family and will be a well-settled family.

Native needs to take special care of Relationship with her Mother in law as Moon is falling in 8th from the UL in D1 chart that usually gives clue mother in law might not be favor of native or she might not have smooth relationship with the mother in law.

AL/A7 and UL are falling in 5/9 Relationship to each other clearly indicating that In-laws family will be financially well settled as well as also having a Spiritually tendency too in nature.

A7 lord Jupiter and UL lord Moon both are closely conjugated in D9 chart in Sign of Sagittarius indicating it would bring Spiritual as well as Material growth for both the families as well couples too. 
|Om Tat Sat |
|| Om Namo BhagwateVasudevaya ||

How Planets influences and effects human affairs

How Planets influences and affects human affairs

Magnetic field and Influence: 

Scientifically Saturn has a magnetic field (Power of Attraction and controlling any Jeeva for enforcing duties and responsibilities) about 578 times more powerful than the Earth’s, that shows the power, and force of attraction (Gravity) which is impossible to count, further shows the impact and controlling nature it possesses toward Rest of planetary structure from Mercury to Jupiter. This shows any Moving and rotating body circulation motion has a deep role in impacting any nearby celestial body within its range.


The thing is how huge celestial bodies floating in solar system effects so badly that we cannot think more than from it. Well, the answer lies in understanding the solar magnetic forces or currents they produce and how they influence, which keep on affecting any particle in contact with these huge celestial bodies.


Understanding Scientific Hypothesis of solar magnetic currents

According to the “Swami Abhedananda” as explained in Heliocentric science, Effects of the planets upon on earth are the results of the certain vibrations, frequencies and circulatory motions of their bodies.These vibrations usually travel’s in an outer space from all the direction and strike the sun like a telegraphic signals those keep coming to the receiver end (Here sun is acting as the source of accepting and reflecting back those waves and signals) and in the same way sun strike back or reflect those telegraphic waves in all the direction to the sender ends

Here both the Sun and rest of the planets are acting like a communication channel, whereas rest of the planets act like Transponder and the sun is acting like as the receiver who keep on responding those signals from outer space.These vibrations always coming from the other planetary ends in a regular manner in the medium of “Ether” and keep beating on the atmosphere of the sun.when they Strike to the surface of the sun they cannot penetrate through the sun, in return they reflected back and goes in every direction and strike to all other planets including earth too.



These waves or vibrations are like magnetic current travelling everywhere in the solar surface and it has influence of each and every planet and they keep on sending this current to the sun, and sun keep on sending back these influences to other planets in all the directions and these currents keep on travelling from one planet to the other planet affecting weather surface, Mental and physical conditions of the human beings living on those planets. Larger the planet is located much powerful would be the magnetic current it has to send back to the sun and after coming back from the sun it gets magnetised by the solar atmosphere with much-telling influences on the human mind, weather, atmosphere and physical conditions of the human being.


These solar magnetic currents or waves of energy produce force and vitality and they are reflected upon the earth from every direction.Every planetary current has a much-telling influence on the human mind and body.Then Sun send it back to the medium of ether in the same way to the earth via its radiation, It has everything including light, Sound, different wavelength of colour, heat, Pran Shakti, Vitality, power, force and other telling influences those are gathered from the rest of the planets in certain wavelengths and they get mixed up with heat and light of the sun.

Our ancient seers and astronomers studied these patterns very well and then they understood that why human beings are more or less affected by the influence of each planet motion.


Because of the quick motion of the Mercury around the sun, it produces a much-telling influence on the human mind and brain functionality as it waves get much magnetised by the sun and in result vibration of the mercury produces quickness, Activity, changeableness, Hilarity, wittiness and brilliant intelligence.It has also been observed that these vibrations also produces different forms too, its vibrations are very quick and shorter in nature, that’s why its goes quick and back in much shorter period.

The result will be it has a much shorter influence on the human mind and body during its transitory and retrogression motion.Same way Venus has bit slower vibrations and it’s in a pleasant form.

It produces a soothing and harmonious influence on the human mind as well as on the weather too, and whenever Venus vibrations strike to anyone it produces harmonic vibrations around heart chakra those helps in a healthy relationship with any other being.Jupiter Has much longer, powerful but slower vibrations due to its slow motion and much broader surface and it produces vast and huge waves around earth helps in harmonic growth around human mind and body and when it strikes to the sun it gets harmonized by the sun and same it is reflected back to the surface of earth it has much-telling influence on the mind and it affects more on the Spiritual ground affecting human mind in a most positive way because it has much smoother and harmonic relation with the medium of the waves (The Ether – Akash Tattva).


As it is very huge in size and largest among all it has tremendous power of influence on the human mind, body and the surface of the earth weather condition. It has the quality of absorbing everything and when it strikes to human mind it gives healthy and powerful vitality force to the human body and absorbs every negativity around it.Now coming to the Saturn, it has very long, heaviest and much slower vibrations than any of the planets in the solar system and its waves and vibrations are very powerful and strong and it produces disintegrating influence on the human mind and body.Each of these different vibrations coming from different planets having different wavelength produces different effects in human system and characteristics of the human too.

Saturn being much slower in motion for longer period, its magnetic current has much influence on the inner side of the body and has more influence on the bone and flesh of the human being and its vibrations produce more a restriction on a person or its activity and have more of all kind of disintegrating effects on human body with diseases connected with it.

Source and Reference,

 Heliocentric science by 

Swami Abhedananda

Decoding Devakeralam Nadi -Glimpses of Jyotisha Techniques

This was an article published in the journal the ‘Modern Astrology’. I thank Mrs Gayatridevi Vasudev, the editor, for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Decoding Devakeralam
By Dr. K. Guru Rajesh
Glimpses of Jyotisha Techniques

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Devakeralam or Chandra Kala Nadi authored by Achyuta and Venkatesa is a voluminous work extending to more than 9000 Slokas in two volumes and belongs to the category of Nadi literature in Vedic astrology. Though its original manuscript is with Government Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai, which published it in 1950, the richness of its astrological knowledge was first introduced to the English readers by the late C.S. Patel. Later, the late R. Santhanam published the entire Sanskrit text with English translation. With due respect to these late scholars, I proceed to present before the esteemed readers the results of my own study of this great work.

