Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

Career Analysis: Natal and Dashamsa chart (D10)

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This was a case study of one of the client I did in a few years back, I am just sharing here for the technical understanding of chart how we can use Different Charts while doing case studies. I thank Mr XXX sir for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Based on the above Natal chart details, native is born under the Scorpio Lagana making her very much logical, courageous, deep-rooted and having a desire for engineering and mathematical jobs. 

Lagana lord Mars is retro being placed in 7th house (House of partnership and work based on Independent Management or entrepreneurship) of administration in a sign of Venus (Taurus – Sign of Wealth and money matters, finance) aspected by North Rahu (Communication) from the 3rd house in D1 chart. Generally, From the Lagna, we see how and where native used to apply his intelligence in which area or his natural inclination can be well studied from the Placement of the Lagna in D1, D9, and D10 chart.

In Current case, it is clearly indicating choice of Working would be in IT, Software, Computer sector, dealing with foreign clients having some marketing, management, and planning involved in technical products.In Her case, Day to day task would involve lots of Communication with foreign clients where she has to manage and to do administration tasks to finish those goals and role of working environment would be of the independent sort of. 
This is clearly indicating a job of an Independent Technical manager as Mars is Retrograde in motion and placed in 7th house (7th house always shows work of an administration)  aspecting both Lagna, 10th house and Saturn which is placed in 2nd house having lordship of 3rd house and at the same time it is getting 5th aspect from the Rahu placed in 3rd house, this clearly shows some sort of technical bent of mind where she need to travel or manage (Link of 6th Lord Mars with the 3rd house – travelling, Marketing, and sales of technical equipment or products is vital here)  on account of same. it’s her deep desire to working in these types of environments where she need to manage others independently, desiring for leading work profile, and to get comfortable position seeking high paid jobs profile & to do bossy types of jobs having nature of technicality and management in nature both at the same time

Mars is lord of 10th from the Moon and it is placed in 4th from it and aspecting the 10th sign from the Moon, further justifies that the native has a deep interest in administration, technical pursuits and having a strong desire for independent sort of work. 
If we check Same Mars in Navamsa chart it is weakly placed in D9 chart in Cancer sign in 10th house indicating jobs where one has to deal with software-based products or in industry of same or those IT based Management Industries as it is getting aspect from both Venus (Lord of 7th and 12th lord, Karka of Private and cooperate sector Marketing based job Profiles) and Sun (Lord of 10th, Karka of Administrative based tasks) from 4th house. 
Here Both Sun and Venus providing strength to Mars. Dispositer lord Moon is again strongly placed in sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter in the 3rd house. Again confirming work industry where one has to consult others or advise others.
The aspect of Sun and Venus providing extra strength for mars in D9 and this is the only reason why native is mostly involved in the Private sector work profiles rather than desires for having Public sector jobs and mostly she will have to do managerial and administrative jobs in earlier job profiles.

In D1 chart Mars is placed in 3rd from the AL and Both Saturn and Rahu are placed in 10th and 11th from the Al respectively and influencing Mars from Rahu 5th aspect – This clearly indicates that she will have to work hard like a bull and she will need to put lots of continues efforts in increasing her Image in society in career and working environment where she will go.

Though malefic placed in upchaya houses from Al always considered as good for monetary gains but same time it also indicates one need to do lots of hard work in attaining those monetary gains as well increasing working image in social society and in career too.

As Saturn is placed in 10th from AL and getting aspect from Mars too – This makes her image as very rough and tough type, very hard working, rigid in work envrionment, Hard and very determined, proactive, Bold and industrious type, sometimes it makes her very bossy and arrogant too in his work environment, which can impact her image in society further.

General Rule is, Malefic planets placed in 10th from AL makes one struggle a lot in establishing goodwill in society and one has to put lots of extra efforts. Malefic usually gives harsh path those are not easy to follow or move in whereas beneficial planets in 10th from the Al makes very shiny and good nature with easy going path, which follows the good name and fame in society.

In her society, native will be known for her very industrious nature in the working environment and this also indicates that she will always involve in industries profiles where she has to deal with managed services or sort of service industries job types or those are very technical in nature where one need to follow routines based jobs daily. This makes one very rigid and sometimes harsh too. 

It makes involves her in a regular job patterns, doing the same thing, again and again, to monitor or finish those tasks, where one need to deals with clients other than own countries or places i.e foreign clients or clients belong from different culture or creeds etc.

