Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

Case Study Subject

Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

career astrology Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart


Chart Details (Tithi and Nakashtra Explanation)

1 1 Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

Note: This was an advance case study of one of the clients I did in a few years back, I am just sharing here for the technical understanding of chart how we can properly use of Divisional Charts while doing case studies. I thank Mr. XXX sir for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Thorough Holistic analysis
General Nakashtra analysis

3 1 Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

Based on Above Birth details Native is born under slight time difference of 3 min earlier 04 Seconds in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra in 3rd Pada. On User request, we have omitted the time of birth for privacy matters.Being Birth in Poorva-Phalguna Nakashtra symbolically indicates the symbol of the front legs of a couch or Bed.

Here the Symbol indicates a place of comfort after fulfilling worldly duties as what it signifies in the previous nakshatra where one feel lots of hardships and efforts in accomplishing work. That’s the only reason why this nakshatra has a deep relation with life and soul Comfort and native usually born under this nakshatra seek a place for rest, relaxation, and Amusement after fulfilling worldly duties to think more about others part of life if we think from the spiritual point of view.

Thus this nakshatra deals with the renewal of energy we experience in our relaxing times, because of only this reason why people born under this Lagana nakshatra are very much creative in nature and the lord of the Nakashtra Itself rules the creative energy too, for Something to create or something to regenerate it into new form and this impact native will always definitely feel in  his whole life journey being born in rulership of Creative Nakashtra Lordship.

This clearly suggesting native should always involve himself in those applications or having creative intelligence in it or always seek knowledge of creativity with the idea of something designing in nature.What Nakashtra influence us in Lagana we must adhere it according to its characteristics.

My Suggestion was native must always involve himself in works those are ruled by the Venus or having a Venusian taste (Like beautification, Designing work, Musical instruments etc. all these are ruled by Venus with the need of government people or those are in authority to make it reachable globally).

As Venus is present in Lagana itself (making native creative and involving in Self Doing works) with Mercury (giving Analyzing Qualities) and Saturn (Work done by itself like a self-service,- Service industry works) – being lord of 3rd (Lord of creative Business Ventures or those need initiatives) and fall in 11th (Gain) from own Sign – Simply every work influenced by Venusian taste will always act as beneficial to him in every business venture or efforts.

Venus Mahadasha and AD period under Mercury or Jupiter would be much Beneficial in business growth.

As native is born under the Lagana degree of 20’ Le 47, falls under the 3rd Pada (Kama Pada – Desires) of Libra in D9 chart ruled by the Lordship of Venus – “This shows that Planet of Creation -Venusian energy would be the main active energy behind native life journey’s and goals connected with it, as a life mission to make something, to create something or to build something in a beautiful manner.”

This Pada can bring out the Indulging energy as well as a Creative Venusian aspect in life in much deeper level.This makes native love to travel, to counsel others and appreciate every beautiful aspect of people around the environment.

Again suggesting me native should take a beneficial edge of Venus for enhancing professional personality for any work or business ventures. Even same can be verified from being birth in 5 degrees ahead of middle of the Lagana again shows a Birth of a mature soul who is born to Realise its action in its relaxing period of life after being in an isolated time or in place – Here Deep isolation is adding an edge in his creativity & Making a deep creative thinker or person who can take much time to see its impact connected with the results.

Moreover Lagnesh Nakashtra (Venus) lord also present in the Lagana with Mercury and Saturn-  “indicating a person born for a life journey to accomplish Creative pursuits those are involved with the Analytical energy of Mercury with sense of keen observation, those who can Manage its resources well in a long race – Simply  native would have much Managerial energy for accomplishing long term projects.”

If we same check in D9 chart, The Nakashtra lord as well as D9 Lagnesh Venus is in Sign of Sagittarius – ” Sign which gives deep Independence, Divine thinking, Deep religiously attitude to solve any problems & Philosophical view point in life for understanding complex problems– being aspected by its own Dispositer lord Jupiter (3rd LordSkills learned in journey of life), Saturn (5th Lord – Inherited traits) and Mercury (12th lord – Analytic and researcher) – This makes Native should have to be involve in those pursuits which carries Deep Creative thinking, calculative tasks, Mathematical and Analytic approach in solving complex problems and issues those require lots of patience and need to manage many complex resources’s at same time.

As this Yoga is formed in 3rd and 9th house Axis – Life goal should be involve in doing independent works which requires lots of own efforts, creativity, Deep wisdom and sense of Religious bent of mind for understanding complex problems and also Making him a Boss of his own work where one doesn’t need to depend on others, where one need to establish a channel of communication with clients to finish its beautification of works, Simply communication is essential part in native work area.

Another thing is, as it is having aspect of three planets it makes native having strong desire to see the complex problems deeply with the grace of Saturn and Mercury influence because of Laganesh Nakashtra (creative intelligence) and Its lord involvement in D1 and D9 usually have major role play in Understanding life goals and soul purpose of actions in society.

As native is born in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra in 3rd Pada ruled by Venus itself and being fall in its own Sign of Navamasa too – Venus is Simply ruling his intelligence to give a new perception or idea of thought in his life, for how he reacts to things in life, how he approaches his problems in life and Simply how he would like to apply his  intelligence to solve those issues and its placement in Lagana and D9 simply shows how he can achieve  fruits and do accomplishment in life connected with the life problems and goals in life.

It simply indicates what he need to do In order to get the work done which soul actually feels relaxed in doing it and how comfortable it will feel in achieving its fruits. It is those works which one can easily do in society and can be recognized with a little bit of efforts and contributions.


Observation based on Panch-Anga

Moving Further based on Panch Tattvas, Native is born in the Hora of Jupiter in Morning time and Hord lord is in  placed in the 11th house, 7th from own sign aspecting it again via 7th aspect (indicating Gain from House of friends, from your social circle) with the 12th lord Moon (12th from own sign, clearly indicates native need to travels a lot in order to create Social links in society) in 11th house (House of Social Circle) in Gemini Sign (Sign of communication and Hands based works which requires lots of Skills and assessments and for that one need to communicate with public authorities).

This clearly shows any work which involves public speaking, or public communication or Consultation or motivation sort of work will definitely gonna give  massive or huge gain from social or public sector. Both the combinations clearly indicating an involvement in profession where one need to work with public authorities and social masses- Simply native need to start working on those projects where there will be an involvement of public dealings,  having linked with social communities, or organization those do consultancy works or native need to establish an organization regarding same profile- in order to get huge gains from his Social networks.

He should need to organize Public Conferences, Public camps or any sort of platform where one can deliver his viewpoint openly and able to make a huge or massive social network. So any software or project which has a deep correlation with the public platform or social delivery which involves or requires deep encouragement or spiritual motivational speech work, sure gone give massive name and fame.

Reason being Jupiter is 5th house (shows Creativity and followers) and  8th lord too (House of Research and Deep problem solving abilities and Knowledge of Jyotish and occult) placed in the 11th house, clearly indicating one need to do those works which  need revelation of Deep and Divine wisdoms those are very creative in nature, requires many social links or social communication with  friends, where one need to do lots of research work, deep assessment to accomplish tasks which can give great, Name, Fame and Success in society.

Hora is basically an Hour based System shows what sort of work one should do which can give opportunities or source of resources for earning. Based on rising hora one can able to know the planet responsible for Prosperity and growth connected with the work and wealth – Majorly Birth in Particular Hora decides how lucky you are born for Earning Name, Fame, wealth & Financial Prosperities via resources linked with the hora lord.*Important Point:

Here native is born in Jupiter Hora, also lord of 5th house Shows source of earning, income and prosperity would be related to the matters of 5th house i.e inborn talents, skills, creativity linked with the hands (3rd) and communications via bussiness, 5th lord jupiter being placed in the 11th house in sign of gemini (Shows via communications, skills and hands) aspecting the 5th house too. Moreover, Dispositer lord of 5th lord jupiter is placed in lagna in sign of leo (again shows, sign linked with the creativity and designing) with the 3rd lord (Bussines, initiatives and skills) venus and 7th lord Saturn (Service giving bussines) – ” Cearly indicating source of earning and income would be via bussiness based on hands based skills which involves lots of communication skills “.  Overall suggests  – Work of Spirituality, Creativity, Designing, Management, skills, Software’s connected with Jyothish, Vedas, and ancient Scriptures with close associates or those friends who are in this field will helps a lot to native to grow much in professional sphere.

Later based on observation, I had Simply suggested native to involve himself on those projects where he needs to communicate with social communities via his software projects or make those software applications where he needs to connect with the people for reviews and work should have a close link with jupiterian traits. More he works in this area, more he can do well in his work and he should proceed in this life path to a get greater rise in his financial prosperities, as what Jupiter as Hora (Wealth) Lord Signifies.

Moreover native Yoga (Opportunity giver) Lord Is again Venus placed in the 1st house (Being lord of 3rd house (indicates Communication with close associates) and also lord of 10th house (indicates Work connected with Creativity and designing) – again gives me clue why native need to do those works which require deep creativity, as Yoga lord is well placed in the lagana ( 1st house is mainly linked with the Name and Fame in Society) with Mercury and Saturn.

My Suggestion was native should involve himself in Software designing of subjects those are mainly linked With Spirituality, Scriptures, Jyotish and Vedas.

As both the Yoga (Venus) as well as Hora (Jupiter) Lords are well placed having 3/11 relation to each other in Natal chart (shows Gains and Ventures via Jupiter and Venus). Dashas of Venus and Jupiter will bring greater rise and prosperity.