Apparently, both Sri Patel and Sri Santhanam had assumed that Devakeralam does not deal with actual horoscopes, unlike other Nadi works, because the work uses Nadiamsas. “Nadi texts are of two kinds. One uses a certain starting point, known as particular Nadiamsa, which rises in the eastern horizon at birth e.g. Vasudha, Vaishnavi, Brahmi etc; while the other one deals with the actual horoscopes; showing all planetary positions and giving entire life histories of natives. The present chapter deals with the former one … ” says C.S. Patel in the 9th Chapter of his book Nadi Astrology. Santhanam also writes in the preface to his English translation of Devakeralam, “He (Achyuta) had also quoted Garga, Vasishta, Parasara, Yavana etc … These Nadis, unlike Saptharishi apparently contained principles usable in predictive astrology and not full-fledged horoscopes … “. Anyone going through the works of these scholars on Devakeralam can observe that this assumption was always there at the back of their mind. While Patel culled out and presented the general rules quoted in the work, the entire English translation of Santhanam is influenced by the above idea. This resulted in missing the spirit of the general rules at some places and in a mostly redundant English translation. Added to this, the poor editing of the original Sanskrit text at places made the English translation erroneous at those places.

A deep and repeated study of Devakeralam has revealed to me that the text, in fact, deals with actual horoscopes that can be constructed by the hints that are intelligently embedded within the text. The horoscope including Rasi and Navamsa positions of planets that are mentioned in the discussion and the birth star with its Pada can be known, from which the entire discussion becomes meaningful and instructive. All the general principles enumerated are demonstrated by the horoscope. Encouraged by this discovery, I started grouping the entire text in terms of different charts and started the further intensive study.
Based on Nadiamsas

There is an element in Devakeralam which is discouraging to serious astrologers. It is the fact of the text being based primarily on Nadi Amsas which are very minute 150th parts of a sign. Added to this, the text divides each Nadiamsa into two parts, Purvamsa and Uttaramsa, and further into four parts, each pertaining to the four Varnas. Given the problem of correct birth time recording and the controversies shrouding the Ayanamsa, practical minded people shun studying and applying Devakeralam. Nevertheless, I found that, besides the Nadiamsas, more than 60% of the text actually uses conventional astrological principles which can be grouped under the following heads.
Bhava and Yoga Analysis: Great insights can be obtained by studying the way Devakeralam analyses a Bhava using various parameters like Rasi, Navamsa, Arudha, Ashtakavarga etc. Different types of Yogas, both famous and not so well-known, can be learnt from the work. Cancellations of various benefic and malefic Yogas find a place here, which is rare to find in other classical texts. Predictions regarding different relatives of the native, even the distant ones like cousins, their spouses and children are also made in the work.
Use of Vargas: Devakeralam extensively uses the Navamsa position of planets in the analysis of Bhavas, Yogas and effects of Dasas. Besides Navamsa, other Vargas like Dwadasamsa, Trimsamsa and Shastyamsa have also been applied.
Use of Arudha: The text demonstrates the way to use Arudha Padas in Bhava analysis and also Dasa predictions. At several places, Arudha and Ashtakavarga are used in tandem.
Use of Ashtakavarga: Ashtakavarga usage has been demonstrated at several places to quantify the things to predict. The number of siblings of the parents, of the native etc., is predicted using prediction principles of ashtakavarga. Further, the age that may prove dangerous to the native as also the age from which the native’s life becomes productive can be known by these principles.
Use of Dasas: It uses Vimshottari Dasa mainly to predict the unfolding of the events in the native’s life. Kala Chakra Dasa also finds extensive usage in most of the horoscopes discussed. Besides this, a few horoscopes have been explained using Rasi Dasas, mostly Chara Dasa.
Use of Transits: Transits of Saturn and Jupiter find wide usage in timing of various good and bad events. The Navamsa positions of planets are extensively considered here. Transit analysis is used along with the Dasas to pinpoint the event.
Mundane and Political Predictions: Interestingly, Devakeralam demonstrates the way to predict mundane and political events from an individual’s horoscope which include death or defeat of the rulers, revolutions, famines, wars etc. Saturn’s transit in various signs has been used independently to predict troubles in various parts of southern India.
Remedies: The text is replete with remedial measures to ward off the evil results of planetary afflictions. They seem to be culled from authentic Smriti and Mantra Sastra works and are of great practical use.
Miscellaneous: The text also includes a variety of information on the usage of Rashmis; prediction of Janma Rasi and Lagna (Ascendant) of the spouse, children, employer etc; prenatal epoch and mentioning of various planetary Nadis from which additional information has been solicited.
The entire text of Devakeralam deals with actual horoscopes. I have given some of the horoscopes discussed, highlighting the conventional tools of astrology employed in their analysis.
The chart I is given under Slokas 188 to 367 in Volume 1. The birth start is Poorvashada 2nd quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Venus. The following are some of the points discussed in the text with regard to Chart 1.
(i) The Ascendant lord Jupiter is with 8th lord Moon in the Ascendant and receives the aspect of Mars, a natural malefic. The text says that Jupiter having 5 bindus in his Ashtakavarga, joining the 8th lord and aspected by malefic Mars will cause great danger to the life of the child at the age of 5 years (Sloka 196).

(ii) The Moon placed in Sagittarius Rasi and Virgo Navamsa makes Aquarius as the Deha-Rasi and Virgo as the Jeeva-Rasi as per Kala Chakra Dasa system (Sloka 320). (Because of poor editing, the word deha is printed as dvesha whose consequence can be noted in the accompanying English translation). The presence of Rahu in Virgo (and Saturn in Aquarius) at the time of birth indicates that the native will almost die in the very first year of his birth but will recover and survive (Sloka 321).