Here, 10th lord (Sun) is placed in 12th house (Working with other countries) with 11th lord (Mercury) and 7th lord Venus this clearly indicates she will get good prosperity in her career and working profile other than his own birthplace, mostly in states or countries those are falling in western direction from India or from own birthplace.

She will get lots of success in foreign places and chances are also that she will be moving with her partner after marriage regarding her work and profession and she might need to travel a long journey for accomplishing this. After her Married life, she will travel a lot for work purpose.

If we check D10 chart same, this is is also clearly seen too, Saturn is placed in the 10th house in Sign of Leo and 10th lord Sun is placed in 3rd house with 12th and 7th lord Venus too – Making her very much industrious, adventurer, traveler, courageous and hardworking type and she needs to travel a lot for work purpose for marketing or sales related work. 

Clearly indicating a job of either marketing, management or planning where one needs to communicate and travel a lot for same. Both Venus and Sun are placed in 3rd house, 6th from AL makes her working in a corporate job profile or dealing with public life.

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This also confirms from Ashtakavarga charts of D1 too where 4th and 10th house having maximum points. 4th & 10th house having 33 and 39 points respectively this makes native will have to deal publically a lot for work purpose and have to consult people with lots of involvement and  also requires traveling a lot.

If we check in D10 chart Ketu is placed in Upchaya Sthan having aspect of Both Saturn and Jupiter,  falling in10th house from the AL in a sign of Taurus which usually gives working in a big corporate industries. Dasha of Ketu will be beneficial for her being lord of D10 lagna. 
As Jupiter is placed in 2nd from the AL and falling in 11th from D10 chart, Jupiter Dasha  will act as sustainer, will be providing necessary food and resources in society. Jupiter will simply sustain her mundane needs and good image in her work environment. In Jupiter Dasha she will keep  on getting good Job profiles and good hikes.
If we see deeply, Jupiter Dasha started in the year 2006 and exactly it is the dasha period of fruits of the Past birth karma. In all the Charts from D1, D9, D10, and D60 Jupiter having Much Strength because of that she will get good life until this dasha period is active.
In D1 it is placed in 9th house (Usually gives highly administrative jobs or jobs of consultants). In D9 it is exalted placed in own sign with Moon-forming Gaja Kesri Yoga. In D10 it is placed in 11th house in Upchaya Sthan and also 2nd from AL too. 
In D60 again it is exalted placed in the sign of cancer with Moon and Venus. From all D charts it is clearly seen She will get the huge name, fame and success in Jupiter MD period from the year 2006 to The year 2022 all because of her past birth good Sanchit karmas. 
Though she might get some bad results in some of the AD dasha periods in Jupiter MD too. PD period in Saturn, Rahu, and Venus AD period won’t be much productive in Jupiter MD period for her.
Though she needs to take much care in Saturn MD period starting from the year 2022 to the year 2038, reason being firstly Saturn is Atma karaka placed in 2nd house in D1 chart getting aspect from Mars (6th lord), Rahu is placed in 2nd house from the Saturn too and most important it is placed in 10th from AL – She might can take some wrong decision wrt to  her career or she might get suffering on account of his past birth Prarabha karma (Linking of 6th and 4th lord) in Saturn MD period. 
Secondly, Saturn is placed in the 2nd house in the D9 chart (Acting as Karakamsa – Soul filter ) getting aspect from Rahu placed in 5th from Own, debilitated Mars is placed in 9th from the Karakamsa, only good part is Dispositor lord of 9th lord from Karakamsa  moon is placed in 2nd from the Karakamsa with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius – that clearly shows she will never face any sort of financial crunch even after marriage –  Possibility would be that She might do some mistakes which is not considered as good w.r.t Soul uplifting. 
Most important Part is,  in D10 chart it is placed in 10th house from the AL, that itself clearly indicating struggle wrt to the establishment in the career in society.More she work hard, more she can achieve that would be the best mantra for her in Saturn Dasha period. Finally, in d60 it is debilitated getting aspect from retrograde Mars too – She might need to learn some lessons and need to correct it same in Saturn MD period on account of past Praradbha karmas. 
From all these things, it is quite clear that She might face some struggle in Saturn MD period as a reason for Soul upliftment but still these results are only be expected not in whole MD period but restricted to only some of AD periods going to start in Saturn MD period. Though transits of Major slow moving planets have much to say on Saturn MD results. 

