Career and Karama Astrology: The Beauty of Karama and actions – The 10th house : Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career rather it is more about Karma in society..

The Beauty of Karama – The 10th house – Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career.

10th house is the the place which decides what Karma you would like to do or add in society or what actually you want to contribute in society or how society will see you as in action or make an impression based on your impact of your Karmic actions you had given in society or still how it is influencing society.10th house is Nothing about your career, its about your Higher goals, actions, causes and karamas that reflects in society.It is a combination of every karamas both good and bad including Personal or public and mostly it changes its shape depending on the influence of other planets on 10th house via Graha or Rasi Aspect and most important depends on the dispositer lord in D1 and mainly seen via as strength of 10th House/Lord in different Divisional charts. It is more about your environment and actions you are doing in society. Career is only the 1% of his totality , from rest of karmas are those we do in society.  

Here, Beneficial placement shows more about Good karmas those can be highly appreciated by the society for its well being and growth , it could be including of any karama where people get inspired from you i.e via your Social causes those for uplifting of social masses or society, doing work for N.G.O’s or social organizations,  or might be participating in Spiritual  mass movements etc .

Malefic in this house shows more about karama those are influenced by personal benefits and motives, those are highly materially in nature i.e Name, Fame, Proud, satisfying personal Ego’s, material gains, karama for Uplifting only personal bank-balance not for the benefits of society, mankind and any social causes. Its actually shows the combined Karama one like to do or add in society including social, Personal, global or Karma in work place too. Malefic in Kendras mostly Sustains materially much rather than social growth.

It shows the interests, passion, Liking and hard core passion which one wants to show or add in public i.e For influencing political career, N.G.O , C.E.O or might be for becoming spiritual guru etc , it shows what is the actual interest governing you toward particular karma i.e Software industry, Hardware industry, Marketing, doctor, Spiritual purists etc

Its not your work place actually, its not the people whom you interact in , its the environment or society you like to work in or work for higher cause or work for those societies. its never shows one is having doctor profession, or be an astrologer or an engineer. it only shows your interest in that karama or Karma you would like to add or contribute in society which impacts your status. Its your liking toward that karma in society. Planet in 10th house only Shows which karama influenced your work or type of interest, or Profile you influenced by or Karama you would like to add in society.Motive could be either personal or private that precisely depending on the nature of the planet  that is place in 10th house- is it Satvik or Rajsik.  Rajas Guna is more about doing karamas those for Material reasons and Satva  gunas are more about spreading Knowledge and doing social welfare of the  uplifting society, usually for global cause.

For e.g, if One has Mars in 10th house – one must be very dynamic in society, aggressive, passionate and will always like to do work those are influenced by the martian energies , influenced by War, fighting or courage or those are highly action in nature or highly motivated for the protection of society etc .

Still there are micro analysis required to know each and every aspect of karama in society, i,e strength of  the 10th lord in d1, D9, D10 and D60 and checking deity nature for the 10th lord  in divisional charts for analyzing exact karama in society for same. Basic Nature of 10th lord and its associated Nakashtra one of most important aspects in understanding one’s skills and abilities in society.Same way Aspect of Planets on 10th house in D1 and D10 shows how your karamas are modifying because of the gunas of the planets. for Strength we need to see placement of 10th lord from both Sun(Atma) and Moon(Mana) in d1 and d10 chart. For getting better understanding on society perception about you we need to see placement of 10th lord from AL( Arudha Laagana – Its the lagana of people about you, what people are perceiving about you in society). Karam Arudha are another aspects where one can know more about his working environment and can see variation in his work profile during transits and dasha periods.
In D1 chart, 10th lord and its associated Nakashtras shows what is the actual work profile you would like to work for or having deep interest in it and also shows the actual working area skill sets, abilities, qualities, and your field of working profile.i.e if  we analyze the combination of 10th  lord with different planets in associated nakashtras in modern terms we will have different approach and conclusion. for e,g if  10th lord Mars is with Saturn in any house – there would be higher possibilities that native would be in engineering profile and its nakashtra will show what exactly you do in your profile. Lets say If 10th lord is Moon in Punurvasu Nakashtra – that it might shows native would be working with software products or writing in software codes or might be a publisher, spiritual teacher, involving himself in mystic work,  or might be having philosophical thoughts, or might be an  innovator,etc with added influence of Mercury, Jupiter also required on 10th and 10th lord and D10 chart too to see the deeper picture of nature of work.

10th from 10th is the place where one deals with colleges, people publically, Associate partners, businesses partners or the Place where one interact Mutually for the global causes, or for personal benefits, that’s why we deal 7th house for Mutual working, Administration tasks, Managements skills, HR etc.

Maya of the 10th house ( A10 Arudha- Karma pada, Karmarudha, Swarga pada, Swargarudha, Rajya pada) is the place where you actually work, its shows your working company or where you interact with people in work place and it is the actual work place people actually perceives you about in which company you are working for.Any Dasha lord falling in trine from a10 gives you chances or growth for promotion in company. Beneficial in 2nd and 11th from A10 gives you financial gain in company or simply hike in salary. Same-way if Beneficial planets are transiting in trine or upchaya from A10 arudha it gives gain and promotion too. Malefic in 8th and 12th from A10 gives Downfall for company or company may fall or failure of work in those dasha periods. These rules applicable for both D1 and D10 Chart.

10th from AL shows what is the karma you are doing in Society which people perceives about you or make an impression about you i.e Moon in 10th from Al – Native Might be in Social work, doing something wrt to Society or cause for them, Software industry with other combination required too, Nurse or might be Doctor too. Same-way Jupiter and Ketu in 10th from Al – One might be in spiritual pursuit or might be an astrologer or Working in a Spiritual organisation.

10th from Moon shows – your environment, your actual work interest you would to like do in society for earning bread and butter.It is the actual karama mind feel satisfied. it actually shows you how much financial status would be influenced by the karma you are doing in society, if beneficial dashas lords are falling in trine from Moon, result would be good and fruitful.

10th from Sun shows – What is the Work which can give you name and fame in society.

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