(iii) Whenever the junction between two signs of Kala Chakra Dasa or two Dasas of Vimshottari coincide with the transit of Saturn in the Jeeva-Rasi, the native will experience a lot of trouble in his life including unfortunate events to his kin. When the Libra Chakra Dasa ends and Scorpio Chakra Dasa starts for the present native which coincides with the transit of Saturn from Virgo, the Jeeva-Rasi, into Libra, he will experience very bad times like untimely death (Apamrutyu). This happens from the 19th year to the 21st year of the native. As a remedy he should give an image of the Zodiac in donation (Slokas 322-326).

(iv) Saturn being the lord of Bhagyarudha (Arudha of 9th house) placed in own sign and obtaining Capricorn Navamsa indicates that the native’s father will be of angry disposition inwards, pleasing in appearance and a miser (Sloka 267, 268). The Sun, the lord of the 9th house, is in Taurus, the 10th from Leo. Counting 10 signs from Taurus comes to Aquarius where Saturn is his placed in own sign.

(v) Saturn placed in Aquarius obtaining Capricorn Navamsa (Makaramsayute Mande wrongly typed as Makaramsekujemande in  Sanskrit) and Venus placed in Pisces obtaining Aquarius Navamsa indicates obstructions in the native’s marriage. For any person born in any Nadiamsa, Saturn in the 3rd creates hurdles whenever marriage efforts are made. After failure of two or three attempts, the native will get married (Slokas 219-221). Jupiter obtaining the Navamsa of Mercury (Budhamsa wrongly typed as Brahmamsa in Sanskrit) and Venus obtaining Aquarius Navamsa indicates that the native will marry a girl in his birth place and she will be hailing from the North direction. The Ascendant lord Jupiter in Gemini, the 7th sign from the Rasi Ascendant and Karaka Venus in a fixed Navamsa indicates a wife from the birth place while Venus placed in Pisces indicates a wife from North direction.

(vi) The 8th lord Moon joining the Ascendant lord Jupiter indicates that the native will be fortunate in the Vipat Dasa (third Dasa from birth – that is Moon Dasa). The native will have Raja Yoga during this period enjoying conveyances, ornaments, prominent position in society and a lot of wealth. He will beget children in this Dasa and his own sister will also prosper (Slokas 240-241).

(vii) When Saturn in transit moves into Sagittarius and obtains Virgo Navamsa, death of the native’s mother is to be predicted. Otherwise, she may die when transiting Saturn aspects the 11th house, the 8th from the 4th house. Similarly, transit Saturn moving in Taurus and obtaining Aries Navamsa may kill the native’s father. This event may also happen when transit Saturn moves in trines to the sign occupies by the Sun in Navamsa (Slokas 300- 301). Note that Matrukaraka Moon occupies Sagittarius sign and Virgo Navamsa while Pitrukaraka Sun occupies Taurus sign and Aries Navamsa.

(viii) The native will have a lifespan that will end during the Dasa of the Ascendant lord Jupiter and Bhukti of 8th lord Moon (Sloka 258). During the Dasa of Aries of Kala Chakra Dasa which coincides with the Jupiter Vimshottari Dasa, the transit of Saturn in Aries will precipitate the death of the native in the solar months of Sagittarius or Gemini or Virgo (Slokas 362-63). Note that these three signs are influenced by the 8th lord Moon in Rasi and Navamsa.
Chart 2 comes under Slokas 548 to 637 in Volume I. The birth star of the native is Revati 3rd quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Mercury. The following are some of the points discussed in the text about the horoscope.
(i) The Ascendant lord Saturn obtaining a movable Navamsa and joined by Mars results in some physical deformity for the native’s mother or his elder sister (Sloka 548). Note that Mars is the 4th and 11th Lord.

(ii) The 9th Lord Mercury occupying Gemini Navamsa while Rahu is in the 9th house receiving the aspect of the Moon indicates that the native’s sister will be involved with a paramour (Sloka 551). Note that 9th house is the 7th house from the 3rd house.

(iii) When the Ascendant falls in Capricorn obtaining Leo Navamsa, while Ascendant lord joins the 4th lord Mars (kujasamyute wrongly typed as guru samyute in Sanskrit), the native’s mother will be ugly in appearance and wicked in nature and she does not heed her husband (Sloka 552).

(iv) When the Arudha of the 4th house falls in Sagittarius, the 4th lord occupies Aquarius with Saturn and Jupiter occupies Sagittarius, the native’s maternal grandfather will be very fortunate. He will be blessed with many siblings and progeny and will have many conveyances. He will be famous in the court of kings (Sloka 555-556). Note that 4th lord Mars is in Aquarius, the 11th sign therefrom. Counting 11th signs from Aquarius brings us to Sagittarius, the Arudha of the 4th house, where Jupiter is in own sign. Sagittarius is the 9th house from the 4th indicating maternal grandfather.

(v) When the Arudha Lagna falls in Pisces, while the Ascendant lord Saturn joins Mars and obtains his exaltation Navamsa, the native’s mother will have 7 or 8 brothers out of whom only two will survive (Sloka 530-531).

(vi) When the Bhagya and Karma lords Mercury and Venus respectively join in the Ascendant while the Ascendant lord occupies a movable Navamsa (Libra), the native will have fortune after 20 years of age in the Vipat Dasa, that is Venus Dasa (Sloka 574).

(vii) When the 8th lord Sun is in the Ascendant joined with two benefic planets, though the native faces almost fatal condition, he will recover and survive (Sloka 575).

(viii)The Ascendant lord Saturn occupying his exaltation Navamsa and joining the 4th lord Mars will indicate that the native will be learned and humble, will be of angry disposition but regains his cool quickly (Sloka 576).

(ix) Saturn placed in the 2nd, Rahu in the 9th and 7th lord with a malefic (darese typed wrongly as charese in Sanskrit) indicate thatthe native will lose his wife to death in the Vipat Dasa (Venus Dasa) but will remarry immediately (Sloka 594). This happens when transit Saturn moves in a trine to the Navamsa Rasi occupied by the 2nd lord, the 8th lord from the 7th house (Sloka 595).

(x) When two malefic planets are in the 2nd house while Rahu occupies the 9th, the native will face dire circumstances in his old age (Sloka 608).