Most important factor is, native is born in “Vamsa –Kshaya Amsa” in D60 chart, which shows knowledge connected with the higher subjects i.e Vedas or Vedanga, Upanishads, and also shows involvement in above subject lines or having knowledge in professorship or native should do the work of Linguistics, connect with Vedic People, Astrologers, and Grammarians.

Even 10th Lord of the D1, Venus is also in the Amsa of “Ati Sheetla” in D60 chart further shows people who perform yaganias or those people connected with priests ship or any religious activities or people belong from those traditions (also those Signifies Karka of Jupiter).So, Jupiterian traits are very positive in the native chart for higher works in society.
If we see thoroughly in D1 chart, 9th Lord Mars is the key Player in native chart for getting Luck and Divine blessing from Almighty – who is supposed to be placed in the 2nd house in the nakshatra lord of Sun – also Placed in the 12th house- this Clearly indicating me that native need to travel a lot or he should need to change his area of living frequently  or he should do lots of travelling or he should do travel in other than his birthplace.This will definitely bring luck and rise in his career.
In this case, Luck will rise in Abroad or in foreign countries or when he will work with people those are not belong from his own communities or his own place – There will be a Travelling regarding his Work or profession which could become a reason to Change his Birthplace or Settling in abroad. 

D1 Analysis (Rasi Chart)
3 1 Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

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Based on D1 Chart native is born in Leo Lagana (Sign of creativity, working with senior authorities and Govt people or) In the Hora of Jupiter (Hora Lord is in 11th house too – clearly indicates Earning via 11th house matters), with 20th degree (In Between Middle degree – Makes native very much Mature, Sensible and deep thinker as well as having an Entrepreneur decision making ability but somehow being born into Leo Sign it also makes one Arrogant and proudly too).

Moreover, 10th Lord Venus (Ruling Career Profile) is in 1st house of Name, Fame and Creative sign, being placed in 4th from own sign (10th house in Fixed Sign of Leo) native might have faced initial Hardship & Struggle in the career during early childhood age up to Bachelor degree period.Native Might had faced problem in career selection during his studying period and further didn’t able to get the desired job in own birth country and because of this only reason native might had decided to leave his homeland in search of better work and career prospects in abroad.

Placement of 10th lord in first house also indicates native might do most of his work by own, independently or by sitting home or in an environment having homely work feel or culture where one need to arrange work or office setup at home or where one need to do those work which requires much learning or where one seeks peace, comforts in work profile, Simply a peaceful work profile.

As 10th lord (Venus) is in 1st house native can only succeed by self or own efforts or can say success without any body help or success by  own ventures, or via an entrepreneurship – indicating Success in business ventures as 10th lord is placed in 1st house,  conjoined with 7th lord (Saturn-Karka of Self serviced based Business – where on need to do own work without any employer or any colleagues, where one is own Boss and own Employee) and 2nd lord (Mercury – Karka of IT, Computer, Analysis, Telecommunication and Business management).

So, any business ventures where one need to lead any Project by own efforts will definitely suit native work profile and taste of work.

As Venus (10th lord is in Uttraphalguni Nakashtra in 1st Pada ( Artha Pada ) – ruling Wealth and Money matters, ruled by Sun placed in 12th house – native will definitely get Monterey success with clients those are involved in Authority, Govt projects or will be living in abroad or native might get help from those are living in abroad to attain success in business ventures.


If not, native should involve himself with people those having a link with Govt people or working with govt authorities, or those are having links with govt authorities – It will definitely give huge success in business projects and for that, native might need to conduct long travels to make his ventures successful.

My suggestion was native should go for projects those are belong from other than is his own lands – I.e Countries like Russia, China, Japan, Korea, India, North Canada, Australia etc. mainly those are fall in either Northern or eastern directions from his place of living.

In Native case, the 10th lord is well placed from the Sun too, falling in 2nd from the Sun suggesting, Creative works will be best suited for career and financial growth.In his case 10th lord from the Sun (Seen for work  which gives Name and Status in Society) is  in Sign of Aries (Sign of Higher engineering and ruled by logical part), lord mars is placed in 2nd house with the 7th lord Rahu–” This is quiet an indicative of Manufacturing and production of Any Techno oriented projects, Requires higher Mechanical modular structures, I.e Computer Chip coding oriented sort of work, very much technical and highly robotic in nature or sort of or we can say which requires very much higher level of engineering in Communication technologiesto build those gadgets having Aeronautical/mechanicalbackground in nature and this sort of project work definitely add an added or an impressive edge in native work efforts if we compare from other projects.” 

Reason Being mars is sitting in the 2nd house with Rahu (Indicative of Highly Technical chip oriented Gadgets) in the sign of Virgo (Signifies Analytical projects and assessment and technical Sign of Higher engineering) with HL (Hord Lord (Mercury – signifies sources of income via IT related work deeply linked with bussiness or self-efforts )– hora lord is placed in 1st house with Saturn and Venus – all the planets are placed in 4th (Kendra- shows Desire or resources) from the Jupiter (Shows Luck and fruits ) and Moon (Conscious mind, Sukh, or comfortably one can do) where Arudha Lagana (AL) is also there and moreover it is also  placed in 9th from the Karkamsa (usually for Natural talent or inborn skills) too in D9 chart too– Clearly indicating Work of Higher level engineering which requires lots of Brain investment in Production or manufacturing of Robotics Gadgets.

Although it is placed in Kendra from Jupiter and Arudha Lagana – This will definitely add an extra edge in his work profile but after sacrificing lots of money and losing lots of peace of mind and patience. Malefic in kendras are good for material benefits but negative for peace of mind.

So before implementing this project , Native should need to think twice or many times to make it executed but usual work of Venus will still give much monetary gain during its Dasha and Antardasha period.
If we look from the Moon (Usually Seen for Available resources, indicator of those works where one can feel comfortable and gives freedom of mind or opportunity to earn more), 10th from the Moon is Sign of Jupiter (Pisces – Indicates Highly Spiritual and Imaginative tasks) – Ketu is placed there, (Signifies working with Spritual Products or tasks where deep imagination and calculations involves or working with Techno Gadgets those requires high level of mathematics and logical approach in it), and Dipositer lord Jupiter is placed in 11th house (Signifies House of social circle – Consultancy with Social Network) with Moon and AL itself, clearly shows –Work of Jupiterian traits will definitely give much more opportunities to earn money via involvement with social circle tools or applications.
As Ketu is in placed in 10th from the Moon – Products those are linked with Jyotish, Spirituality, Motivations, encouragement and ancient scriptures of Vedas or traditional work will definitely add an edge in his business prospects and can better help in the growth of his business.
Most important factor is all the planets are placed in Lagana are falling in 3rd from (Upchaya- which requires efforts) the Moon Sign too – clearly indicating all the dashas of Saturn, Mercury and Venus will  definitely involve native in those creative works where he needs to think from Managerial point of view and need to adopt creative thinking which requires project management skills in order to finish projects those are purely linked with Skills or hands based jobs like coding, designing, planning, and layout or an encoding of works.
Comparatively Dashas of Saturn will be much struggling wrt to Venus and Mercury as seen from the Moon Lagana.As 3rd from the Moon Lagana always indicates one need to put extra efforts, initiatives or one own skill and it also indicates Jobs or tasks those are based on Creatively in nature or hands based jobs and malefic placement from the Moon Lagna in upachaya sthan always makes one more hardworking in nature and one need to put much efforts to finish tough jobs or tasks or to accomplish Projects.It always requires extra efforts to accomplish any goals or tasks.

In native case, one of an Important thing is Moon Disposition Lord Mercury is also in good strength and well placed in 3rd house from the Moon in 1st house with Saturn and Venus, Creative writing projects or Documenting’s of data sort of work will be much fruitful – i.e coding, designing or layout of projects always be beneficial to him.

In D1 chart Karka of Service and Karma Saturn is having 3/11 relationship with the Jupiter (Planet of Luck, fortunes, fruits and Divine grace and opportunity) and also placed in 3rd house to it  – Though it is not badly placed from the Jupiter but this placement usually suggests, more he will put efforts more he can get results or more he can gain via efforts or via creative or skilled based initiatives.Here native needs much efforts in order to finish any work or to get ideally good growth in his career and work front.

3/11 is a relationship of gain after putting many efforts and usually one get good results after involving in as many as new initiatives or new beginnings or ventures. More he thinks from the creativity point of view via new initiatives and ventures more the gain he can attain via divine grace.
D9 Analysis (Navamsa Chart ) for Career
4 2 Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

If we see Natural factor of Career from D9 Chart (Navamsa  is actually representative of Dharamsa, or it indicates those Work or karma which actually soul seeks or would like to do in Society or wanted to do in society), placement of 10th lord of d1 and d9 matters most for identification of career type along with dasha lord signs.

In D9 chart 10th lord of D1, Venus is placed in  sign of Sagittarius in 3rd house (Shows self-efforts, bussiness Intitiatives, Hand based skills and communication oriented work) having aspects from Saturn (hardworking nature, shows Service oriented work), Mercury (shows intereset in creativity and Skilled oriented work) and Jupiter (Having Deep intereset in Knolwedge and wisdom, involves in Guidance and counsiling) – ” Clearly Indicates any sort of Skilled based Deep creative tasks or bussinness intitaives, having deep link with Spiritualty and guidance and Managerial work will definitely suit as per his choice of work native wanted to do in society and this will definatly help in getting gain in career growth.”

Being Birth in Libra Lagna in D9, Lagnesh in 3rd house in sign of Sagittarius, 10th lord Moon in Lagna making native very much skilled, Self dependent and creative and having an edge over business dealings or joint ventures, Venus being placed in Sagittarius sign making native much optimistic in nature and adding generosity, playfulness spontaneity and love for adventure in his life initiatives.