If we see her Chara Dasha, Based on the Current Chara Dasha period she is having good dasha period of Virgo and Dasha lord Mercury is placed in  the 2nd from Dasha Lord with Sun and Venus till 2021. Dasha period of Leo starting in the year 2021 will say much on her Career life as Dasha lord Sun is Debilitated and weakly placed in 12th house in d1 and 3rd from Dasha Sign Leo. That period will be much struggling one and she might need efforts in that. 
In Strength wise Jupiter has maximum Shadbala Strength around (518.25) with 8.64 Rupas, With maximum ishta Phala of 41.46. 
From all this, it is clearly seen that Jupiter MD will be very fruitful for overall growth and grooming of career and material life. 
In Dasha Varga Scheme (Strength in Main 10 D charts) she has good strength for Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury too.

Married Life and Timing of Marriage Events

Based on her chart Her 7th lord Venus is placed in the 12th house with 11th lord Mercury and 10th lord Sun, it is clearly an indication of Marriage by her own choice and she will leave her homeland for some work purpose, or she will be working to another land and she might meet her spouse there. 
Chances are very high that She will move outside with her life partner after getting married probably be in abroad or in those places fall in the western direction from her Birthplace. As Libra is an Airy sign she will need to travel a long-distance journey to meet her choice of husband or partner. Another important point is 7th from Venus is a sign of Aries and lord Mars is placed in 7th house (House of the partnership) of Taurus (clearly indicating the sign of love cum arrange marriage).
The only Problem is she will meet her choice of ideal partner late in life as 7th lord from Venus is retrograde in motion which usually brings trouble or delays in bringing right partner in time, would never give as much early marriage life.

Although she is having a high desire to meet her spouse, possiblly being the 7th lord from Venus, mars is placed in 7th house and she is having strong desire to appear her partner sooner in life. 
Simply she might be waiting eagerly for her ideal life partner. But due to its retrograde motion, she is getting delays in meeting him. 
This is the only reason why Matches are not coming according to her wish. 

Chances are high that She will meet her choice of spouse In Middle of her age in between 27th -28th after August Year 2016 up to the period of 2017-2018, when Jupiter will travel around libra and Scorpio.

Her UL is in 9th house with Jupiter and Ketu, indicating guy he will meet will be having spiritual nature as well religious bent of mind. Probably he will meet this guy either in her working environment or her father will help in bringing in front of her. 

Overall Father will be the root person to bringing that person in Daughter life for the final knot.
The important point here is Al and A7 is placed in 5th house, lord of Al and A7 is placed in UL in 9th house, this clearly indicates it would be a love cum arrange marriage. 

She could get Married after AD of Sun (after 30th August 2016) in Jupiter MD reason being Sun is with 7th and 12th lord Venus in 12th house in D1 chart and in D9 chart, 7th lord of D9 Mars is getting aspect from Both Venus (7th & 12th Lord) and the AD Lord Sun too.
This clearly indicates that Sun, Venus, and Mars have potential to give marriages in their AD periods. Moon AD period also have stronger chances to get Marry reason being dispositer Lord 7th lord of D9 is Moon placed in Sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter too. Moon is UL lord in D1 as well as Dispositer lord of Mars too in D9.
In General, her married Period could start after 30th of August 2016 to between 18th October 2018 where Sun AD (From 30th of August 2016 to 16th July 2017) could  be a peak period for marriage and Mars and Moon will be stronger Dasha period for getting marriage. 

So overall from age of 26th to 28 she will get married. 
Transit of Jupiter in The year 2016,2017 and 2018 in Virgo-Libra-Scorpio sign will bring her married life.Where Libra and Scorpio has much potential for getting married

UL lord is placed in the 4th house in Sign of Saturn indicating the family of spouse would be known to native family and will be a well-settled family.

Native needs to take special care of Relationship with her Mother in law as Moon is falling in 8th from the UL in D1 chart that usually gives clue mother in law might not be favor of native or she might not have smooth relationship with the mother in law.

AL/A7 and UL are falling in 5/9 Relationship to each other clearly indicating that In-laws family will be financially well settled as well as also having a Spiritually tendency too in nature.

A7 lord Jupiter and UL lord Moon both are closely conjugated in D9 chart in Sign of Sagittarius indicating it would bring Spiritual as well as Material growth for both the families as well couples too. 
|Om Tat Sat |
|| Om Namo BhagwateVasudevaya ||

How Planets influences and effects human affairs

How Planets influences and affects human affairs

Magnetic field and Influence: 

Scientifically Saturn has a magnetic field (Power of Attraction and controlling any Jeeva for enforcing duties and responsibilities) about 578 times more powerful than the Earth’s, that shows the power, and force of attraction (Gravity) which is impossible to count, further shows the impact and controlling nature it possesses toward Rest of planetary structure from Mercury to Jupiter. This shows any Moving and rotating body circulation motion has a deep role in impacting any nearby celestial body within its range.


The thing is how huge celestial bodies floating in solar system effects so badly that we cannot think more than from it. Well, the answer lies in understanding the solar magnetic forces or currents they produce and how they influence, which keep on affecting any particle in contact with these huge celestial bodies.


Understanding Scientific Hypothesis of solar magnetic currents

According to the “Swami Abhedananda” as explained in Heliocentric science, Effects of the planets upon on earth are the results of the certain vibrations, frequencies and circulatory motions of their bodies.These vibrations usually travel’s in an outer space from all the direction and strike the sun like a telegraphic signals those keep coming to the receiver end (Here sun is acting as the source of accepting and reflecting back those waves and signals) and in the same way sun strike back or reflect those telegraphic waves in all the direction to the sender ends

Here both the Sun and rest of the planets are acting like a communication channel, whereas rest of the planets act like Transponder and the sun is acting like as the receiver who keep on responding those signals from outer space.These vibrations always coming from the other planetary ends in a regular manner in the medium of “Ether” and keep beating on the atmosphere of the sun.when they Strike to the surface of the sun they cannot penetrate through the sun, in return they reflected back and goes in every direction and strike to all other planets including earth too.



These waves or vibrations are like magnetic current travelling everywhere in the solar surface and it has influence of each and every planet and they keep on sending this current to the sun, and sun keep on sending back these influences to other planets in all the directions and these currents keep on travelling from one planet to the other planet affecting weather surface, Mental and physical conditions of the human beings living on those planets. Larger the planet is located much powerful would be the magnetic current it has to send back to the sun and after coming back from the sun it gets magnetised by the solar atmosphere with much-telling influences on the human mind, weather, atmosphere and physical conditions of the human being.


These solar magnetic currents or waves of energy produce force and vitality and they are reflected upon the earth from every direction.Every planetary current has a much-telling influence on the human mind and body.Then Sun send it back to the medium of ether in the same way to the earth via its radiation, It has everything including light, Sound, different wavelength of colour, heat, Pran Shakti, Vitality, power, force and other telling influences those are gathered from the rest of the planets in certain wavelengths and they get mixed up with heat and light of the sun.

Our ancient seers and astronomers studied these patterns very well and then they understood that why human beings are more or less affected by the influence of each planet motion.


Because of the quick motion of the Mercury around the sun, it produces a much-telling influence on the human mind and brain functionality as it waves get much magnetised by the sun and in result vibration of the mercury produces quickness, Activity, changeableness, Hilarity, wittiness and brilliant intelligence.It has also been observed that these vibrations also produces different forms too, its vibrations are very quick and shorter in nature, that’s why its goes quick and back in much shorter period.

The result will be it has a much shorter influence on the human mind and body during its transitory and retrogression motion.Same way Venus has bit slower vibrations and it’s in a pleasant form.

It produces a soothing and harmonious influence on the human mind as well as on the weather too, and whenever Venus vibrations strike to anyone it produces harmonic vibrations around heart chakra those helps in a healthy relationship with any other being.Jupiter Has much longer, powerful but slower vibrations due to its slow motion and much broader surface and it produces vast and huge waves around earth helps in harmonic growth around human mind and body and when it strikes to the sun it gets harmonized by the sun and same it is reflected back to the surface of earth it has much-telling influence on the mind and it affects more on the Spiritual ground affecting human mind in a most positive way because it has much smoother and harmonic relation with the medium of the waves (The Ether – Akash Tattva).


As it is very huge in size and largest among all it has tremendous power of influence on the human mind, body and the surface of the earth weather condition. It has the quality of absorbing everything and when it strikes to human mind it gives healthy and powerful vitality force to the human body and absorbs every negativity around it.Now coming to the Saturn, it has very long, heaviest and much slower vibrations than any of the planets in the solar system and its waves and vibrations are very powerful and strong and it produces disintegrating influence on the human mind and body.Each of these different vibrations coming from different planets having different wavelength produces different effects in human system and characteristics of the human too.

Saturn being much slower in motion for longer period, its magnetic current has much influence on the inner side of the body and has more influence on the bone and flesh of the human being and its vibrations produce more a restriction on a person or its activity and have more of all kind of disintegrating effects on human body with diseases connected with it.

Source and Reference,

 Heliocentric science by 

Swami Abhedananda