(xi) In Sloka 529, the author says that the 5th house is the Rajyastana – the kingdom where the native lives, while 9th house represents the king. Regarding the present horoscope, Rahu placed in the 9th house receiving the aspect of Mars indicates that the ruler of the kingdom where the native lives will be suffering from diseases and will be of a cruel temperament (Sloka 619).

(xii) Rahu in the Bhagyastana, the 9th house, obtains Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. Hence the native will be fortunate after his 20th year, when Venus Dasa starts as the Vipat Dasa (Sloka 621).
Chart 3 comes under the discussions under Slokas 54 to 96 of Volume I. Birth star of the native is Anuradha 4th quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Saturn. The following are some of the points discussed in the text under Chart 3.
(i) The Sun joining Saturn in the 11th indicates that the native’s father will face dire circumstances in the Sampath Dasa (Mercury Dasa). This is because Mercury is the 8th lord from the Chandra Lagna or the Moon-sign. In malefic Bhuktis of Mercury Dasa, the native’s parents will experience evil results (Slokas 63-64).

(ii) As the Moon in the 7th is aspected by the 12th lord (Dwadasesanireekshite is typed wrongly as Dwadasesaniveekshite), the native will have two marriages (Sloka 66). The 5th lord joining Rahu and Saturn occupying the 11th house (aspecting the 5th) creates obstacles in begetting progeny. His first wife will be barren or a Kaakavandhya (giving birth to only one child) (Slokas 67-68).

(iii) Jupiter placed in the 5th house aspected by two malefic planets suggests that the native was subject to a curse of a Brahmin because of which he will not get progeny. To pacify the curse, the native should perform Setusnanam and propitiate Lord Shiva. He should observe Somavarapradoshavrata and in the evening should donate an idol of Nageswara made of gold weighing one pala or its half (Slokas 70-72).

(iv) When the Sun is in the 11th house, performing of Bhanuvrata will also ensure that the native will beget sons (Sloka 73). The 8th lord Jupiter in the 5th house and receiving the aspect of Saturn results in the loss of progeny. When the native performs the prescribed remedies, he will be blessed by Nageswara with a few children after a long period or in his old age (Slokas 74-75).

(v) The planet having lordship over the children of the native’s elder brother (native’s elder brother is ruled by the 11th house Pisces. The 5th house from Pisces is Cancer, hence Moon will be the planet referred to here) being placed in his debilitation sign receiving the aspect of Mars (Kujaveekshite wrongly typed as Subhaveekshite in Sanskrit) indicates that the children of native’s elder brother may face dangers through water (Jalagandam) (Sloka 76).

(vi) Mars placed in the 7th from the Moon being aspected by Saturn will cause danger to the native’s mother (Arishtha) (Sloka 71).
Chart 4 comes under the discussion from Sloka 97 to 187 of Volume 1. Birth star of the native is Revati 3rd quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Mercury.

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(i) Slokas 167-168 indicate that the junction of birth Dasa of Mercury will be in the 5th year, of Ketu will be in the 12th year and the next Dasa Sandhi of Venus will be in the 32nd year. These periods prove dangerous to the native.

(ii) The Arudha of the Ascendant falling in Sagittarius, Moon in the 2nd house while the Arudha lord Jupiter is in a Kendra or Kona, indicates that the native will enjoy conveyances after his 25th year. He will enjoy prominence after his 16th year. He will have great Yoga because of his intellect after his 19th year, all in Venus Dasa (Slokas 165-166).

(iii) Jupiter placed in Scorpio and obtaining Virgo Navamsa indicates that the native will have the normal physical appearance and his words will be boisterous. The native will be righteous, will know the intentions of people and will be truthful (Sloka 101). This is attributed to Jupiter because he is the lord of Arudha Lagna which falls in Sagittarius.

(iv) Jupiter placed in a friendly sign and attaining the Navamsa of Mercury makes the native highly passionate and he will serve a ruler. He will be fond of his half-brothers (Sapatnimatrusutavatsala) (Sloka 103). The 11th house rules half-brothers. Arudhalagna falling in the 11th house indicates this result.

(v) Rahu in the Ascendant aspected by the Sun indicates that the native will have a windy temperament in his body. He will have enmity with his relatives in course of time and will incur grief because of his own mother (Sloka 104).

(vi) The Sun joined with Ketu in Leo indicates early death to native’s father (Sloka 121). His father will face dangers because of wounds and boils during the Janma Dasa, which is Mercury Dasa (Sloka 123). Mars in the 5th house and the 9th lord Venus joining malefic planets indicate death of the native’s father in a foreign place (Sloka 124). Jupiter in a trine to the 9th lord Venus indicates that the death of native’s father will happen while he is on a pilgrimage to pray the deities (Sloka 129).

(vii) The 4th and 9th lord Venus joining the Ascendant lord Saturn in the 6th house indicates that the native will obtain a good education and will head many villages. He will be capable of writing and speaking three languages and enjoy Raja Yoga. He will be devoted to both Vishnu and Shiva (Slokas 158-159). (viii) The native will marry in the own Bhukti of Vipat Dasa (Venus Dasa- Venus Bhukti) (Sloka 162). During the end of Mercury Bhukti in Venus Dasa or in the beginning of Ketu Bhukti, which coincides with the transit of Saturn over natal Moon, the native’s wife will face danger (Sloka 174). The native will marry twice. He will beget a son during his 23rd year and will suffer only loss of progeny before that. He will be blessed with sons only from his second wife, among whom two or three will have long life (Slokas 175-176). Mars in the 5th house from Ascendant, while its lord Mercury is in the 8th house, indicates that the native will have many short lived children and will beget long lived sons only after a long time. In order to pacify this Dosha he has to observe Kumara vrata and perform setusnana. After that he will be blessed with sons (Slokas 178-179).