Part of native soul always likes to spread goodwill, tolerance, and acceptance for different kinds of people he may meet in society while dealing with people.For native, Traveling or at least moving around quite a bit in order to make connections is much important for making social connections.

That’s the only reason I had advised  native to keep on involving himself in consuling with people, more he can able to bring people together in an atmosphere of openness, friendship, and possibly more he will learn in his work ventures.He should not be irresponsible towards others or of promising anything being good at the moment which he cannot fulfill or will not follow through it.

In native case Venus is also AMK  (Amtya Karka– signifies Social Work, Bosses in Office, Career, Action) placed in 3rd house from the D9 Lagana having Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter placed in 7th house from it –Though 7th always either act as Maraka (if it is Malefic, blocks or obstructs and if it is beneficial it will act as opportunity giver) or the doorway for the future action, In  native case Mercury and Jupiter are acting as beneficial for bringing new opportunities in career growth but Saturn somehow may give trouble in achieving goals on time. This might be the reason why native was not getting good opportunities for career growth during Saturn Mahadasha period, although in Libra Navamsa Saturn is a Yogakarka planet and it is also placed in the friendly sign of Gemini in 9th house but still being placed in 7th from it acting as a blockage for new opportunities in career.
From AMK Venus,  Mercury and Moon are best placed in D9 chart, lord of 10th from AMK placed in 7th to itself, whereas Moon is 10th lord in D9 placed in Lagana falling in 11th from the AMK – Suggesting me Dashas of Mercury and Moon always be beneficial to for native career growth.
Period of Mercury from 2018 onward under Saturn Mahadasha would be much beneficial regarding work and career front and it will bring many new ventures or opportunities, Mercury will act as a doorway during 2018 onward being the disposition lord of Saturn(also MD lord).
If We Look out Karkaamsa (KAK) Position in D9 – “Representing the Soul desiring work” – 10th from KAK having Sign of Jupiter (Pisces) having Graha aspect of Saturn from 10th Sign and lord Jupiter is itself placed with Saturn and Mercury aspecting AMK Venus (having close link of AMK and KAK, Soul and work are deeply linked) – “clearly indicates Native soul desire is to work on subjects those are very knowledgeable in nature, having traditional knowledge taste with essence of divine grace of Jupiter, creative in nature, which involves lots of mangement skills, observations, analysis and mathematical and logical assessment” – So my suggestion was native should work on creative ideas of making Jyotish softwares, or working on Ancient scripture’s or Vedas or presenet those ideas in Creative form or make some sort of Scriptural softwares.
As AMK and KAK are both in Mutually involves to each other in 3rd and 9th axis, native Soul and Spirits are purely aligned with Creative works or task those having taste of deep Jupiter oriented works and it usually works of own or self-independent work, primarily native is born for doing business.

Venus Usually Signifies – “Designing and Managerial oriented tasks and Jupiter Signifies – Divine, Spiritual and vast traditionally linked Subjects i.e Scriptures or Shastras etc, Mercury Signifies– Analytic and mathematically oriented tasks and Saturn shows –traditional knowledge of old and bringing it into new shape and form.

My Suggestion was native must involve himself in something creative ventures in future to yield better results.

D10 Analysis ( Dashamsna Chart ) for career

5 1 Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart


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Dasamsa chart is the main key to understanding micro activities in societies. In Native D10 chart, Aquarius ascendant or Kumbha Lagna is rising and Lagnesh is placed in the 9th house with 5th lord Mercury in sign of libra (Showing Natural Interest in doing business and consultancy related work having link with assessment, management, Logical and mathematical related work), As it is placed in 9th house – Self work is best suggested.Usually, these type of placements always shows own independent work is best preferable in the future life.

Another thing is Being Born in Aquarius Lagana it is making native very natural from both inside and outside,  exactly what he is from the core, purely original, deep thinker and analytical and research oriented mind; shows there is no difference in between his facade and inner composition.

Being birth in Airy sign shows native must work on subjects those are related to Sharp intelligence, analytical management, logical patterns, deep observations, which involves need for resource management and gathering knowledge on subjects those are scientific in nature and part of always inspires to think more – In General, ” IT, Project Managment, Managerial tasks and Resource Management are best suggested for native”.

In his case Lagnesh (Saturn) is placed in the 9th house in D10 in exalted state, also happen to be lord of the 7th house (Independent Business or Self administration) of D1, also placed in another Airy sign with mercury – ” clearly telling me anything related to mutual Knowledge sharing and logically oriented work will definitely be gone make him successful in his ventures those are built on mutual resource sharing or combined efforts or tasks those are based mutual partnerships or common ground.”

If Native work on many resources with large-scale or masses across the globe he will definitely be going to be successful.

Only efforts required from the native side is need of increasing his social resources and connections and area of the working circle. Travelling as much as he can do and more he can make as much as social links more he will get the social name and fame in society.

Another Important point is Lagnesh Is falling in 9th (Trine) from Moon Lagana in D10 too – Dasha periods of Mercury and Saturn would be beneficial in his own ventures whereas Mercury would be most beneficial then Saturn.Though Saturn is also falling in trine to Moon too, Being a natural malefic and slow-moving planet result would be delayed during its dasha period.In Native case, Saturn won’t be too bad for own ventures but it might slow down the pace of monetary gains, being Karka of delays and Slow pace movement in transits.

Another important point is Saturn having 6/8 relation (signifies Delays and hurdles in opportunities and growth) with the Jupiter (who is also lord of the 2nd and 11th house – Signifies wealth matters + Planet of opportunities) in D10 chart, getting aspect from another lord of Aquarius – The North Node Rahu from the 5th house – Usually these type of scenarios always troubles in getting long projects or contracts, Native won’t get enough opportunties in getting long lasting beneficiary contracts In the Dasha period of Saturn, may be he might get low paid projects, Short term projects or contracts or people whom he is having contractual deals might brake their promises for long term goals and this can trouble  his bussiness ventures in long range benefits during dasha period of Saturn.

Moreover, Saturn is afflicted in 9th house by the Presence of Gulika being placed in the rear to Saturn in the sign of Libra, so unknown troubles and obstacles will be there in creating hurdles and obstacles in business growth. This might give him unwanted delays in his projects or unknown hurdles from unknown people during the dasha period of Saturn, as Saturn is placed with Gulika in Bhadhaksthana too, so cause would be unknown hurdles from unknown people (Mostly belong from other than his communities) and delays will be obvious, as the Helping Hand Mercury is placed in 24 degrees ahead of the Saturn in 9th house – So native have to wait till Mercury Dasha reach its maturity period.

Usually, I have seen Saturn in Bhagayasthaan always gives slow pace success or success in last period of the dasha.

So native need not lose his patience,  it might bring him slow results but success should be there as Saturn is exalted in 9th house, only thing is dispositer lord Venus is placed in 8th from the own sign too and having exalted Rahu too in 9th to 9th house.

Moreover, 10th lord Mars is placed In the 8th house from the 10th house with North node – delays, hurdles, and late success is for sure even if he try his best efforts. Fruits will be there but after major delays, after attaining maturity age in 9th house.

Right now Both the transits (Rahu and Jupiter in the year 2015) are placed in 7th house in d10 falling in 11th from Arudha Lagana – native might encounter deals but it might get delays till the conjunction is severely afflicted in the house of business.

Another important point is 6th lord (Karka of Service) Moon is bit under state of  an afflictions from Rahu and Mars in D10 in the sign of Gemini and Moon and Saturn are falling in 5/9 relationship too with mars and Rahu–” unwanted delays in projects or short contracts might break his rhythm in financial stability during dasha periods of Mars, Rahu, Moon and Saturn Pratyantar under Saturn MD period”.

Usually Rahu in 5th house in D10 gives Short contracts those are not beneficial in long terms gains and in native case it is with Mars and Moon too, so it might frustrate or imbalance or bring some sort of emotional turbulence wrt to career stability, as 6th lord Moon is with Mars in Gemini in Ardara nakshatra, Nakashtra lord is again placed in same house, 9th from Al too.

Interesting point to notice is that both Mars, Rahu and Moon all are placed in 9th from AL(Arudha lagana) – this combination might not able to get him full support from his higher bosses, senior authorties or people those are in position or having authority to give him projects or contracts for his future ventures –as 9th to 9th house is 5th house, seen for super bosses or higher or the persons who are in authorties, where 10th lord Mars is also placed with Rahu – ” Obstructions in future projects will be there.

Due to the placement of two malefic in 9th from AL – usually indicates Inability or non-responsive behavior from the Higher bosses or from the people who are in senior positions or in authorities in companies, might be because of negative impression or lethargic display of already running projects in past years.

My suggestion was to try to fix or complete those projects on time and do not stretch any projects too long for the much longer duration or periods.

Try to make projects of short length or hire short projects and try to make harmonic relationship with People those are in authorities or positions, As Sun is also lord of 7th house in D10 and lagnesh in d1 chart placed in 10th house from AL and in 6th house – Native need to make Harmonic relationship with people those are in authorities and need to improve his negative behaviors or attitudes toward them for better professional relationship between them or those whom he is going to make partnership or contractual deals.

So, native should have a harmonic relationship with them in order to get beneficial results from senior authorities.

From financial and materialistic point of view, Aquarius ascendant people generally observed to be satisfactory; and unless, there are significant weakness on the part of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, the financial aspects remain safe and secured.

In  Native D10 chart 10th lord of D1 Venus is placed in Taurus, in 4th house in D10, considered to be a very good placement, because of this native always prefer an overall sense of comfort and happiness in his career or business or want to work from his home or might having work environment like a home.

This might be the reason why he always prefer those works which can give him first peace and overall comfortable environment or be working in his home like environment but important point to notice is that it is placed in 8th from the AL and 12th from the Moon in D10, too much lethargic nature can give him loss of business  – So native Should not ignore helping hands from females members in his business ventures.Whenever there is an opportunity to take help from members of opposite sex try to mature, it will always add fruits to his business.

For Aquarius ascendant, The planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn are most auspicious and the good placement of any one of these can generate strong positive results during their Mahadasa, so native always need to work according to these karkas.

Venus becomes the Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius Ascendant people. And, it is not only capable of generating auspicious Yogas but cancelling/diluting the other inauspicious planetary influences on the horoscope. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence.

However, Jupiter, if strongly placed, is capable of giving positive results in terms of finance; while for other aspects, the role of Jupiter is not much auspicious for Aquarius Ascendant people.

Similarly, Mars (if strong and well placed) can give some positive results related to professional prospects; while for other aspects (specifically marriage and health); the role of Mars is not very supportive. The union or mutual relationship between Mars and Jupiter usually results in selfish, arrogant and a bit negative shaded personality.

As in the native case, lord of the seventh house of Lagna Chart, the Sun becomes the Marak planet; and capable of causing physical or mental sufferings, specifically when it is having relationships with Moon, Mars and/or Jupiter. The union of Mercury with Saturn generates a strong and powerful combination (Yoga), specifically when both these planets are well placed and safe from combustion.

Conclusion: From the above Divisional charts including D9 and D10 chart assessment we can clearly say native will be successful in business ventures in  IT & Project management related business but it might take time to get success or to fully flourish the IT business, soon after Mercury Dasha period under Saturn Maha-dasha period.This way we can understand that how important are the role of Divisional charts, whereas to pinpoint the micro work-related events analysis of D1 and D10 (Dasamsa) chart is most important for the understanding of hidden secrets of work and career front. In Next section, we will discuss Native Financial stability, career achievements, Name, Fame, life goals, various past events and other growth factors Via different Dashas, transits and Jyotish tools.

continue Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart



pin Career in astrology: how to find career in vedic astrology, Identify Career, Profession type and Financial Success in Work by decoding Dashamsha (D10) Chart

Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

111 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

Career Analysis: Natal and Dashamsa chart (D10)
BasicInfo Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

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D1 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

This was a case study of one of the client I did in a few years back, I am just sharing here for the technical understanding of chart how we can use Different Charts while doing case studies. I thank Mr XXX sir for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Based on the above Natal chart details, native is born under the Scorpio Lagana making her very much logical, courageous, deep-rooted and having a desire for engineering and mathematical jobs. 

Lagana lord Mars is retro being placed in 7th house (House of partnership and work based on Independent Management or entrepreneurship) of administration in a sign of Venus (Taurus – Sign of Wealth and money matters, finance) aspected by North Rahu (Communication) from the 3rd house in D1 chart. Generally, From the Lagna, we see how and where native used to apply his intelligence in which area or his natural inclination can be well studied from the Placement of the Lagna in D1, D9, and D10 chart.

In Current case, it is clearly indicating choice of Working would be in IT, Software, Computer sector, dealing with foreign clients having some marketing, management, and planning involved in technical products.In Her case, Day to day task would involve lots of Communication with foreign clients where she has to manage and to do administration tasks to finish those goals and role of working environment would be of the independent sort of. 
This is clearly indicating a job of an Independent Technical manager as Mars is Retrograde in motion and placed in 7th house (7th house always shows work of an administration)  aspecting both Lagna, 10th house and Saturn which is placed in 2nd house having lordship of 3rd house and at the same time it is getting 5th aspect from the Rahu placed in 3rd house, this clearly shows some sort of technical bent of mind where she need to travel or manage (Link of 6th Lord Mars with the 3rd house – travelling, Marketing, and sales of technical equipment or products is vital here)  on account of same. it’s her deep desire to working in these types of environments where she need to manage others independently, desiring for leading work profile, and to get comfortable position seeking high paid jobs profile & to do bossy types of jobs having nature of technicality and management in nature both at the same time

Mars is lord of 10th from the Moon and it is placed in 4th from it and aspecting the 10th sign from the Moon, further justifies that the native has a deep interest in administration, technical pursuits and having a strong desire for independent sort of work. 
If we check Same Mars in Navamsa chart it is weakly placed in D9 chart in Cancer sign in 10th house indicating jobs where one has to deal with software-based products or in industry of same or those IT based Management Industries as it is getting aspect from both Venus (Lord of 7th and 12th lord, Karka of Private and cooperate sector Marketing based job Profiles) and Sun (Lord of 10th, Karka of Administrative based tasks) from 4th house. 
Here Both Sun and Venus providing strength to Mars. Dispositer lord Moon is again strongly placed in sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter in the 3rd house. Again confirming work industry where one has to consult others or advise others.
The aspect of Sun and Venus providing extra strength for mars in D9 and this is the only reason why native is mostly involved in the Private sector work profiles rather than desires for having Public sector jobs and mostly she will have to do managerial and administrative jobs in earlier job profiles.

In D1 chart Mars is placed in 3rd from the AL and Both Saturn and Rahu are placed in 10th and 11th from the Al respectively and influencing Mars from Rahu 5th aspect – This clearly indicates that she will have to work hard like a bull and she will need to put lots of continues efforts in increasing her Image in society in career and working environment where she will go.

Though malefic placed in upchaya houses from Al always considered as good for monetary gains but same time it also indicates one need to do lots of hard work in attaining those monetary gains as well increasing working image in social society and in career too.

As Saturn is placed in 10th from AL and getting aspect from Mars too – This makes her image as very rough and tough type, very hard working, rigid in work envrionment, Hard and very determined, proactive, Bold and industrious type, sometimes it makes her very bossy and arrogant too in his work environment, which can impact her image in society further.

General Rule is, Malefic planets placed in 10th from AL makes one struggle a lot in establishing goodwill in society and one has to put lots of extra efforts. Malefic usually gives harsh path those are not easy to follow or move in whereas beneficial planets in 10th from the Al makes very shiny and good nature with easy going path, which follows the good name and fame in society.

In her society, native will be known for her very industrious nature in the working environment and this also indicates that she will always involve in industries profiles where she has to deal with managed services or sort of service industries job types or those are very technical in nature where one need to follow routines based jobs daily. This makes one very rigid and sometimes harsh too. 

It makes involves her in a regular job patterns, doing the same thing, again and again, to monitor or finish those tasks, where one need to deals with clients other than own countries or places i.e foreign clients or clients belong from different culture or creeds etc.

Here, 10th lord (Sun) is placed in 12th house (Working with other countries) with 11th lord (Mercury) and 7th lord Venus this clearly indicates she will get good prosperity in her career and working profile other than his own birthplace, mostly in states or countries those are falling in western direction from India or from own birthplace.

She will get lots of success in foreign places and chances are also that she will be moving with her partner after marriage regarding her work and profession and she might need to travel a long journey for accomplishing this. After her Married life, she will travel a lot for work purpose.

D10 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

If we check D10 chart same, this is is also clearly seen too, Saturn is placed in the 10th house in Sign of Leo and 10th lord Sun is placed in 3rd house with 12th and 7th lord Venus too – Making her very much industrious, adventurer, traveler, courageous and hardworking type and she needs to travel a lot for work purpose for marketing or sales related work. 

Clearly indicating a job of either marketing, management or planning where one needs to communicate and travel a lot for same. Both Venus and Sun are placed in 3rd house, 6th from AL makes her working in a corporate job profile or dealing with public life.
Ashatakvarga Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

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This also confirms from Ashtakavarga charts of D1 too where 4th and 10th house having maximum points. 4th & 10th house having 33 and 39 points respectively this makes native will have to deal publically a lot for work purpose and have to consult people with lots of involvement and  also requires traveling a lot.
Dasha Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

If we check in D10 chart Ketu is placed in Upchaya Sthan having aspect of Both Saturn and Jupiter,  falling in10th house from the AL in a sign of Taurus which usually gives working in a big corporate industries. Dasha of Ketu will be beneficial for her being lord of D10 lagna. 
As Jupiter is placed in 2nd from the AL and falling in 11th from D10 chart, Jupiter Dasha  will act as sustainer, will be providing necessary food and resources in society. Jupiter will simply sustain her mundane needs and good image in her work environment. In Jupiter Dasha she will keep  on getting good Job profiles and good hikes.
Dashamore Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart
If we see deeply, Jupiter Dasha started in the year 2006 and exactly it is the dasha period of fruits of the Past birth karma. In all the Charts from D1, D9, D10, and D60 Jupiter having Much Strength because of that she will get good life until this dasha period is active.
In D1 it is placed in 9th house (Usually gives highly administrative jobs or jobs of consultants). In D9 it is exalted placed in own sign with Moon-forming Gaja Kesri Yoga. In D10 it is placed in 11th house in Upchaya Sthan and also 2nd from AL too. 
In D60 again it is exalted placed in the sign of cancer with Moon and Venus. From all D charts it is clearly seen She will get the huge name, fame and success in Jupiter MD period from the year 2006 to The year 2022 all because of her past birth good Sanchit karmas. 
Though she might get some bad results in some of the AD dasha periods in Jupiter MD too. PD period in Saturn, Rahu, and Venus AD period won’t be much productive in Jupiter MD period for her.
Dashamore1 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart
Though she needs to take much care in Saturn MD period starting from the year 2022 to the year 2038, reason being firstly Saturn is Atma karaka placed in 2nd house in D1 chart getting aspect from Mars (6th lord), Rahu is placed in 2nd house from the Saturn too and most important it is placed in 10th from AL – She might can take some wrong decision wrt to  her career or she might get suffering on account of his past birth Prarabha karma (Linking of 6th and 4th lord) in Saturn MD period. 
Secondly, Saturn is placed in the 2nd house in the D9 chart (Acting as Karakamsa – Soul filter ) getting aspect from Rahu placed in 5th from Own, debilitated Mars is placed in 9th from the Karakamsa, only good part is Dispositor lord of 9th lord from Karakamsa  moon is placed in 2nd from the Karakamsa with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius – that clearly shows she will never face any sort of financial crunch even after marriage –  Possibility would be that She might do some mistakes which is not considered as good w.r.t Soul uplifting. 
Most important Part is,  in D10 chart it is placed in 10th house from the AL, that itself clearly indicating struggle wrt to the establishment in the career in society.More she work hard, more she can achieve that would be the best mantra for her in Saturn Dasha period. Finally, in d60 it is debilitated getting aspect from retrograde Mars too – She might need to learn some lessons and need to correct it same in Saturn MD period on account of past Praradbha karmas. 
From all these things, it is quite clear that She might face some struggle in Saturn MD period as a reason for Soul upliftment but still these results are only be expected not in whole MD period but restricted to only some of AD periods going to start in Saturn MD period. Though transits of Major slow moving planets have much to say on Saturn MD results. 