(ix) The native will suffer sorrow due to the death of his half-brother during the Dasa of the 6th lord Moon, during his 40th year (Sloka 180). The 6th house will be the 8th house from the 11th house that rules half-brothers and hence the Dasa of 6th lord Moon will give this result.
Chart 5 comes under the discussion on Sloka 1219 to 1335 of Volume 1. The birth star of the native is Uttaraphalguni 2nd quarter and the birth Dasa will be of the Sun.
(i) Saturn placed in the 5th from the Sun and the 8th lord Mercury occupying the 9th indicates that the native’s father was struck with grief. Father will be of angry disposition but will cool down quickly. He would be given to vices for some time and suffer boils and wounds. However, later he would repent for his bad ways and become righteous and devoted to the deities and brahmins (Slokas 1227-1229).

(ii) The 9th lord joined with or aspected by Jupiter indicates that the native’s father was wealthy and a seeker of spiritual knowledge. He will be following both Vaidika and Tantrika systems of worship. During his childhood he was given to Tamasika nature but will become Sattwika later on. He will perform charitable acts like digging of tanks, developing gardens etc. (Slokas 1234-1235).

(iii) The 9th lord with a malefic planet and 11th lord (Venus joined with Mars and Jupiter) indicates that the native’s father will have two wives (Sloka 1238). He will be blessed with huge wealth, knowledge and many sons. This fortune to the native’s father is because the Arudha of the 9th house falls in the 11th house Sagittarius (Sloka 1239).

(iv) The Moon joining two malefic planets in the 8th house devoid of benefic aspects indicates Balarishtha to the native (Sloka 1241). However, Mars, the 8th lord from Moon sign placed in own sign and exaltation Navamsa joined with two benefic planets cancels the Balarishtha (Sloka 1242). The Moon in the 8th from Ascendant and obtaining the 12th sign in Navamsa from the Rasi Ascendant (Vyayamse) indicates short life span for the native (Sloka 1243). The native born in a fixed Ascendant and Pisces Navamsa while Rahu is placed in the 8th house will suffer Ba1arishtha (Sloka 1244). During the starting of Mars Dasa the native will definitely suffer Balarishtha (Sloka 1246). Ascendant falling in a fixed sign and attaining Pisces Navamsa, while Jupiter is placed in the 10th will cancel all the Balarishthas (Sloka 1251). During the Dasas of the Sun, Moon and Rahu the native should perform remedial measures. He should perform the Japa of Mrutyunjaya Mantra and should donate clothes. The life span of this native will be medium (Slokas 1252-1253).

(v) Mars being the 3rd lord when placed in his exaltation Navamsa and joined with two benefic planets will bestow the native with 8 brothers, among whom two will become prominent and influential (Sloka 1260).

(vi) Whoever takes birth when Moon is joined with or aspected by two malefics will be of sinful nature and engaged in secretive activities (Sloka 1269).

(vii) The 9th house from Chandra Lagna (Moon-sign) when aspected by Venus will make the native wise and fortunate (Venus being the 9th lord) (Sloka 1270). Jupiter being the lord of Lagna Navamsa (Navamsa Ascendant), when joins Venus and Mars (the 9th and 10th lords) bestows the native with lot of fortune. The native will be engaged in multifarious businesses (Sloka 1271). Lakshmi, the deity of wealth, will never leave a native born with Mars in the 10th or the 7th or the 1st house, and he will be fortunate right from his birth (Sloka 1325). 9th lord Venus in the 10th house joined by the 10th lord makes the native very fortunate and wealthy (bhagyartha wrongly typed as bharyartha in Sanskrit). However, because of the association of the 11th lord Jupiter in this combination, the native will not get political power (raja Yoga). He will do business and earn lot of wealth (Slokas 1286-1287).

(viii) The Moon ruling the house of maternal uncles (6th house) when joins two malefics, the native will have many maternal uncles among whom two or three will have long life. One of the maternal uncles will die in a foreign land. Another will become the lord of thieves and follow atheistic belief system (Slokas 1293-1294). During the Sampat Dasa (Moon Dasa), the maternal uncle will be afflicted by stomach diseases (Sloka 1301).

(ix) During the junction of Sampat Tara Dasa (Moon Dasa and Mars Dasa), transit Saturn moving in retrogression or acceleration at the junction of Gemini and Cancer results in the death of the native’s king. The Chola kingdom will face a grave danger (Slokas 1308-1310).
Chart 6 comes under discussion on Sloka 778 to Sloka 846 of volume 1. Birth star of the native is Ashlesha 4th quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Mercury. The following are some of the points discussed in the text about Chart 6.
(i) Saturn placed in Aries with Mercury indicates that the native will be devoted to Vishnu (Sloka 779). Saturn in Aries, his debilitation sign, placed in Leo Navamsa, an inimical Navamsa, makes the native hate his own religion and he will adopt another religion (Sloka 778). This result is ascribed here to Saturn because he is the lord of the Arudha of 9th house.

 (ii) Saturn joining Sun in Aries indicate that the native will be righteous, self-reliant, knowledgeable, Satwika natured, sometimes of cruel disposition hurting people at their vulnerable points and displaying Tamasa nature (Sloka 780).

(iii) The native will be bereft of happiness from his father.  This is because of the position of 9th lord Mars in the 4th house, 8th house there from the 9th, joined with Ketu and receiving the aspect of Saturn. However, Arudha of 9th house falling in the 11th house, the 3rd house from the 9th house, ensures the native will be supported by his paternal uncles (Sloka 785).

(iv) Saturn placed in debilitated sign Aries and obtaining Leo Navamsa indicates that the native will suffer poverty during his childhood and will be fortunate only after the 30th year (Sloka 786). This is attributed to Saturn as he is the lord of the Arudha of Bhagya Sthana.

(v) Saturn obtaining the navamsa of Sun (Bhanvamsaka wrongly typed as Bhoumamsaka in Sanskrit) in a sign of Mars indicates that the native will lose his younger sister and Mother. He will be brought up by his maternal grandfather where he will get the Vaishnava Deeksha of Chakrankitam. After his marriage he will return to his paternal house and follow the religion of his paternal grandfather (Slokas 788-791).

(vi) Mars placed in the 4th house joined with Ketu (Puccha Graha is wrongly typed as Uccha Graha in Sanskrit) indicates that during the Janma Dasa (Mercury Mahadasa, the 4th lord) the native will grieve the death of his maternal relations (Sloka 795).

(vii) For the present native who is born in Pisces Ascendant, Saturn joining Mercury indicates that the native’s wife will be virtuous and wealthy (Sloka 804). This is because Mercury is the 7th lord and Saturn is the lord of the 9th house Arudha. However, there will be blemish in the wife’s family. Her brother will be sinful and will be seduced by a low-class woman. He will become penurious in course of time and will hate his own father (Sloka 805).

(viii) Venus placed in Pisces obtaining her debilitation Navamsa and Rahu placed in the 10th house indicates that a sister of the native’s wife will be ugly, unfortunate and sinful (Sloka 806).

(ix) 8th lord placed in exaltation sign and obtaining debilitation Navamsa, and receiving the aspect of Jupiter indicates that the native will have medium life span (Slokas 839-840).

(x) Significance of this case is that the events in the native’s life have been described by using Rasi Dasa (Chara Dasa). The Dasas start from Pisces and move in regular order. Though describing the entire text is not possible, I would explain a few points. (a) During the Ascendant Pisces Dasa, as Moon is placed in the Lagna Arudha, the native’s mother will face difficult circumstances and he will not have any happiness from his father (Sloka 808). 8th lord Venus placed in the Ascendant Pisces while Jupiter placed in a trine there from indicates that though the native will almost die in the Ascendant Dasa he will survive (Sloka 810). His father will face penury and difficulties while his paternal uncle will get married in this Dasa (Sloka 811). This is because the Ascendant is occupied by 8th lord Venus, the 12th lord from the 9th house. The Arudha of Ascendant is falling in Cancer, the 7th house from the 11th, house that rules paternal uncle. Hence, the native’s paternal uncle will get married in this Dasa. (b) During the Dasa of 2nd sign Aries, the 2nd lord placed in a Kendra joined with or aspected by Rahu will cause poverty (Sloka 812). 2nd lord joining with Ketu also indicates that the native’s Upanayana (thread ceremony) will be performed in this period (Sloka 813). There will be agitation in the kingdom where the native lives because of the change of the ruler (Sloka 815). This is because 2nd lord is placed with Ketu in the 4th house, the 8th from 9th house that indicates the king. (c) During the Dasa of the 4th sign Gemini whose lord Mercury is placed in the 2nd house, the native will get married (Sloka 818). Note that Mercury is also the 7th lord. However, the 4th sign occupied by Mars and Ketu indicates that the native’s domestic peace will be destroyed. The ruler of the kingdom where the native resides will perish (Sloka 819). (d) The native’s mother-in-law will pass away after the native’s marriage during the Dasa of 5th house Cancer. This is because, 5th house is the 8th from 10th house that rules over mother-in-law (Sloka 820). 5th lord placed in the 5th house, the Rajyasthana, aspected by the 10th lord Jupiter results in the native entering the service of a king during the end of the Dasa. The native will beget sons during this Dasa (Sloka 821-822). (e) Sun placed in Aries while Rahu placed in the 10th house (the Arudha of sign Leo) indicates that during the Dasa of Leo, the 6th house, the native will face the anger of ruler and suffer insults (Sloka 825-826). (f) During the dasa of 7th house Virgo, the native will enjoy fortunate times. This is because Jupiter is placed in the Arudha of the 7th house obtaining his own Navamsa (Sloka 836).
Chart 7 comes on discussion from Sloka 1821 to 1874 of volume 1. Birth star of the native is Pushyami 3rd Quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Saturn. The following are some of the points discussed in the text about the horoscope.
(i) This native is born in Taurus Ascendant with the Lagna Arudha falling in Virgo (Sloka 1824). Saturn joining with Mars in the 5th house, the Arudha Lagna, indicates that the native will be secretly deceitful, passionate, will get angry instantly but have a pleasant disposition (Sloka 1837-1838). Because of this combination of Saturn and Mars in the 5th house, the native will suffer poverty in his childhood and will have comforts only after 5th year (Sloka 1839).

(ii) Mercury obtaining Libra Navamsa and joined with Venus indicates that the native will be devoted to Vishnu (Sloka 1836). Sun placed in the 2nd house and obtaining Pisces Navamsa indicates that the native will get the Chakrankita Deeksha of Vaishnavites during his childhood (Sloka 1840).

(iii) Sun being the 4th lord when placed in the 2nd house (Dhana Rasi wrongly typed as Dhanu Rasi in Sanskrit) and obtaining the Navamsa of Pisces while the karaka Moon associated with Venus will indicate long life to the native’s mother (Sloka 1841). During his 2nd cycle when transit Saturn moves in Virgo, the native’s mother will die (Sloka 1842). This will happen about 29-31 years of the native. This is because, transit Saturn aspects the 11th house from Ascendant which will be the 8th from the 4th house.

(iv) During the Sampat Tara Dasa (Mercury Mahadasa), transit of Jupiter in a sign trine to the Navamsa sign occupied by 5th lord Mercury (Libra), the native will get married (Sloka 1846). Otherwise, transit Jupiter moving in Scorpio in his 2nd cycle will see the native married (Sloka 1847).

(v) 7th lord Mars placed in a fixed Navamsa and joined with Saturn indicates only one wife (Sloka 1848). The Janma Rasi of one’s spouse will be in a trine to the Navamsa sign occupied by the 7th lord. The sign aspected by the 7th lord will be the Ascendant (birth sign?) of the spouse (Sloka 1849).

(vi) When Venus occupies the Arudha of the 7th house, the native will be fortunate after marriage. This is so especially because 9th lord Saturn joining Venus gives fortune through spouse (Sloka 1851).

(vii) Mercury being the 5th lord obtaining Libra Navamsa (Jookamse wrongly typed as Jookante in Sanskrit) and joined with Venus indicates abortions to the native’s wife (Sloka 1855). This is because Libra is the 6th sign from the Ascendant while Venus is the 6th lord.

(viii) During the first cycle of Saturn, when transit Saturn enters Cancer after leaving Gemini, the native will lose his father (Sloka 1865). This is because Cancer is a trine to Pisces, the sign occupied by the 4th lord, the 8th lord from the 9th house.
Chart 8 comes under discussion on Sloka 4977 to Sloka 5056 of volume 2. Birth star of the native is Moola 1st quarter and the birth Dasa will be of Ketu.
(i) Saturn placed in Scorpio indicate that the native will be corpulent and intelligent.  He will be somewhat stubborn and foolish, passionate, hot-tempered but cools down instantly (Sloka 4984). These results are attributed to Saturn because he is the lord of the Lagna Arudha and occupies Scorpio, a watery sign owned by Mars, receiving the aspect of Jupiter.

(ii) This native born with Amala Yoga (natural benefic Venus placed in the 10th from Ascendant/Moon) will be fond of holy people, will be truthful and will look after his kith and kin (Sloka 5010).

(iii) 5th lord Mars is placed in the 11th house joined with the 9th lord. This bestows fortune, comforts and wealth on the native (Sloka 5027).

(iv) During the Dasa of Venus who is placed in the debilitation sign and exaltation Navamsa, the native will have a highly comfortable period (Sloka 5002).

(v) 8th lord Moon placed in the Ascendant in Sagittarius and obtaining the navamsa of Aries indicates that the Mars Dasa would cause difficulties and especially during the latter half there will be grave danger (Sloka 4991). This suggests that the Dasa of a planet who hosts the 8th lord in Navamsa will be troublesome. Venus occupying the Arudha of the 2nd house bestows the native will lot of wealth and clothes in Mars Dasa (Sloka 5012). However, the native will lose his own wealth for the purpose of serving his king (Sloka 5013). This result is attributed to Mars as he is the lord of the sign and Navamsa occupied by the 2nd lord Saturn, which happens to be the 12th house Scorpio.

(vi) Rahu placed in Leo (9th house) and obtaining Sagittarius Navamsa (Ascendant sign of Rasi) indicates that the native will have very comfortable period and good Yoga starting from the Jupiter Bhukti of Rahu Dasa (Sloka 4994). The junction period between Pratyak Tara Dasa (Mars Dasa) and the own Bhukti of Sadhana Dasa (Rahu Bhukti in Rahu Dasa) will prove to be difficult and the native will be involved in confrontation with the rulers (Sloka 4996). Starting from the transit of Saturn in Virgo during his second cycle the native will have fortunate period (Sloka 4999).

(vii) When the 2nd lord Saturn is placed in Scorpio Navamsa (12th sign from Rasi Ascendant), transit of Saturn in Cancer will give severe difficulties. Similar results will be experienced when Saturn transits in other trines (Sloka 5025).

(viii) During the Bhukti of Saturn who occupies Davagni Shastyamsa, in the Dasa of Rahu, the native will lose his relatives to death. He will suffer with windy complaints and experience sorrow because of the death of a child in his house (Sloka 5030).
(ix) During the last Bhukti of Mars in Rahu Dasa, the native will have comforts because of the position of his son. Because of the blemish of Dasa sandhi, the king will die and there will be change of ruler (Sloka 5040).

(x) As the native has Saturn in the 12th house he will face sorrow in his old age because of the death of his son. This happens during the Dasa Sandhi period (junction between Rahu and Jupiter Dasa) (Sloka 5051-5052). Saturn occupies the 12th house which is the 8th house to the 5th house that rules over progeny.

(xi) Venus getting lordship over the Arudha of the 8th house (Randhresa Arudhape wrongly typed as Randhresa Arudhage in sanskrit) and placed in the 10th house bestows long life even when hundreds of Apamrutyu Yogas are present in the horoscope (Sloka 5049).

(xii) The native’s death will take place during the Naidhana Tara Dasa (Jupiter’s Dasa) when Saturn transits in Pisces (Sloka 5042-5043). Transit Saturn moving over the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of 8th house Arudha (Venus is the lord of 8th house Arudha who occupies Pisces Navamsa) the native will die (Sloka 5050-5051).

(xiii) Placement of Saturn in the 12th house in Scorpio indicates that the native will die in a pilgrimage centre on the banks of a river, on a Monday (8th lord being Moon) (Sloka 5055-5056).
Chart 9 comes on discussion from Sloka 5332 to 5599 of volume 2. Birth star of the native is Sravana 3rd quarter and the birth Dasa will be of the Moon. The following are some of the points discussed in the text about the horoscope.
(i) Ascendant lord placed in the 11th house, obtaining own Navamsa and aspected by Jupiter indicates native’s birth in a royal family (Sloka 5333). Ascendant lord placed in the 11th house and 9th lord placed in the 10th house makes a person to be born in a fortunate family (Sloka 5352).

(ii) The text interestingly describes about the prenatal epoch of the native. Conception would have happened in the Ashwayuja Masa, Krishna Paksha, Chaturthi Tithi, on a Monday, in Rohini star and in Capricorn Ascendant. It is to be known that the birth Ascendant would fall in the 10th sign of the Adhana Lagna (Slokas 5334-5335).

(iii) 11th and 9th lords joined together and receiving the aspect of the 10th lord forms IndraYoga, because of which the native will be a ruler (Sloka 5353).

(iv) The native will have small-pox marks on his face as Ascendant lord Venus is joined with Rahu while Mars occupies the Ascendant. (Sloka 5357). Mars in the Ascendant, Saturn in the 8th house and Ketu in the 5th cause severe ill-health to the native in the very first year of birth and pose grave danger to the native in his 2nd year (Sloka 5358). Ayushkaraka Saturn placed in the 8th house bestows long span of life (Sloka 5360). 4th lord placed in the 8th house while Mars occupies the Ascendant will cause fear from dogs after the native completes his 8th year (Sloka 5361).

(v) Matrukaraka Moon in the 4th house while the 4th lord Saturn is placed in the 8th causes early death of the native’s mother and he will be brought-up by a foster mother (Sloka 5362-5363). This will happen in the Janma Tara Dasa, birth year and birth month (Sloka 5426-5427). Moon placed in the 4th house obtaining the Navamsa of Gemini, receiving the aspect of Sun while the 10th from Moon is occupied by Mars gives a step-mother to the native. His father will marry for the second time after the death of the native’s mother and the native will be happy through his step-mother (Slokas 5372-5373).

(vi) 9th lord Mercury joined with Pitrukaraka Sun and receiving the aspect of 10th lord Moon will cause RajaYoga to the native’s father (Sloka 5365). The aspect of Saturn on them will cause the father to have enmity with many people (Sloka 5368). Moon is placed in the 8th to the 9th house (4th house) while 4th lord is placed in the 12th to 9th house. During the currency of Janma Tara Dasa (Moon Dasa) and Bhukti of 8th lord Venus, native’s father will die when transit Saturn moves in Gemini (Slokas 5370-5371, 5429). The native will enjoy raja Yoga after the death of his father and he will attain powerful position (Sloka 5372). As 5th house is the Rajyasthana, transit of Saturn in Gemini, a trine to the 5th house, will cause great agitation and strife in the native’s kingdom (Sloka 5431).

(vii) 7th lord Mars placed in a trine or quadrant from the 7th house while Jupiter placed in the 9th from 7th house indicates a virtuous wife. 7th lord placed in the Ascendant, Ascendant lord placed in the 11th house while the 7th house is joined or aspected by Jupiter will bestow many wives to the native (Sloka 5387-5388). 7th lord placed in the Ascendant in a Kendra to Moon and obtaining the Navamsa of a malefic planet, while the 2nd house is aspected by Saturn (Samdrushte is wrongly typed as Samyukte in Sanskrit) makes the native marry women from various castes and communities (Sloka 5392). 2nd lord placed in the Ascendant, 2nd house is aspected by Saturn and karaka Venus joining Rahu indicates Arishtha to the native’s wife (Sloka 5393). Jupiter placed in the 9th to the 7th house while Mars occupies the 10th from Moon will result in a childhood marriage (Sloka 5394). Marriage of the native will happen during the junction between Sampat Dasa (Mars Dasa) and Vipat Dasa (Rahu Dasa), in the own Bhukti of Vipat Dasa (Rahu Bhukti of Rahu Dasa) after which the native will experience raja Yoga and becomes the ruler of a kingdom. This will happen after his 16th year (Slokas 5395-5396).

(viii) When natural benefic planets own the Navamsas occupied by the 6th, 8th and 12th lords, the native’s enemies will run away seeing the native (Sloka 5419). 6th lord Jupiter is placed in Gemini, 8th lord Venus is placed in Taurus while 12th lord Mercury is placed in Pisces. Jupiter being the 6th lord placed in his own sign with strength and obtaining a benefic Navamsa will give a strong body devoid of any illness (Sloka 5420).

(ix) This case is a perfect example where the text describes numerous Raja Yogas in the horoscope. Yogas like Indra Yoga, Avatara Yoga, Hariharabrahma Yoga, Mahalakshmi Yoga, Kubera Yoga, Kahala Yoga, Shankha Yoga, Bheri Yoga, Matsya Yoga, Kalanidhi Yoga, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga, Chamara Yoga, Koorma Yoga and Rudrasana Yoga are explained with the planetary position in the horoscope, along with their effects. Interestingly, for some Yogas nullifying factors are also described. I would explain this with the example of Koorma Yoga. Koorma Yoga is formed when strong Jupiter is placed in the 3rd or 11th occupying his own sign while the Ascendant lord is placed in the 11th house (Sloka 5518). The Ascendant lord of a movable Ascendant placed in a fixed sign and fixed Navamsa while Venus is joined or aspected by Jupiter forms the Koorma Yoga (Sloka 5519). However, a malefic planet placed in the 6th or 8th from Jupiter while Venus joined with Rahu in the 8th house from Moon will cause cancellation of Koorma Yoga (Sloka 5522).

(x) The text describes in every detail the different results of various Dasas and Bhuktis for this horoscope combining transit of planets. Explaining those details will be out of scope here. Readers are requested to refer to the original Sanskrit text in the light of the horoscope given here.

(xi) When the Ascendant, 8th and 10th lords are placed in Kendras, Konas and 11th house, while Saturn is also strong, the native will have full span of life. 8th lord placed in the 11th house obtaining benefic or own Navamsas while Saturn occupying the 8th house will bestow 60 years of longevity. When the 8th lord joins Rahu while Mars and Saturn occupy the Ascendant and 8th house respectively, the native will have medium span of life which may end during his 54th year (Slokas 5421-5423). During the Chakra Dasa of 8th sign of Kala Chakra Dasa that coincides with the Saturn Dasa of Vimshottari, the native’s death will take place in the Bhukti of Ascendant and 8th lord Venus during his 53rd year. Transit of Sun in the three signs starting from Leo in Dakshinayana, in the bright-half of the lunar month, on a Saturday, during day-time, the native will shed his mortal coil (Sloka 5597-5598).

What is presented here is only a glimpse of the astrological wisdom hidden in Devakeralam – only the tip of an Iceberg. A careful study of the work gives us great insights into the ways the predictive tools of Jyotisha were used by the savants of the bygone era. Many unsettled questions like – whether to consider planetary aspects and Ascendant position in Navamsa? Whether to consider the exceptional rules in counting the Arudha Pada? How to predict using transits, Vimshottari, Kala Chakra and Chara Dasas? How to use other Vargas, like Shastyamsas etc.? – becomes clear. Or, at the least we will come to know the way they were used.

The Sanskrit text of Devakeralam has its own problems in its current form. Portions of some horoscopes are incomplete or mixed up, while same horoscopes have been explained at multiple places. Devakeralam requires thorough study, re-editing, re-interpretation and re-translation. The initial step would be to group the text according to different horoscopes described. Then the conventional and Nadiamsa analysis applied in the interpretation of the horoscopes are to be documented and separated into different categories based on the techniques employed. The next step includes the extraction of general rules from this study. Finally, these rules have to be applied on real-life horoscopes to check their veracity. My experience so far suggests that there is a hidden treasure trove of Jyotisha in Devakeralam, which when properly unearthed will contribute to the progress of this ancient science.

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