CharaDasha1 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart
CharaDasha2 Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart
Strength Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

If we see her Chara Dasha, Based on the Current Chara Dasha period she is having good dasha period of Virgo and Dasha lord Mercury is placed in  the 2nd from Dasha Lord with Sun and Venus till 2021. Dasha period of Leo starting in the year 2021 will say much on her Career life as Dasha lord Sun is Debilitated and weakly placed in 12th house in d1 and 3rd from Dasha Sign Leo. That period will be much struggling one and she might need efforts in that. 
Strengthfactor Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart
In Strength wise Jupiter has maximum Shadbala Strength around (518.25) with 8.64 Rupas, With maximum ishta Phala of 41.46. 
From all this, it is clearly seen that Jupiter MD will be very fruitful for overall growth and grooming of career and material life. 
In Dasha Varga Scheme (Strength in Main 10 D charts) she has good strength for Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury too.

Married Life and Timing of Marriage Events

Based on her chart Her 7th lord Venus is placed in the 12th house with 11th lord Mercury and 10th lord Sun, it is clearly an indication of Marriage by her own choice and she will leave her homeland for some work purpose, or she will be working to another land and she might meet her spouse there. 
Chances are very high that She will move outside with her life partner after getting married probably be in abroad or in those places fall in the western direction from her Birthplace. As Libra is an Airy sign she will need to travel a long-distance journey to meet her choice of husband or partner. Another important point is 7th from Venus is a sign of Aries and lord Mars is placed in 7th house (House of the partnership) of Taurus (clearly indicating the sign of love cum arrange marriage).
The only Problem is she will meet her choice of ideal partner late in life as 7th lord from Venus is retrograde in motion which usually brings trouble or delays in bringing right partner in time, would never give as much early marriage life.

Although she is having a high desire to meet her spouse, possiblly being the 7th lord from Venus, mars is placed in 7th house and she is having strong desire to appear her partner sooner in life. 
Simply she might be waiting eagerly for her ideal life partner. But due to its retrograde motion, she is getting delays in meeting him. 
This is the only reason why Matches are not coming according to her wish. 

Chances are high that She will meet her choice of spouse In Middle of her age in between 27th -28th after August Year 2016 up to the period of 2017-2018, when Jupiter will travel around libra and Scorpio.

Her UL is in 9th house with Jupiter and Ketu, indicating guy he will meet will be having spiritual nature as well religious bent of mind. Probably he will meet this guy either in her working environment or her father will help in bringing in front of her. 

Overall Father will be the root person to bringing that person in Daughter life for the final knot.
The important point here is Al and A7 is placed in 5th house, lord of Al and A7 is placed in UL in 9th house, this clearly indicates it would be a love cum arrange marriage. 

She could get Married after AD of Sun (after 30th August 2016) in Jupiter MD reason being Sun is with 7th and 12th lord Venus in 12th house in D1 chart and in D9 chart, 7th lord of D9 Mars is getting aspect from Both Venus (7th & 12th Lord) and the AD Lord Sun too.
This clearly indicates that Sun, Venus, and Mars have potential to give marriages in their AD periods. Moon AD period also have stronger chances to get Marry reason being dispositer Lord 7th lord of D9 is Moon placed in Sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter too. Moon is UL lord in D1 as well as Dispositer lord of Mars too in D9.
In General, her married Period could start after 30th of August 2016 to between 18th October 2018 where Sun AD (From 30th of August 2016 to 16th July 2017) could  be a peak period for marriage and Mars and Moon will be stronger Dasha period for getting marriage. 

So overall from age of 26th to 28 she will get married. 
Transit of Jupiter in The year 2016,2017 and 2018 in Virgo-Libra-Scorpio sign will bring her married life.Where Libra and Scorpio has much potential for getting married

UL lord is placed in the 4th house in Sign of Saturn indicating the family of spouse would be known to native family and will be a well-settled family.

Native needs to take special care of Relationship with her Mother in law as Moon is falling in 8th from the UL in D1 chart that usually gives clue mother in law might not be favor of native or she might not have smooth relationship with the mother in law.

AL/A7 and UL are falling in 5/9 Relationship to each other clearly indicating that In-laws family will be financially well settled as well as also having a Spiritually tendency too in nature.

A7 lord Jupiter and UL lord Moon both are closely conjugated in D9 chart in Sign of Sagittarius indicating it would bring Spiritual as well as Material growth for both the families as well couples too. 
|Om Tat Sat |
|| Om Namo BhagwateVasudevaya ||

pin Case Study : How to analyse Career and Marriage issues based on D1 and Dasamsa (D10) chart

Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

13043600 1162042703848662 4551420060680509996 n Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

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Om Gurave Namaha

Finding true life goals never be an easy task for any being to identify it from any chart, as God has sent us in the earth with multiple roles and responsibilities to fulfill those unfinished and pending karmic duties those are carrying with us from many eras and births. A body with soul is a complete package born with eternal motives and goals to lift and heal many of unguided and pathless souls in right path. But first thing is one should need to understand those Karmic desires, realize and then finally moving on that path. Some are Karmic Goals, many of those are belong to Mundane desires and a major portion of those goals lies in understanding its duties toward Society and uplifting inner Soul for a better harmonic path. It is impossible for me to explain this huge and vast topic in few words. What I am here trying to explain is about Goals toward Society, and Karmas in society. But before that, we need to understand first how life is divided into 4 Major portions of life. Almighty has given us 4 major goals in different stages of life and when it is required we need to work on it for the betterment of society and our inner soul path too.

Every each of the stage has some priorities and responsibilities that we have to complete in any case. These 4 major goals are Following our Dharma (Truth and Responsibilities of Human being), Understanding Artha (Understanding Material and basic necessities), Kama ( Understanding Root cause of Desires) and Finally moving toward the ultimate path Moksha (The path of Jeevan Mukti from the cycle of birth). Sticking to basic principles for finding true goals in a society based on Brihat Jataka, here is a simple technique to look for a true goal in your society that shows the true desire, path and how to move on that path. I have used same principal in deciphering and Identification of career in Albert Einstein case study. Readers can read my case study on Albert Einstein that I will post in the separate link.

So here, is the principal- How to find your true goal in society.

For finding the true goal in society one must understand which part of society dominates your goal in society. it can be your material goal, it can be your body or physical goal or it can be the task given by the God to you.So the key to search from all is here.

1) 10th from Lagana (Your Body)

Check placement of any planet in10th from the Lagana first, that decides what you are actually doing in society as per the need of the body and intelligence. This planet simply shows what you actually wanted to do in society to fulfill your physical or mundane desires but if it could be your actual goal in society, there will be no guarantee to vouch for it . It could be for power, it could be for the spiritual task, it could be for upliftment of society. it could be anything. That purely dependent on your physical desires and needs based on the planet placed in 10th from Lagana, that only shows in which environment you work for or for what purpose you are doing task in society. every planet has some gunas attached with it, what you do is totally dependent on that planet guna attached with it( i.e Rajsik, tamsik or Satvik, decide by the jaati of that planet). So, that is the task of you to decipher it deeply from your chart, In which guna you are working for. It is actually signify the “Kiryaman karma” – The future karma. ” But if you are totally dependent or dominant on your 6 weaknesses you could choose this path as final goal. choice is your after-all. My role is to give you clue or hint how to see the actual goal of life in more generalize or lay man way.

2) 10th from Moon (Your Mind, Sub-conscious)

Now check 10th from Moon, that decides what is your actual need, unfinished desire to satisfy your mind and hidden agendas in desires and motives resides in subconscious side of brain. this planet simply shows what is actually the requirement to fulfil environmental needs arisen by physical challenges, and it is totally dependent on physical needs of the body. Your mind goes in that direction where your body need. for this way most of people goes in this direction either to succeed in society or to sustain themselves in society. For accomplishing this task you need to follow this planet deeper characteristics. it can give you worldly satisfaction, material sustenance but no guarantee it should justify your actual goal in society. it is purely a personal goal of your in society. it is your personal level goal to satisfy your inner material desires, or sustain yourself in society or to survive in environmental conditions you might experience in your day to day life. How long it will goes that purely dependent on , how many Dashas are beneficially placed from moon, If in any life path dasha is not supportive from moon or moon itself got afflicted by nodes or other malefic you might fall in pit. Reason being it only shows your actual material needs to survive in society.So there is no guarantee you can face those situations well those are not in your hand. Moon actually shows life force, means what is essentially a requirement for life.So, path is totally dependent on your thoughts and mind make-up.

3) 10th from Sun (Your Soul, Super conscious) 

Finally check 10th from Sun for evaluating true goal in life , for checking what is the actual goal, god assigned to you to raise the level of mankind for some higher purpose. Only you need to see who is dominating in the 10th from Sun. that planet will decide the global task god wanted you should do. Actually it is the purpose of life, god wanted you to accomplish in society for higher reasons.It is the task assigned for global cause. this planet shows what is the goal your soul always like to fulfil or seek within self. it is the actual goal of Soul to accomplish or finish the pending karma of past. It is the goal which can give you assured massive name and fame in society but only when you do it with full spiritual force. More than material goal it is actual your karmic and spiritual goal given by the god. choice is your what you actually wanted to do in society.Many of people never goes to this level or never think like this. most of the people only restrict up-to the material goals of life, to satisfy either their bodily needs or hidden mind desires. This is Super conscious goal of life and can give a complete harmonical relationship between mind, body and soul.

Key: Now key to find what actually is your global goal, see who is dominating the 10th from all three. the one who dominate from Lagana, Sun and Moon will take over your life and will move you in that path. But Here comes the U turn, those who have wisdom and higher life philosophy they always go with the 10th from Sun, it is actually the soul goal given by the sustainer itself – the Narayana- The sun god having responsibility to sustain your all three needs.

Now, request doesn’t ask me to analyze your chart. My job is to enlighten and giving clue and light to understand the need of society not to fulfill the individual needs of everyone. Rest of the job is for learned readers to testify in your charts.

Case Study based on above-mentioned rule already done in Albert Einstein case: Readers can check this below-mentioned case study to understand more.

Case 1: Albert Einstein Career rise and fall

Albert Einstein Quotes justknow Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

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10th from Moon:

10320270 10203167874346673 3605869928712068397 n Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

In Albert Einstein D1 chart 10th from Moon is Empty and having Leo sign, Lord of Leo Sun is in Pisces in 10th house from Lagana with 5th & 12th lord Venus, 1st & 4th lord Mercury, 8th & 9th Lord Saturn, 5th and 9th from Moon sign (Scorpio) and Ketu – Indicates an Intuitive person who can see and imagine things in reality with his power of Imagination and visualize it. A real intellectual and Creative Mind, Having real Imagination, which can imagine with his outstanding visual power, A powerhouse of creativity who can deeply imagine and understand creator equation on Cosmos and knowledge of Cosmos.Those no planet is dominating in 10th from Moon but 10th lord from Moon is placed in 5th from Moon, so it is impacting his visualization and creative skills and power.

All the planetary positions from Moon Made Albert Einstein a real Imaginary and much skilled in visualizing things.He simply wanted to know the creation of cosmos and understand God equation while making the universe.

Here 10th from Moon is Leo Sign; no planet is there, so we can’t decide 10th from Moon for a native career.

Although 10th from Moon has Jupiter and Mars aspect – Making passionate and very logical in higher learning.

10th From Sun:

10th from Sun having Sagittarius sign (sign of Knowledge,) the Lord is in 9th house from Lagana, 4th from Moon and 12th from Sun – indicates Higher Knowledge and doing research in cosmos will bring him name and fame in worldwide.

10th from Lagana:

Now Last and most important point is cluster of 4 planets are in 10th from Lagan , Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Pisces Sign clearly indicating doing something deep, mystical and completely dominating the interest of Albert Einstein, telling me something he will do something for the Society and whole public or mass will know him by his work and he will be well known to the whole world. He will do deep for the sake of Society and will be an icon for many people for his accomplishment in higher causes, Pisces is the 12th sign of Kaalpurush – the Sign of cosmos and Deep World in the modern terminology we called It Space, cosmos and universe.

Observation: From above all, it is quite clear to understand that 10th from Lagana and Moon is dominating Albert Einstein career, where 10th from Lagana is Better in understanding and shape of career for whole life path and true goals in society.

Now a further question arises is what would be exactly career type of Albert Einstein?

**Note** 4:-> Whenever you want to see what would be career interest type, we have to see the strength of 10th house and 10th Lord placement in D1, D9 and D10 and its nakshatra, nakshatra lord, and its pada.

hqdefault Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

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10th lord Jupiter is in 9th house (House of Higher Knowledge, wisdom, God Messenger, God blessing, Knowledge of Ancient scriptures etc.) in Aquarius sign (Mystical Sign of traditional knowledge i.e. Cosmos , Astronomy , Stars , space and and knowledge of Creation) , Kendra lord in tri Kona House – (Raja Yoga means work which can give native Name, fame via Higher learning ).

10th lord Jupiter is in 9th house expecting 1st & 5th house in D1 indicates owner of Supreme knowledge which we called Dhi Shakti – a form of Higher learning – in house of Higher Philosophy , Wisdom , something connected with God and creation of God which is clearly indicative of Doing something for Higher cause or Finding truth of creation , a real knowledge of Real medium – Space and time bondage and will be self-learned (aspecting 1st house) will teach whole world via his own findings and give godly knowledge to his future Followers (5th house).

Same can be confirmed in D9 and D10 Chart, Jupiter is lagan Lord of D9 in 9th house in Scorpio sign aspecting lagan having Rahu (Indication of being in Science for out of box thinking – A restless mind) in it , aspecting 5th house having Sun in it , will be a Blessed Researcher who will extract & crack down and write down all his findings of cosmos and secret world and will present to whole world.

In D10 chart Jupiter is with Saturn in Pisces Sign in 5th forming Brahma Yoga (higher knowledge of creation) house aspecting lagan (where the sun is in it in A10 Arudha) , aspecting Venus from 5th house and 7th from AL, Will be known for His Brahma Gyan theories – Theory of Relativity – E= MC2 God equation of cosmos.

10th lord Jupiter is in Aq which is a Mystic sign of traditional knowledge lorded by Saturn and Rahu, Rahu in 8th and Saturn in 10th also indicating Albert wanted to do something in the field of Science for the sake of society for presenting a truth of cosmos for the future wellbeing of mankind.

10th lord is in Dhansitha , Nakashtra lord in 8th house with Rahu – Dhansitha is a Nakashtra of Harmony, a close connection with nature and music, Albert wanted to do research on natural laws and understanding it deeply for the prospects of nature passionately , but he did a mistake (Rahu in 8th house with Mars – Nakshatra lord of 10th Lord), by suggesting research for Atomic Bomb based on his Atomic theory which he had a deep guilt in his heart & always realized till his death.

Dhanistha indicates divine power from the” eight Vasus “; its presiding deities happens to be the twenty-third birth star, to sparkle in the cosmic firmament. Guided by the planetary force of Mars, Dhanishta Nakshatra stands for Symphony, prosperity, and adaptability from nature, the eight Vasus are the solar gods of energy and light Because of the influence of ruling Nakashtra of 10th Lord Einstein was always having a deep fantasy for Light and its origination.

Native of Dhanishtra nakshatras are usually fond of Music, Symphony and Healing, reciters of rhythmical incantations and also indicates Scientist who likes to do things In fine tuning with nature and God in a perfect harmony with nature which gave him deep interest in forming its Relational Theory of Light, energy, and Mass is same but form of one another.

There is an Exchange yoga of 10th and 9th Lord – Indicates Dharma – Karma adhipati yoga, Dharma hi Karma, and Karma hi Dharma – A Sign of Saint and Satvic Soul.

10th Lord Nakshatra Lord Is in 8th house with Rahu clearly indicates native inventions or researchers may lead to something destructive for Social mass by mistake(Rahu in Capricorn in 8th house).

Rahu and Mars always indicate something explosive or something is hidden behind the truth which is under cosmos or nature i.e. a deep anger is burning inside a body and brain.

**Note** 5 :-> Beside 10th Lord and Strength of 10th house , Lagan lord placement and its nakshatra is most important and need to check in D1, D9 & D10 chart for tracking career interest and in any house indicates where you are applying the knowledge for creation purpose or destruction purpose or it simply indicates application of your intelligence.

Here lagan Lord is in 10th house in D1 and 8th house (Mercury + Saturn) in D9 with 9th lord Saturn and in 4th house in Aq Sign in D10 with Moon again confirming me a Brilliant Analyzer, Deep thinker and Keen observer and the finest researcher.

Although Lagan Lord is in debilitation in D1, having neech bhanga too , but being placed in 10 Degree it is away from its deepest debilitation degree of 20 deg , Mercury is in Uttara-Bhadra nakshatra lord of Saturn, making Mercury much stronger, closely conjugated within the orbital distance of 2 degree with 9th and 8th lord Saturn who also happens to be Nakshatra lord of Uttrabhadra indicates Albert was a lover of traditional knowledge in science i.e. he was a deep follower of Isaac Newton, Max Plank, Michael Faraday etc. and he always wanted to do work of old Knowledge’s and giving understanding the concept and giving it in new shape.

Because of this he was always in Contradiction and always faced controversies whenever he presented journals of a new model of old traditional physics laws.

Beside this combination making him very much logical, and deft at skills of calculations strong determination, wisdom, and experience.
He was always Penchant for calculation and acquiring wisdom by way of experience which was his essential aspects of his personality. Another interesting aspect of Albert was its changeability.

Owing to this changeability according to the varying needs of circumstances, it was difficult to attribute typical traits to his personality.

He was very attractive features and complexion; excel in attracting attention by virtue of his grace and mannerisms.

He was very much religious and drawn to high ethical standard and always recluse within the folds of spirituality.

Saturn completely dominated the Mercury in Albert Einstein Chart Which is giving me a clear indication of having the natural bent of mind for doing calculations, logic and much skilled in the Scientific hypothesis which is clear indication of a finest of finest Scientists.

The combination of Saturn and Mercury always indicate the finest scientist who always keeps them-self busy in doing calculations and deep observing Nature and Science.

Beside 8th and 9th Lord conjugation with Lagnesh Mercury, Sun and Venus is also there in 10th house but not having Close conjugation with Lagnesh Mercury and Saturn, which is good if we look at deeply, all the planets are free from combustion of Sun and 7th from Al – He will be known a public Icon known for his Tremendous knowledge in abstract sciences.


It is Quiet clear he was a genius Scientist and a blessing to Science and mankind for his theories and Researches.

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pin Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

Career and Karama Astrology: The Beauty of Karama and actions – The 10th house : Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career rather it is more about Karma in society..

14095735 1237419586310973 658417072835466463 n Career and Karama Astrology: The Beauty of Karama and actions - The 10th house : Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career rather it is more about Karma in society..

The Beauty of Karama – The 10th house – Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career.

10th house is the the place which decides what Karma you would like to do or add in society or what actually you want to contribute in society or how society will see you as in action or make an impression based on your impact of your Karmic actions you had given in society or still how it is influencing society.10th house is Nothing about your career, its about your Higher goals, actions, causes and karamas that reflects in society.It is a combination of every karamas both good and bad including Personal or public and mostly it changes its shape depending on the influence of other planets on 10th house via Graha or Rasi Aspect and most important depends on the dispositer lord in D1 and mainly seen via as strength of 10th House/Lord in different Divisional charts. It is more about your environment and actions you are doing in society. Career is only the 1% of his totality , from rest of karmas are those we do in society.  

Here, Beneficial placement shows more about Good karmas those can be highly appreciated by the society for its well being and growth , it could be including of any karama where people get inspired from you i.e via your Social causes those for uplifting of social masses or society, doing work for N.G.O’s or social organizations,  or might be participating in Spiritual  mass movements etc .

Malefic in this house shows more about karama those are influenced by personal benefits and motives, those are highly materially in nature i.e Name, Fame, Proud, satisfying personal Ego’s, material gains, karama for Uplifting only personal bank-balance not for the benefits of society, mankind and any social causes. Its actually shows the combined Karama one like to do or add in society including social, Personal, global or Karma in work place too. Malefic in Kendras mostly Sustains materially much rather than social growth.

It shows the interests, passion, Liking and hard core passion which one wants to show or add in public i.e For influencing political career, N.G.O , C.E.O or might be for becoming spiritual guru etc , it shows what is the actual interest governing you toward particular karma i.e Software industry, Hardware industry, Marketing, doctor, Spiritual purists etc

Its not your work place actually, its not the people whom you interact in , its the environment or society you like to work in or work for higher cause or work for those societies. its never shows one is having doctor profession, or be an astrologer or an engineer. it only shows your interest in that karama or Karma you would like to add or contribute in society which impacts your status. Its your liking toward that karma in society. Planet in 10th house only Shows which karama influenced your work or type of interest, or Profile you influenced by or Karama you would like to add in society.Motive could be either personal or private that precisely depending on the nature of the planet  that is place in 10th house- is it Satvik or Rajsik.  Rajas Guna is more about doing karamas those for Material reasons and Satva  gunas are more about spreading Knowledge and doing social welfare of the  uplifting society, usually for global cause.

For e.g, if One has Mars in 10th house – one must be very dynamic in society, aggressive, passionate and will always like to do work those are influenced by the martian energies , influenced by War, fighting or courage or those are highly action in nature or highly motivated for the protection of society etc .

Still there are micro analysis required to know each and every aspect of karama in society, i,e strength of  the 10th lord in d1, D9, D10 and D60 and checking deity nature for the 10th lord  in divisional charts for analyzing exact karama in society for same. Basic Nature of 10th lord and its associated Nakashtra one of most important aspects in understanding one’s skills and abilities in society.Same way Aspect of Planets on 10th house in D1 and D10 shows how your karamas are modifying because of the gunas of the planets. for Strength we need to see placement of 10th lord from both Sun(Atma) and Moon(Mana) in d1 and d10 chart. For getting better understanding on society perception about you we need to see placement of 10th lord from AL( Arudha Laagana – Its the lagana of people about you, what people are perceiving about you in society). Karam Arudha are another aspects where one can know more about his working environment and can see variation in his work profile during transits and dasha periods.
In D1 chart, 10th lord and its associated Nakashtras shows what is the actual work profile you would like to work for or having deep interest in it and also shows the actual working area skill sets, abilities, qualities, and your field of working profile.i.e if  we analyze the combination of 10th  lord with different planets in associated nakashtras in modern terms we will have different approach and conclusion. for e,g if  10th lord Mars is with Saturn in any house – there would be higher possibilities that native would be in engineering profile and its nakashtra will show what exactly you do in your profile. Lets say If 10th lord is Moon in Punurvasu Nakashtra – that it might shows native would be working with software products or writing in software codes or might be a publisher, spiritual teacher, involving himself in mystic work,  or might be having philosophical thoughts, or might be an  innovator,etc with added influence of Mercury, Jupiter also required on 10th and 10th lord and D10 chart too to see the deeper picture of nature of work.

10th from 10th is the place where one deals with colleges, people publically, Associate partners, businesses partners or the Place where one interact Mutually for the global causes, or for personal benefits, that’s why we deal 7th house for Mutual working, Administration tasks, Managements skills, HR etc.

Maya of the 10th house ( A10 Arudha- Karma pada, Karmarudha, Swarga pada, Swargarudha, Rajya pada) is the place where you actually work, its shows your working company or where you interact with people in work place and it is the actual work place people actually perceives you about in which company you are working for.Any Dasha lord falling in trine from a10 gives you chances or growth for promotion in company. Beneficial in 2nd and 11th from A10 gives you financial gain in company or simply hike in salary. Same-way if Beneficial planets are transiting in trine or upchaya from A10 arudha it gives gain and promotion too. Malefic in 8th and 12th from A10 gives Downfall for company or company may fall or failure of work in those dasha periods. These rules applicable for both D1 and D10 Chart.

10th from AL shows what is the karma you are doing in Society which people perceives about you or make an impression about you i.e Moon in 10th from Al – Native Might be in Social work, doing something wrt to Society or cause for them, Software industry with other combination required too, Nurse or might be Doctor too. Same-way Jupiter and Ketu in 10th from Al – One might be in spiritual pursuit or might be an astrologer or Working in a Spiritual organisation.

10th from Moon shows – your environment, your actual work interest you would to like do in society for earning bread and butter.It is the actual karama mind feel satisfied. it actually shows you how much financial status would be influenced by the karma you are doing in society, if beneficial dashas lords are falling in trine from Moon, result would be good and fruitful.

10th from Sun shows – What is the Work which can give you name and fame in society.

pin Career and Karama Astrology: The Beauty of Karama and actions - The 10th house : Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career rather it is more about Karma in society..

Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession

Case Study: How to find or determine Career in Astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession by use of Varnada Lagna Technique.
Job slider Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession


Career Identification or choice of Profession in society by Varnada Lagana (VL)


Varnada Lagna (VL) is an Another important tool to identify true nature of Career or Karama in society by  Determining the in-between sign of the Lagna and Hora Lagna. The question is what actually is VL or Varṇa-da Lagna?. Varna-Da Lagana simply responsible for sustaining the Lagna or Native as by its actions in the society based on the past actions or Karma one got in current birth as an individual Varna. It simply gives food or provides Necessary Karama to the Lagna to sustain it.AL shows what actually you are doing in society but VL shows how you are sustaining the Image in society by doing certain karmas in society. What karma we do simply proceed our life in that direction in society.

Varna Means – Caste or class we get in this birth by our past actions based on we do occupation  i.e if we are indulging in Brahmin Karma in past even we are Belong from Kshatriya in past we preciously belongs to Brahmin via Karma our actions in past i.e We might be Reading Shashtras, Vedas, Mantras or might be doing traditional works and result of this  we will get the birth in Brahmin Class in next birth.

The ‘da’ in ‘Varnada’ means “To Give, Like Da-Da-ti in Sanskrit is Dadaati is to give ” – Here Da is three objectives given by the Lord bramaha to each different classes in Deva, Mansuhya, and Rakashas. Here three Gana’s are Inherent nature of human being, Godly, humanly or Devilish means what is required in society for the creation and need for creating the harmonic balance in Samaj- Society.

Deva – (Dama- Means one has to control senses or conquering) – Devas Inherent nature is Enjoyment -Living in Sukha – So One should observe self-control, try to keep avoid over indulgence and pleasurable life, unlike the devas who always enjoy promiscuously.

Manusya- (Dana- Means one has to give without any desire) –  Manshuya Bhava of Humanity, Helping each other, giving others to those are in need – giving others – One should give, sacrifice for the social cause, not unlike those manusya who always lives in greed and seek for motives.

Rakshasa – (Daya- Karuna, Being Human, Forgiveness, means having let it go nature) –  Try to forgive others –  One should be merciful, Soft, Polite, forgiver unlike the raksasa who are always ruthless.

The Varnada Lagna is simply a clue to or a presentation of the class in society, through humans fulfill’s, or neglect, these objectives or goals gave by the Lord Brahma as a prime objective or role in society to have a smooth work of creation for Mansuhya Yoni. Simply VL shows what we should do in society in order to sustain our karma  given based on the past duties.


Compass and map Dollarphotoclub 84963954 for web Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession

Varna-Da preciously depends on the karma we did in the previous life those decides our birth varna and those karma we are performing in this current life can redefine our varna for next birth. Both the two Lagans (D1 and VL) work in pairs whereas the Lagna in actual reality act and reacts for the body need and requirement and the Varṇada sustains those acts of the Lagna as Karama in society. Varṇada Lagna doesn’t show any abilities or one skill  or sources of income, instead, it shows what you are meant for doing and what you mean to do to sustain yourself in the society.

According to Classical approach as mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta, There are four main Varṇas systems which are meant to uphold dharma and Karama. Therefore it is for sure from Dharma that one finds a purpose of life and performs that karma in Society.

In Simpler language, Varna means caste, a division of system based on one’s class of Karama. 

There are 4 main basic caste systems –

Brahmin (Priest)Scholarly and Knowledgeably Work – to Guide and Show path of light those are living in darkness.

Kshatriya (warrior) – Work of Courage i.e Army and Engineering – Protect others, work for society and fight for those who are need of Society.

Vaishya (Traders) – Business Class i.e Work of Import and export – Feed others, keep flowing the system of trade in order to maintain a balance.

Shudras (servants) – Service Industry or Day to day tasks – Serve others and nourish others in ground reality – Seva Bhav.

These varnas are important or vital clues to give a hint of one’s profession in current birth based on our past actions.

Each sign and planets have its own varna (caste).Whereas the placement of varnada lagna (VL) in Natal chart and the planet which it is conjoined tells us about the possible Karama may do or job one is likely to do in society for e.g.

Varnada lagna in fiery signs conjoined with fiery Mars/Sun/Ketu – Shows fiery jobs like engineering where one has to working with tools and higher level of technologies i.e working with Mathematical and Advanced Computing system as shown by Ketu.

Government, Army, Police Signified By Sun, whereas Working with Mechanical tools  like Screws, nuts, bolts  etc that’s too involves work of soldering, Mechanical or electrical sort work etc where one has to Serve & protect the society or serve the society via own abilities or skills, work for society for the necessitates and requirements all works are signified by Mars.

In Earlier times Mars Signifies by – Swords and Armours, Sun Signifies – Kingdom and Ketu – signifies Work of Seers.

In Actual Reality, Warriors do work for the society for uplifting the moral of the common man and to protect others those who are in need. In Other sense, they simply Protect and Serve Society via Political knowledge and bravery.

That’s why these days, all those public sectors jobs where bravery required is ruled by Kshatriya planets like Mars and Sun.

The purpose is to provide balance in law and order and to maintain equal balance and harmony in all the varnas in society for a smooth system.

In Modern days Scenarios Situation has been a bit changed, Mars taking place Jobs of Army, Mechanical Engineering, Working with Higher computing modular machines whereas in earlier days mars only rules War and Warriors. In Current time Sun Signifying govt Sector and Jobs involved in Administration sector like I.A.S, K.A.S, I.P.S etc. So this way one can easily identify nature of work via Karmas associated with the planets.

This is to be studied in conjunction with other indications of the chart. for e.g If Varnada(VL) is placed in watery signs (Brahmin) conjoined with Venus ( Brahmin Planet Signifies Material Knowledge)  then one can be involves in working in Mantra Shashtra, Astrology, Healing sciences or therapist, Counselling work, working in jeweler shop if there is link of Mercury involved to or in  film sector, Media sector or it can be in Movies or similar Venusian field means those works where one need to show path of light or cure or heal both physically, entertain other, as well as physiologically or emotionally.Entertaining is also another sort of healing therapy one when used to cheer up other via witty dialogues and character presentation.

Varnada lagna (VL) in watery signs conjoined Saturn can also shows one might be involved in doing daily day to day jobs where one has to follow same routines and same type of job every day. Due to conjunction with Watery Signs jobs those are linked with Food, Hotel or Restaurant industry like waiter or cook in hotels and restaurants can also be predicted.

Placement of VL in Kendras, trikona or Trik Bhavas plays important role in understanding how much level of work we can contribute to society with the support of society. VL placed in a Kendra to the Lagna shows a person who has the full support from his own society and family members in initiating his career. Kendras Bhavas are Vishnu Sthan – Signifies Sustaining power in society. Whenever VL is placed in 1,4,7 and 10th house one can easily get supports from his own society and his own family members to establish the career with good prosperity.This is considered as an one of Best placement for seeing good level of Material growth in Society.   If Varnada Lagana is occupied and owned by naturally beneficial planets then the native is strongly supported by the community and such family members indicated by that planets i.e Moon – Mother,Venus – Wife and Mars – Brothers, Mercury – Friend circle etc.

If malefic planets conjoin or lord the Varnada, then many strife, challenges and battles are indicated in sustain one work in Society. It may also indicated one has to fight for it against the society to sustain one Karamas. Varnada Lagna placed in trines to the Lagna shows a Skilled and Learned person with good level of adaptability and understanding to any community, and upholding the laws of that community for sustaining Karma.It usually indicated flexible kind of Personality who can easily work with any community to gain prosperity.

The Lord of  the Varnada, if it is a natural beneficial and so well placed in Natal Chart shows that the native can easily adapts into his career and is a strong supporter for his professional colleagues, but if that same planet is afflicted he is tormented by his colleagues and life in the office can be very difficult to sustain i.e VL is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th houses.

Placement of Varnada Lagna in a dusthana (sixth, eighth or twelfth house) from Lagna makes the native either shy away from the community or it can be indicated enjoying a life in seclusion, avoiding regular social functions and the community gatherings or it usually indicates one who always stand against the social society for opposing its view point or native might fight those view points in the society in an isolated way. Usually these kind of people are either work like a Filter in society or they act against societies.The reasons for the distancing are known from the nature of the lord of the dusthana. Varnada Lagna in the twelfth house makes the native highly antisocial but if beneficial planet is conjoined in VL or if VL lord is well placed with beneficial planet than results can be opposite. This placement can, if other factors are present,  can show demoniacal attitude towards his own community, which would enable him to do unlawful acts, such as crime etc or he act like a warrior to serve it or protect it.

The nature of the Lord of the Varnada shows the source of the Rajayoga. If afflicted then the native abdicates the throne. Varnada in 3rd house makes a native free of enemies and his relationship with the community constantly improving making the native happy and content. The native has parakrama (enterprise and daring) if associated with malefic planets. Similarly, if the Varnada is in the eleventh house, the community will be source of achieving the desires of the individual.

Benefic in Upchaya houses(2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th) from VL Shows what karma Sustains the Varnada in doing his natural work in society.

For e.g if Mercury is in 2nd form VL – One Will rise in Publishing business or any business where knowledge, logic and intelligence required and native will get help from social links to sustain his profession in society.

Rashi and Planets of Nature shows what type of work one do in society i.e all Watery trines Shows Brahmin work, All fiery trines shows engineering or courage’s work . all Earthy signs shows Business related work and all Airy signs shows day to day tasks or service oriented work .

Case Study:


12814753 10206213511565700 1531267939385086984 n Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession

In above mentioned case VL is  in Taurus Sign (Vaisya Varna – Business class) placed in 10th( Feeding to society) house from Lagana( Leo Lagana) which means there will be  full fledge support in society and family in whatever business or career one initiate. Natural Tendency or inherited work given based on past birth Karma would be working in some business linked with Venus.

In above mentioned Case Venus is Placed in 1st house(leo Lagana) with Mercury ( indicates Work those are connected with Engineering, telecommunication, IT, Mathematics and Computer oriented or business of those) and Saturn (Shudra Class – Works those are connected with Service industry or Managing other people or resources where day to day work involves in serving other).

So, choice of work is bit modified because of conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Fiery Sign, reason being all are placed in Fiery  Sign – this clearly indicates Work based on Engineering and technologies.

As No planet is conjugated in VL in 10th house – VL Lord Leading choice of work in Society.

Lord of VL is Venus but fall in Brahmin Class but as it is placed in 1st House (Creative and Designing related work Will bring name and Fame in Society) in Leo Sign (Fiery – Engineering and Technologies Field will rule choice of work in society).

As Venus is placed in Uttraphalguni Nakashtra  (Venus Nakashtra also bit modifying it and Emphasis is given on work those of  healing others or Earning money via that learning Where public contact is required. This success is attributable to the inherent quality of behavioral techniques. Clearly indicating earning as commission out of the public dealings.  Based on Nakashtra and Venus Nature native is best suited in doing profession those linked with teacher, writer or research fellow in some sort of the scientific field, Work those are linked with mathematics, engineering, astronomy and astrology and even can also be successful in advertising business of those types.)

This has been clearly indicated in Varna-Da Lagana, as Ketu (Mathematical and computational work) is placed in 11th (Gain Via Same) from VL in 8th house (Work of Occult, Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics related with it).

Now from above all it is clearly indicated Native is doing work of engineering related work where one need to manage, design and Work related technology- that’s pretty much true Native has own business related with software technologies and involves in Project management work where native need to to deal public-ally with clients as there is no planet placed in VL – Native is doing work of based on his learning in current.Planet in VL shows what is your natural work or profession one should do based on his past karmic actions. Lord of VL shows understanding and learning after getting concious as after one progress n this birth.

As Native has Ketu in 11th from VL – if Native try to work on Occult subjects I,e software related occult he will be more successful in society.


Source, Reference and links
A course on Jaimini Maharsi’s Updesha Sutras by Sanjay Rath
Varnada Lagana by Visti Larsen

pin Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession