Transits vs Dasha, How transits and dasha impacts our day to day life ?

transit vs dasha Transits vs Dasha, How transits and dasha impacts our day to day life ?

Many people are confused about using Dasha and transits simultaneously in their chart but there is a major difference in both the system in its application. Though in traditional Parashari system Dasha has given an edge over transits system. In, Traditional system, transits are used by two reference points one by Lagna and second by Moon in addition use of Ashatak Varga points on the Lagna.

Both the references give good results but reference mapping is the lordship of the House and results depending on the functional role of the planet in the natal chart.

But in this system, I have found the timing event is not so accurate with the use of Nakashtra Dashas.

In my humble experience and opinion, Dasha only shows about the result of your total accumulated karma including both prarabdha and the sanchit karma’s which we have done in many of the past journeys.

As it is based on the placement of the planets that typically shows what sort of karma we have done in the past and we have to experience in this journey in the form of Paap and Punya’s.

Same way, when Dasha period triggers we experience the results of pasts deeds either in good or in a bad way, our mind only responds to that environment.

As the Dasha period starts from the Moon nakshatra so here role of the mind is very much important in understanding the Dasha periods results , reaction and response to the native life issues whether it is the period of Maha Dasha or antardasha.

Because the Dasha period Starts from the moon nakshatra so it has a major  impact on our mind which is a storehouse of our previous karmas.

But when it will activate any major events in our life only decided by the transits, as Transits do the job of delivery boy whose duty is to send you the parcel of results at a given time period.

So results of the events totally dependent on the transit triggering point in the natal chart that mapped over your natal placements of the planets and experiencing good and bad karma seen by the Dasha period as it is based on the planetary placements which shows our karma fruitification.

In transits system, slow-moving planets give long-lasting and consistent results for years that may feel like it is difficult to experience the results for any native.

Same is the case with the fast-moving planets like mercury, moon, and Venus which only resonates with ideas, intelligence, and communication as they move very fast in the space plane and its telegraphy energy also travel’s very fast in ether element so it is very difficult for a common man to differentiate it from others transits.

The whole natal chart is the blueprint of your prarabdha karma and transit is the delivery boy of all the events. When any event will trigger in your life only Transit will decide what is going to happen in your life and in which area it will impact.

Another interesting point in the transit system is that it resonates with your ‘kiryamani’ and ‘agami karma’, that decides what you have to do, what you are thinking and what you are acting in what conditions and further shows that what and how you have to feel the experience in your daily life.

So transit gives the unique power to humans how to think, analyze, and react on any daily life situation, it is totally dependant on the native choice. Transits are not predestined like Dasha systems, they give you choices to react on the environment created by the Dasha systems (Nakashtra Dashas).

Nakshatra (Combining many sun’s become a group of nakshatras)  is the energy and source of all the light given to the planets. Planets behave according to the nakshatra source and light energy.

Vimshotri and other nakshatras dashas only show about your mind setup and how you going to react to an environment created by the dasha pattern . I.e when you are visiting a new place either you are reacting to a new place in a friendly way or in a reactive way.

Action and reaction what Dasha period shows because they work on the moon movement over the specific nakshatra. So, you need to feel the difference be experiencing it.

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Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Case Study: How to analyse Antardasha, Mahadasha and Pratyantar Dasha results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Antardasha lord.
secrets of vimshottari dasa idl084 Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Vimshottari Dasha Tip No 2: 

Frictional Relationship of Planets with AD Dasha lord.

Period of Antardasha Lord always is a major influential factor in bringing many up’s and down in our lives in a shorter duration of life. Reason being AD lord has a direct relationship with the Mind for influencing thoughts, influencing Environment required for physical understanding. Antar Dasha has a leading role in mental makeup and thought provocation. 

What we think what we used to apply in our environment. If Planets are not well placed from AD Lord in Natal and other Divisional charts, the result can differ in many major areas of life but that also depends on certain others factors too, like whether planet placed is malefic or benefic in nature, or is it Exalted or debilitated or is it placed in friendly sign or inimical sign or not.

Now, the question is how?

First rule is AD Lord should be well placed from his own Karka – The Moon, Second factor would be he should be well placed from the Maha-Dasha lord, 3rd factor is He should be well placed from the karka of Maha-Dasha Lord, The Sun and last and most important factor is he should be well placed from the Both Lagna and Lagnesh in D1 and other Divisional charts.

3 Reference points (Sun, Moon and Lagna) and the cycle of 3 has a major role in understanding our life events.

The basic rule is, either it is AD Lord, MD or PD lord it shouldn’t be placed in trik Bhavas (6th, 8th and 12th) from the Lagna, if it is maleficial in nature wrt to the lagna or if it is functional malefic in nature wrt to the lagna.

Why Lagna?
Because it is the first-most symbol of the Body, health and intelligence. How we apply our intelligence and how placement has gone reacts to the body that primarily depends on the placement of the AD Lord in the natal chart. Lagna is a physical plane, everything happening w.r.t to our body is seen from Lagna. 

If AD lord is in trik bhavas to the Lagna it shows Our mind is not synced w.r.t to the body and intelligence correctly in an ordered manner, if it is placed in Upachya Sthan from the Lagna, our mind is querying to the lagna that we want certain improvement in that area, so it shows a continuous area of life where we need to keep working on it. Placement of Ad lord In Kendra to the Lagna shows Narayana Blessing is with us for sustaining our Mundane needs and desires are fulfilled. Placement of AD Lord in trines shows Laxmi Blessing is with us for improvement of certain areas of life via This birth learned Skills (1st), Guru blessings (9th) and Past birth punya Karmas (5th). Here one can rise by own efforts, Trikonas shows one’s efforts, learning’s, and learned skills (Anubhava).

Planetary placement in the Divisional chart shows the status of our Subconscious plane and how we can change our kiryamani karma in future life actions. So placement of the AD lord in Divisional charts has much says on a micro level.

But There are certainly other factors too we need to see from the Natal chart, those can directly create frictions with respect to the AD lord and result will be like wastage and expenditure of energy on useless matters and issues regarding those houses during those AD Lord Dasha periods.

Now the question is what are frictional relationships ??

In Jamini and Prashari system we called frictional relations as Aragala’s and in Nadi system, we called them as a basic Thumb rule for understanding planetary results of any planet in Nadi but I used to call them as Frictional planets. Means planets those can waste our efforts and initiatives even if AD lord is well placed in the natal chart still those frictional planets can waste our energy and efforts uselessly with no results in hands.

According to Sage parashara, Argala is a kind of influence that a planet expresses on another planet in a beneficial or malefic way as a result of 3rd party influencing factor.

If a planet or House puts Argala on other Planet, it means that it can act like as creating an intervention in the matters of others by the direct or indirect mean. This intervention or influencing factor can be beneficial or malefic depending upon the nature of the Argala creating a planet. The beneficial planet gives positive argala and malefic planets gives negative argala.

If an Argala creating planet is Paapagraha (malefic in nature), an intervention will be in a negative way while in a case of Shubha-graha, an intervention will be in a positive way. The positive intervention will help in getting resources in an indirect way, providing good environment, the capability of the planet to add something to that particular house and Negative intervention will do the same.

ShubhArgala Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Shubha Argala is formed if natural Shubha planets are placed in the second, fourth, fifth and eleventh house from the Argala house.

Here Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Mars giving Shubh Argala to the Lagna. Lagna is what good health, Name, Fame and resources. So Jupiter gone help in Getting good food, resources in financial terms, and support from family, Elderly and people are in teachers or guru. Mars, Sun and Mars will help in getting gain from friends and social circle to the Lagna.

VirodhArgala Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Malefic intervention or Virodh-argala shows the obstruction of argala on that house or planet.If it is placed in the 12th, 10th, 3rd and 9th houses from a house or planet that cause virodh-argala and obstruct the argala on it from the 2nd, 4th, 11th and 5th houses from it (respectively).

Here, in an above-mentioned chart, There is total absence of Virodh-argala on Lagna that means Native will do positive via Shubh argalas (Via Positive influence).

Take another example, let say there is a Shubha Argala on the 7th house, it means it will help in getting smoothness in married life if beneficial planets are planets in 8th house (2nd house from the 7th), 8th house beneficial planets without any nodal influence will help marriage in much smoother way, might be couple try save their mutual findings in a better way for better life, their sex life would be much better and balanced, via their mutual savings might they can better feed their married life for better growth But while in the opposite case i.e if malefic planets are placed in 10th house, there will be a papargala (malefic or negative intervention) in 7th house, Means downfall in marriage life or downfall in career of the native due to Marriage issues or after the marriage or due to the negative circumstances in career and marriage life gone suffer.

So we need to understand the concept deeply, whether it is properly working or not. I will explain this concept in deep in another post. My current motive was to explain basic factor here is to understand nature of frictions of planets wrt to the AD lord.

So, Coming to the original topic, here are the Rules to check those frictional planets from AD Lord.

Rule Number 1:

Rule%2BNumber%2B1 Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Check Whether AD lord is placed in trines or Kendras from the Moon sign or Moon Lagna or not, for any fruitful results in AD period. If there is malefic planet AD is going on and if it is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from the Moon sign, possibility is that result won’t be much satisfactory or not according to the state of mind or might be not according to the expectations or not according to what native has decided it earlier, so native might not be getting it accordingly. But exceptions are still there with basic fundamentals are still required for finding strength of the planet for any results. So, one has to decide it carefully 
before drawing any final conclusions while considering many others aspects too before approaching to any final results.If the AD lord is Beneficially disposed wrt to the Moon lagna and badly placed in Natal chart then results might not be much beneficial. Even in Malefic case when the AD lord planet is Exalted or it is placed in friendly sign from the Moon lagna or the malefic planet is functional beneficial in nature wrt to natal chart it will gives good results. So, one should have to consider many other aspects too. 

Generally, it has been seen that whenever AD lord is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house from the moon (Generally in case of malefic’s, if it is functionally malefic to the lagna) resources would be less available or environment won’t be much supportive to the native.I n another hand, Person might face issues in finances, as we have seen Moon for liquidity, cash flow and total financial status or financial opportunities during those periods.

He might feel uncomfortable in those environments or in the work opportunities he may not be fully interested or not willing to do his work with his full efforts or with full passionate desire. This has been seen much true in the case if the AD Lord is functionally malefic in nature wrt to the lagna. Functionally Beneficial planets those are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from the Moon somehow give moderate results. Whereas Venus, Jupiter and Mercury’s AD always has many capabilities to give good results during those periods when they are placed in 6th, 8th or 12th from the Moon sign.

In Case of Functionally malefic especially Mars, Saturn and Nodes, they  usually gives much stress-full life, stiff finances, and sometimes major health issues too or certain blockages in finances. 

But it can be minimised too at much extent if any of these above mentioned planets are placed in Exaltation, friendly signs from 6th, 8th or 12th from the Moon sign. 

Thumb rule is, Simply never expect results according to your expected state of mind makeup or what you are expecting from long, for friendly comfortable environment, whenever any planet is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th from the Moon sign or the AD dasha lord.But if same Malefic or Beneficial AD lord is well placed in either of 5th, 9th and 1st house from Moon, results would be totally different and scenario would be comfortable or totally opposite.

Usually, I have seen whenever AD Lord is not well placed from the Moon sign, Mind  and thoughts usually feels like restless, loss of energy, no decision making, Loss of fruitful or creative ideas or blocked thoughts and would be having feeling of an uncomfortable situation in whatever environment one is going through. If AD Lord is not well placed from 6th, 8th and 12th houses in inimical Signs or nakshatras from Moon, as native usually get environment those are very rigid in nature or possibility will be result not according to will and wish or based on own choices of decisions.

If AD lord is well placed in trine from Moon i.e from Kendra or trine to the Moon lagna, native will always feel like creative, energetic and dynamic in actions and thoughts and always have positive moods and vibrations to accomplish any task.

Moon simply represents environment and resources you are getting from external factors, it can be stiff or it can be comfortable that totally depends on how your AD lord is well placed from Both Natal and Moon chart. Though Natal chart shows your Physical conditions and environments you may get because of your efforts and actions but Moon lagna shows how well you can mentally respond to those situations and conditions if those are not comfortable to thoughts situation would be stiff and tough.

If the AD lord is well placed from the Moon chart, positive Ideas will keep picking up like you are feeling like a scientist who can invent any thought into fruitful actions during that dasha period.Mostly I have seen In trine relationship Native, mostly expects Beneficial events from both material and spiritual Point of view based on the lordship of the planet in Natal chart. The mind will always experience gain in the House representing in the natal chart.

Rule Number 2:

AD%2BLord Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Check whether any Functionally malefic planet is placed in 2nd, 12th and 8th from AD lord or not. If there is Planet placed in 2nd, 12th and 8th from the AD lord, then that house has much capability of giving malefic results to the AD lord planet like wasting efforts, unknown obstacles and can mostly creates hurdles and obstacles in fulfilling any task easily.

It’s like creating unwanted problems from that planet w.r.t to the house. Issues pertaining to those houses will always be in limelight in that AD Period. This is simply like in a parliament 1 member is keep arguing or keep opposing your viewpoints or keep creating unwanted problems to you, it can be unwanted or can be open challenges that totally dependent on nature of that planet w.r.t to AD lord planet. Mostly i have seen person often feels like his efforts or actions are wasting and going in vain and he always feels like unnecessary obstacles are troubling him and facing hurdles in accomplishing any task he undertakes. Usually, his positive energy always spent on or focus on those matters where those malefic planets are in placed in.

If Same AD Lord is stuck in between malefic planets in 12th and 2nd house from each other, whole energy of mind will be spent on matters of 12th and 2nd house from that AD Lord.This usually creates a situation of Bandhan yoga where AD lord always feels helpless to accomplish any task. If 12th house from the AD lord planet has Functionally malefic planet w.r.t AD lord the whole dasha period will be like painful or duration won’t be easy to survive.

12th from AD Lord means where you are always focusing or spending your energy whole heartily in one direction, it can be an expenditure of  energy in malefic way or can be in a beneficial way that totally depends on a planet is beneficial or malefic placed in the 2nd and 12th house from AD Lord.

If there is malefic planet placed in 12th house from AD lord, your mental energy will always be going in direction of expenditures or distraction,  issue and matter pertaining to that house will always be key for that AD period. for e,g If Rahu is placed in 12th from Sun AD period, and if same Rahu is placed in 5th house in the natal chart.

It Simply means that Rahu won’t let the sun to breathe easily, it keep giving issues related to 5th house i.e health troubles to children’s, Home environment would be mess because of love affairs, Native may always feel restless or cheated in relationship and Education can give problems to native and there can be many issues regarding 5th house which native can experience during that Sun AD period.

we have to only see the deep link with AD Lord. 2nd house from AD Lord is like feed or food to the AD Lord, if it is beneficial Dasha will be in a comfortable state like a bed of roses. If it is malefic AD Lord will be like in a helpless position during that Dasha period like walking in a cactus road. So, always see which planet is going to act like frictional toward AD lord planet.12th, 2nd and 8th house from AD are like Frictional planets.

In Jamini System we use these terms as Shubh Argala, Paap Argala and virodh argala to that house.

In General 8th from the AD, lord planet means suffering on account of that house during that Dasha period if it is case of functional malefic.

Take an Example Chart,

D1 Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.
Here Native MD lord is Moon placed in 9th house in exaltation with AD Lord Sun and Mercury and 3 malefic planets are placed in 12th from It in 8th house. Sun AD started from February onward and native started facing lots of issue wrt to health, Loss in Fathers business (9th Lord in 8th), Loss in luck (Bhadkesha as well as 9th Lord in 8th house with 6th and 8th lord Saturn with 4th lord Ketu, shows lots of family issues and troubles and also Vastu dosha too also seen form the chart). Family issues are clearly seen from the (4th Lord in 8th) chart as 4th Lord Ketu is with 7th and 6th lord Saturn and also under the influence of Nodes too.

The problem in higher education (Saturn placed in 8th house, falling in 12th from the 9th house of higher education and aspects 5th house, showing delays and obstacles in completing education) also seen from the chart, Native is facing breaks and hurdles in Bachelor degree. 

Here good point is that the Native is getting support from the 10th house as Venus placed in own sign but due to 12th from the Moon, MD and AD having 3 malefic planets are placed in 8th house, Native not able to fully concentrate on his studies, fathers business and own career establishment, As whole of his energy is focused on 12th house from it.

Here Solution lies in the strengthening (Where Sun is exalted) of the 9th house Karka – Both Sun and Jupiter. Here the 9th house is getting aspect from Jupiter via 5th house, So Native need to go under the shelter of Guru blessings and he need to get Mantra Deeksha from the Learned guru, as Jupiter is falling in trine from the 9th house, Jupiter will provide strength to the 9th house.

Another thing is, as Lagnesh is Exalted in 9th house, he needs to visit Rameshwaram Temple with his father to fully activate his 9th house properties. As Venus is placed in Kendra sthan(Vishnu Sthan) in Taurus , is acting as feeder or Sustainer for the 9th house, being fallen in 2nd from it, So, Native father and his mother Need to visit Laxmi-Narayana ( Tirupati Balaji) Temple in south of India to get fully strengthen his Career, luck and father (Printing and Designing, Represented by Venus) Business in track.

For Resolving Family Matters, Bhadkesha lord is placed in Fixed sign in d9 and also afflicted in 8th house with nodes and Saturn in D1, Native need to Fix his South (Mars – Direction) corner of the house via Vastu Remedies.

Case Study 2,

Native%2BD1 Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha : How to analyse results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from AD lord.

Here Native MD Lord Jupiter is placed in the 12th house with 1st and 10th lord Mercury and Marnakarka Sun(lord of 12th in 12th house) and Antardasha lord  Moon is placed in the 5th house having a relation of 6/8 with each other that shows somehow mind is not perfectly sync with the body and somehow Moon AD can be much troublesome in some matters and would be difficult in many Matters related to the 12th houses (i.e Health, Sleeplessness, Father health’s, Career Break), as 12th lord Dispositer Sun is also weakly placed in 12th clearly showing house is weak
During her Moon AD under Jupiter MD period Native faced lots of traumatic events Wrt to his career, own health issues, and majorly faced Father health issues, as Sun is placed in Marnakarka sthan from the Lagna and also placed in 8th from the Dasha lord and Moon too. 
Native lost his father in Sun/Moon AD period Around Jan-Feb 2017 and she is still under the distressed situation because the moon has lost his moral and mental strength for regaining the inner emotional and motivational strength, as there are none of beneficial planets placed on either side from the moon. 
Moreover, Aspect of Mars somehow also exaggerating the current mental state into fierce form due to anger and frustration she is facing because of unknown troubles she is facing  and many a time it would be a tough call for her to manage her emotional aggression. During this tenure, She also left her Job in Moon AD period after her father death, as 10th lord Mercury is also placed in 8th from the AD lord Moon with the Bhadkesha lord Jupiter too placed in 12th house and 12th house is totally under the influence of Paap Kratiri yoga, Rahu and Saturn both are placed in either side. 

Even she also faced tuberculosis issue in her neck after Feb 2017 too. During this period, she faced both the financial as well an emotional issues and both were in peak during this whole of Moon Antar Dasha period. 

During the PD period of Mercury and Ketu In December-January 2016-17 native again started facing issues wrt to her mother health reason being 4th, Lagnesh and 7th, 10th Lord all are placed in 8th from the AD lord Moon,and moreover Moon is afflicted by nodes and mars too.Even D12 chart also shows affliction on Both sun and moon. 

Moreover, Moon is Ak as well as deeply afflicted by the nodes and Mars aspecting it from the 2nd house too. So moon Dasha period seems to be very tough for her emotional as well as other family issues to manage such problems from every side. As there are no beneficial planets are placed in 12th and 2nd from it. Here, Solution lies in only strengthening and propitiating the strongest Planet placed from the Natal chart with the strengthening of the Karka, The Moon for her better Mental state and mother health.

For her blocked career growth, she needs to start worshipping Goddess Laxmi daily or need to visit any Shakti Peeth to get stronger the Venus. Luckily Native has a deep infatuation for the Mata Vaishno Devi from the beginning of her age, So suggested for same.

For Improvement of her own health, Mental stability and mother health Native advised to visit Somnath temple to do Shiva Rudra Abhishek to strengthen the weak and afflicted Moon.This way she will start getting blessings from Lord Shiva.

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Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha- How to trace Major and Minute Life events in Vimsotri Dasha Period

27 Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha- How to trace Major and Minute Life events in Vimsotri Dasha Period

Tips for Tracing Major and Minor life events from Vimsotri Dasha :

Vimsottari Dasha is most known and common dasha system calculated based on Movement of the Moon on the progression of Nakshatras at the time of birth (Tithi – Longitudinal distance of Sun and Moon).This Nakshatra is one of Most important Anga in Panch-anga system for identifying well being and over health of the mind and body of the native.

Whole Dasha system progresses based on  combination of Total 9 Nakashtras  which Forms a complete 120 year of cycle of dasha as equals to life cycle in kaliyug, as suggested by sages.It is presumed as total life span of human being in kaliyug would be of around about 100 to 120 years.

There are Total 27 Nakashtras where we have divided into 3 groups ( 9*3 = 27 Nakashtras – forms 3 different Nakashtras based progressive Vimsotri Dasha system). for e.g If one is Born in Jyestha Nakashtra – Dasha of the native will starts from Mercury ( Lord of Jyestha) and it goes further up-to rest of 8 Nakashtras, like Moola ( Ketu Dasha) ,Poorva ashada ( Lord Venus) and finally it will end at Uttrabhadra Nakaashtra (Lord Saturn). Every Preceding Nakashtra has Major role in Forming Mental Setup of Native during the progressions of Vimsotri Dasha lords in VM Dasha system .Starting point of Dasha system is Ashwani (Nakashatra lord is Ketu) and end of Dasha system is Revti Nakashtra.

VMD Dasha System is a Commonly used Dasha system but Less in its accuracy and timing Events, in its application & usage, if one is not aware of Usage of Nakashtras and Degree Concepts with accurate Birth time in VMD system, than its not easy to Use it wisely with perfection, VMD perfection need case studies of lots of people and in depth knowledge of Nakashtras, Degrees, Padas and art of Birth time rectification process. So, what i believe is knowledge of Degrees and Nakashtras is must while timing events in VMD Dasha system.

If during the birth, Moon is Stronger in strength; means birth In Brighter nights(Shukala Pakasha), we considered Moon as Stronger. During Brighter Nights Moon is ahead of Sun and more powerful to receive Sun Beneficial Rays which are directly gone impact people mindset, who will take birth in earth during this period of time.

Most of Beneficial Works are done in Shukala Pakasha tithis. Even in Bhagwada Geeta it is Mentioned as – Birth in Shukala Paksha leads to Heaven and people who gone die at same tithi and same Pakasha never come back to earth in material world.

Those who are Born in Krishana Pakasha they used to come back to material world again and again until and unless karmic balance is equals to zero. So, those people who are born in Brighter Nights (Shukala Pakasha tithi ), can use VMD Dasha system blindly in Natal and Divisional Charts without any 2 views.

For its applicability, Check the Strength of VMD Dasha lords by Making Moon as Reference Point and Extracts the result of VMD Dasha lord by its Nakashtra and its Lord in Natal Chart.
Those who are Born in Darker Nights ( Krishna Pakasha), we considered Moon as weaker being in darker side of Sun, not able to receive full rays of Sun. Those people who are born in Krishna Pakasha Tithi – Either they should use Yogini Dasha System or Ancient Dasha system based on 108 years of cycle (Ashtottari Dasha system) as explained by Lord Shiva for timing events and Dasha results in Kaliyug.

Moon & Nakashtras are the base for Vimsotri Dasha System & it should be given Higher Priority over Planets placement in Natal and Divisional charts while analyzing Results for any Dasha Period ( Either it is MD , Ad or PD or Sookashmaa Dasha). VMD Gives Events based on what Mind Will Show and Experience you a Picture.In My calculation its Accuracy is 60-70%.

As our sages made the Progression of Vimsotri dasha from Movement of Moon over different nakashtra during the course of 27.5 days, this dasha period has major role in identifying and tracing life events based on certain vimsotri dasha sub dashas divisions.It is a known fact that when a soul actually take entry in Body to give life to a new soul, baby birth usually takes place and during that duration the movement of moon on certain degrees, minute and seconds has major role in identifying past birth punya karmas.

So, one should never ignore the fact that the same moon is refereed as Maa Adi-Shakti in Vedic deities whose responsibility is to balance this material universe. Its due to Adi-Shakti Power this whole world is energized with the prana shakti from animals, to humans to plants to planets. every existence in this material world has energy in it.  The same power of Praana shakt in also running in the new born baby in the form of Moon energy when it enters in a body.

moon in the sky wallpaper Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha- How to trace Major and Minute Life events in Vimsotri Dasha Period

Moon actually signifies power of adi Shakti in human body. Body without mind is called boat without any guide moving aimlessly and in direction-less motion. So due to its life forcing nature one should see every event in life based on one’s Moon Lagana. Moon is Prana Shakti (Life giving), the Nourishment power, its a karka of Motherly nature, Its a  karka of Love and majorly it rules our mind, out thoughts and energy which is hidden everywhere and ruiling us.  Its more preciously a Prana Dasha which actually explained us in vedic astrology how Life force moves in every being or or how pran Shakti energies enters in our body and nourishes the Soul, Mind and body with the every moment of moon from seconds to minutes .

Moon Nakashtra and Mind is the basic Key in understanding Vimsotri Dasha life progression and how that life force air actually drives that energy in our life seen via the Nakashtra of the moon when it travels in a month in certain degrees forming over different tithits. One should always considered strength of Nakashtra lord of Moon for native health, Mind and Physical conditions. In timing Smallest to smallest events one should see from Moon lagana. Moon gives you environment where one has to act and react based on situation given or created by the physical conditions. How we react and act, simply decides how we actually takes decision in life.This More shows our aagami Karma for future life variations. So, we should always see events of life via Moon and its Nakashtras progressions in different signs. For tracing smallest to smallest events.
For better understanding i have highlighted major points in step by step, please Use this below mentioned System for verify Major to minor events in life via  use of vimsotri Dasha.

1) Use Sun lagana for MD Lord strength, to see how soul moves in particular direction in particular MD period for finding goal of life for number of years. As Sun rules our Atma -Soul- it decides goals of our aatma. that’s why for final evaluation of Atma one need time to transform itself after major time duration’s. It takes much time to realize what is the real goal of soul you got from past.Only can be possible when a soul faces major life events or a soul realizes slowly after duration of time. Trines from Sun Shows improvements, additions of skills in atma one learn from past. MD lord placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Sun shows major life lessons regarding that house for e.g if MD lord is placed in 12th from Sun – it shows life event is regarding realization, Moksha, Spiritual transformations  and  major spiritual lessons. If Md Lord is 6th from Sun – Soul has to learn how to  get peace after sickness, diseases, fights, hardships and transformations. MD lord 8th from Sun shows Past life events that one has to face or debit in that dasha period. MD lord placed in Trines and Kendra from Sun shows soul has to evolve both materially and spiritually.

2) Use Moon Lagana for AD lord Strength to see how Mind acts and Reacts in given Environments for facing those challenges and Psychological  events given by Rashi. As moon shows Mind and thoughts and negative and positive environment has major impact on one’s mind and body.Mind can feel comfortable if environment is soothing and peaceful. If environment is hard , mind has to suffer or find on account of the environmental challenges.  Dasha lord in 6th, 8th and 12th from Moon lagana always be a conflicting state for our mind.

3) Use Natal Lagana for PD lord Strength to see how those events effects our physical body health and its conditioning.How it actually effects deha(Body). The Short duration in Vimsotri is Pratyantar dasha period which actually signifies the life events in physical form. If Any of PD lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Lagana than health and body can suffer during the AD period.

4) Use Progression of Current Moon transits in those Nakashtras when moon moves in transit chart for Sookshama AD in PD.Sookshma means minute events those are signifies by the movement of moon over different Nakashtras and its padas. If the Sookshma dasha lord is somehow interrelated with Moon transits nakashtra, signs, degrees or padas we might see sudden events those can effects our mind during that PD period.

5) Use Moon Lagana with Transit of Praana Antardashas Lord planets under Sookshama Dasha. Praana means very vital life events which can effects our Deha and Mind. If Praana Dasha lord is badly placed or afflicted from Moon Lagana, than we might can face issues related to life events.

6) Use transit of Deha AD lord in Praana AD with reference of Moon Nakashtras for seeing any Impact on body for those 2.5 days of Moon transits on particular Nakashtras.

Majorly Key of Praana and Deha Dasha is Moon only. Never ignores the power of Moon Lagana in transit charts for Seeing Hourly and days based events under those Sookashma dasha periods.

pin Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha- How to trace Major and Minute Life events in Vimsotri Dasha Period

Detailed analysis of Timing of Marriage using Vimshottari and Narayana Dasha

timing of marriage in astrology 1 Detailed analysis of Timing of Marriage using Vimshottari and Narayana Dasha

In Indian society marriage is a highly prestigious work, our dharma includes marriage and it is considered very auspicious in our religion. There are so many reasons behind the same and also some benefits also from the same but leaving all of them aside in this small paper we will time Marriage using Vimshottari Dasha. Narayan dasha and Navamsha Narayan dasha.

This paper tends to show usage of Narayan dasha in timing marriage and will also clear some doubts on Vimshottari dasha relating to its origin from Moon/Ascendant as well as it’s usage for timing marriage.

Please go through all 5 examples very carefully as there are so many secrets of prediction laying within them that intelligent readers can grasp very easily.

Example 1 – John F. Kennedy 29th May 1917, 14:51, Brookline, MA, US

Married on – 12 September 1953

Vimshottari dasha – ascendant is aspected by Jupiter whereas Moon isn’t aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury and as moon being in 12th house Ascendant is most suitable to start Vimshottari dasha. Jupiter MD in D1 chart Jupiter is in 9th house aspecting ascendant 7th from 7th and he is also 7th lord. In Navamsha he is in 6th house aspecting 7th lord and Ascendant lord of navamsha thus Sun and Rahu. Moon AD in D1 moon is in 12th house of bed pleasures that is very vital in marital life (UL is also derived from 12th house) in D1 he is also giving Argala to 7th lord in D9 the same moon is giving Argala to D9 ascendant and in 7th from D9 ascendant lord and aspected by co-lord of 7th house of D9. Venus PD Venus in D1 is with 7th lord and giving Argala to ascendant lord and in D9 Venus is in ascendant with 7th lord and giving Argala to D9 ascendant lord. Mars SD mars in D1 are with ascendant lord and also aspecting UL from Graha Drishti. He is also lord of UL and in D9 Mars is giving Argala to ascendant as well as 7th lord (both 7th lords) and in 7th from ascendant lord of D9. Rahu PAD Rahu is giving Argala to ascendant in D1 and is aspecting D1 ascendant lord as well as lord of UL. In D9 Rahu in 2nd house is giving Argala to ascendant and also are 7th lord aspecting D9 Ascendant lord and DK Jupiter.

Narayan dasha – Libra/Virgo/Scorpio/Sagittarius/Gemini

Libra is aspected by DK Jupiter and in 12th from UL showing bed pleasures. Virgo is D1 ascendant 7th from 7th and in 11th from UL and AL. Scorpio have ownership of UL itself. Lord of Sagittarius is DK, Gemini have the most auspicious and favorable Ketu in it.

Navamsha ND – Aquarius/Pisces/Gemini/Taurus/Aries
Aquarius is 7th house. Pisces have UL and Ketu in Navamsha (Venus and Ketu are two planets capable of giving marriage in Narayan dasha or frankly saying in whole Jaimini System because Ketu is significator for UL and Venus for 7th house) Gemini is aspected by 7th lord Rahu and Ketu and UL. Taurus has ascendant lord Sun in it and Aries is aspected by A7 as well as Venus and 7th lord Saturn.

Transit – Jupiter was aspecting 2nd house from UL by Rashi and Graha Drishti and was over co-lord of UL Ketu. Saturn was aspecting 2nd from UL by Graha drishti and also was in aspect with 7th lord of natal chart in transit. Nodal axis was in 5-11 showing fulfillment of desires as Ketu was in 11th it gave marriage.

Example 2 – 8th January 1980, 11:43, Mumbai, Male

Married on – 13 December 2002

Vimshottari –in first sight moon seems powerful by association of Jupiter but being with Rahu and Mars he is considerably weak Jupiter is also retrograde along with all this moon is in last degrees of sign and also in 6th house thus we will start dasha from Ascendant.

Mercury/ Jupiter/Mars/Mercury/Rahu

Mercury is 7th lord and in D9 giving Argala to ascendant. Jupiter is aspecting mercury the 7th lord and giving Argala to ascendant in D9. Mars is aspecting UL as well as ascendant in D1 and in D9 is over ascendant to show the event and Rahu in D1 is aspecting 7th lord and by his 2nd aspect also aspecting 7th house and in Navamsha Giving Argala to 7th house and aspecting Venus as well as A7.

Narayan dasha – Sagittarius/Libra/Gemini/Aries/Virgo

Sagittarius has A7 and 7th lord in it. Libra is aspected by Ketu as well as Jupiter ascendant lord and in 2nd house from 7th house Argala sign. Gemini is 7th from A7 aspected by DK Saturn and 7th lord Mercury. Aries is aspected by UL as well as Ketu, and Virgo is 7th house itself with DK Saturn.

Navamsha ND – Sagittarius/Libra/Scorpio/Aquarius/Libra

Sagittarius is aspected by Venus, Libra is D9 ascendant having 7th lord Mars, Scorpio has Ketu in it; Aquarius has DK Saturn in it.

Transit – Jupiter was aspecting UL as well as his ascendant and Saturn was in 4th house aspecting 2nd house from his UL by Rashi aspect and was aspecting his Lagna. Double transit on Lagna 7th from 7th. Rahu Ketu was in 3-9 Axis Ketu over UL gave him marriage.

See in this chart Badhak from his Shree Lagna is in his 7th house being DK, Badhak house from his UL have Saturn DK and lord of that Badhak house is in 2nd from UL. Lord of SL is in 11th house of Hara with A8 and so many planets are in 6th house. His UL is aspected by Saturn and Mars by Graha aspect and Venus by Rashi aspect. See his 7th and 11th houses as Libra is in 8th house and Aquarius in 12th house in chart and see Venus AmK in 11th and retrograde DK Saturn in 7th house. And UL in Badhak house from AL and chart was not matched before marriage. The native was happy in his life living overseas once he married his lady love he is now in India jobless. Starving for money and career. He left studies after 8th and now his condition is very kind. But see tamas influence over his ascendant and ascendant lord and intelligent readers will get a hint what I want to say. Starving for even basic necessities from few years he wants to be millionaire.

Example 3 – 20th July 1992, 18:35, Delhi, Female

Married on – 14th November 2010

Vimshottari Dasha – her moon is in own sign with Mercury but in Maran Karak Sthan and Debilitated in navamsha whereas Ascendant is aspected by Jupiter thus we will start vimshottari dasha from ascendant.


Venus is in 7th house in her chart and giving Argala to Lagna in D9, Saturn in her birth chart is in mutual aspect with 7th lord and in navamsha giving Argala to Lagna. Mars is aspecting his 7th lord in Lagna and giving Argala to D9 ascendant. Rahu is in ascendant in D1 as well as in D9.

Narayan dasha – Cancer/Gemini/Scorpio/Libra/Gemini

Cancer has the 7th lord mercury, Gemini is the 7th house, and Scorpio is aspected by DK as well as 7th lord Mercury and UL. Libra is 11th sign aspected by A7 as well as significator of marriage for female chart Jupiter.

Navamsha ND – Sagittarius/Taurus/Gemini/Aquarius/Cancer

Sagittarius is the 7th house having Ketu in it. Taurus is aspected by DK mercury. Gemini is D9 ascendant, Aquarius lords AL and its co-lord is in D9 ascendant. Cancer is again aspected by AL and A7 in navamsha. Arudh shows our image in society and It is very important in society what does image means with respect to D9 it is marriage thus in D9 the sign having AL can also give marriage. As aspected by the same as we can see in last to Dashas of Aquarius and Cancer they both either have AL or aspected by AL and A7 and Venus.

Transit – Jupiter was in 2nd from UL aspecting 7th house by Graha Drishti, Saturn was in and from A7 and aspecting 7th house by Graha aspect thus there was a dual transit on 7th house showing marriage and as nodal axis was also in 1-7 having Ketu in 7th marriage fructified in this time frame.

She was married when she was 18, 7th house have debilitated Ketu the 12th lord and Venus significator of 7th house along with sun, Sun is 9th house lord and Venus is 11th and 7th house lord showing due to some mistakes of the girl her parents married her as soon as possible. But as being an astrologer we have some responsibilities and one of them is hiding precious information about their clients too. She had 2 male children till now see influence of male planets on her 5th and 7th house and also on 9th house next children also seems to be male but as Rahu Ketu axis is in 7th house it seems difficult now.

Example 4 – 17th November 1979, 13:28, Delhi, Male

Married on – 29th September 2009

Vimshottari Dasha – as ascendant is aspected by Jupiter and moon isn’t aspected by either Jupiter or mercury we will start dasha from ascendant.


Saturn in D1 is ascendant lord giving Argala to 7th house as well as 7th lord. In D9 Saturn is in ascendant being ascendant lord and also giving Argala to 7th lord on D9. Jupiter in D1 is in 7th house and in D9 giving Argala to 7th house and 7th lord. Sun in D1 is 7th lord and in D9 is in 7th house.

Narayan dasha – Aries/Pisces/Gemini/Libra/Pisces

Aries is aspected by A7 as well as 7th lord and its lord is in 7th house, Pisces is 11th from UL and is aspected by Ascendant lord Saturn and its lord Jupiter is in 7th house. Lord of Gemini is with Sun who is 7th lord as well as DK and Venus. Libra having Shree Lagna shows marriage and is also aspected by UL.

Navamsha ND – Gemini/Cancer/Leo/Gemini/Capricorn
Gemini is 6th house whose lord is in 9th house this shows marriage but fate of marriage will make the scenario clearer. Cancer is the 7th house. Having DK sun, Leo is the 8th house aspected by A7, UL, Venus and Ketu. Gemini is 6th house aspected by Bhrigu Bindu we will see its use later; Capricorn is the ascendant having Ketu and Venus.

Transit – Jupiter is aspecting UL from Rashi aspect and Graha aspect as well. Saturn is aspecting 2nd from UL by rashi aspect and is in 8th house and they both are making dual transit over his 7th lord sun in transit. Rahu Ketu is in 6-12 axis showing punishment is soon to come after Bhoga. Rahu in 12th and in trine to UL shows marriage.

AL and A7 are in same house and UL is in 7th from both of them the same is the condition in Navamsha. But see his 7th house Having Jupiter Rahu and Mars in D1 and Rahu and sun in D7, 7th lord in D1 as well as in D9 is in 10th house see the presence of Rahu in 7th house in both rashi and navamsha. DK sun and AK Venus is not mutual friends. In Navamsha AK in ascendant shows another path for the soul. 2nd house from his UL in D1 is Gemini that As per Jaimini is sure sign for second marriage lord of UL and 2nd there from is in 10th house from ascendant but with Gulika and Maandi and 7th lord sun is also there this case shows the havoc created by Gulika in horoscope. Being in the sign of Scorpio this is even more dangerous. Now this same is happening with A7 and 7th from UL. 2nd lord from UL in navamsha is exalted but retrograde behaving like debilitated. We will continue this case with wife of the native as next example.

Example 5 – 15th July 1982, 17:35, Karnal, Female

Married on – 29th September 2009

Moon is aspected by Jupiter and ascendant is aspected by Mercury. There are 7 planets in quadrant to ascendant whereas only one in quadrant to Moon thus we will initiate the dasha from ascendant.


Sun is in 7th house in D1 and giving Argala to ascendant in D9. Jupiter in D1 is ascendant lord in 11th house giving Argala to ascendant and aspecting 7th house as well as 7th lord. Ketu is in ascendant in D1 chart and in D9 he is giving Argala to ascendant as well as 7th house.

Narayan Dasha – Libra/Pisces/Virgo/Capricorn/Aquarius

Libra is having significator of marriage for female charts Jupiter in it, Pisces lords A7, Virgo is aspected by 7th house as well as A7, and Capricorn is 7th from UL and aspected by 12th house that is very vital in married life. Aquarius is having Shree Lagna; along with this it is also aspected by Jupiter and UL.

Navamsha ND – Libra/Gemini/Capricorn/Capricorn/Scorpio

Libra is having Venus in it. Like Venus moon is also very vital for marriage both being watery planets play a major role in the same after all marriage is unity of mind and emotions too. Venus is also DK. Gemini is aspected by UL, Capricorn is 2nd from UL aspected by 7th and 1st house of D9, Scorpio is having Ketu in own house.

Transit –
Jupiter is aspecting UL from Graha Drishti and 2nd from UL by rashi drishti, Saturn was aspecting 7th house from Rashi drishti as well as Graha Drishti, And Nodal axis was in 2-8 having Ketu over UL showing marriage time.

See DK of one is AK of another and vice-versa showing they were soul mates meaning their souls have to learn something from each other. But what happened. From UL of male ascendant of female is in 8th house and from UL of female ascendant of male is in 8th. Moon of female native is in Aries that is exaltation sign of Male’s 7th lord sun showing she brought prosperity with her. And trine from Venus and Sun (Occupants of 7th house) in navamsha is the sign Libra where Moon of male is placed in that shows perfect moon sign match in both of the charts. But what about ascendant the seat of intelligence that is a sure mismatch. See Nodal axis in 1-7 in both the charts with both having Ketu in ascendant and Rahu in 7th. And cluster of planets in 7th house in both charts. Now focus on the female chart one some points. UL is in 12th from AL in D1 charts shows rejection from spouse and due to that extra-marital relationship. Moon and Mars is together in 4th house in D9 in female chart sowing lack of happiness from marriage. Moon is in trine from Jupiter showing although she is religious and not inclined towards extra-marital relationships. Due to 6-8 between A7 and AL it shows due to lack of conjugal bliss between husband and wife she moved towards illicit relationships. Her UL is also with A6. Lord of her UL moon is in 5th house but aspected by Mars in D1 and with mars in 4th house in D9 and 2nd lord from UL sun is in 7th house where he naturally becomes debilitated and with Rahu in eclipse. That same Sun is AK showing hard lesson that have to be learnt.

When male native came to the scribe he reported wife left home at 15th April 2015

Male chart –- Saturn/Venus/Jupiter/Jupiter/Saturn

Saturn in D1 is in 8th house Marak from 7th house being lord of ascendant showing effect of 8th house will be hampered and 6th house will be boosted resulted in separation from wife and end of marital relationships. He by his cold aspect is aspecting A7 cooling down physical relationship between them and also aspected and from UL from Graha as well as Rashi drishti resulting in break in marriage. Venus being lord of UL is in 7th house of opposition from UL and is severely afflicted by Sun and Mercury and 3rd aspect of Saturn and 4th aspect of Mars. He is also Dig Bal less there showing lack of home comforts. When homemaker is not there how a man can be comfortable in home. Jupiter lord of hara from UL that is involved in Guru Chandal and Kuja Dosha in 7th house made his work in the same time and being in 4th from 4th disturbed marital bliss and home happiness. We are not going into Narayan dasha but readers are advised to check the same for better clarity on the subject to limit the size of paper I am not going into the same.

Female chart – Moon/Rahu/Jupiter/Jupiter/Mercury

Moon is lord of UL afflicted by Mars but also aspected by Jupiter but as he is with Mars in D9 too his effect was sure over him resulting in havoc. Rahu is making eclipse in 7th house and in 12th from UL. Jupiter is in 8th house in Navamsha showing break of marriage and marital bliss too as he in marak house from 7th house in D9 and bad house from D9 ascendant. Mercury the Badhak lord is in 7th house with DK and in Navamsha is debilitated showing the event.

We can see highly afflicted 7th house its lord and karaka in both the chart and also can see how a mismatch chart have made more havoc.

Male native reported he caught her wife in extra-marital relationship red handed on 26th January 2014

In female chart – Moon/Moon/Saturn/Moon/Jupiter

Readers can see the role of moon here showing her dissatisfaction have led to this in this chart moon is lord of UL and severely afflicted as we have seen it earlier. Here in her D9 moon is in trine to Jupiter and we should remember the classic story of abduction of wife of Jupiter by Moon and here in this D9 moon being lord of 3rd house copulation is in 4th house place of copulation with Mars in Leo sign showing copulation with a young men unmarried in a royal place or something like forest or cave. In modern context in camp houses or old houses can be counted in the same. Mars also being 7th lord and Moon 3rd lord in conjunction in 7th house confirms this to a great extent. In D9 moon is in 5th house of love. Saturn being lord of A7 in D9 is controller of sexual desires and in D1 he is afflicting 7th house by his 10th aspect and 7th lord and 7th karak and DK as well. DK and karak of 7th both being in 7th house with Rahu have worsen the condition to a great extent and also have made something very much like Karko Bhava Nasay. Saturn is also 8th lord from UL showing his role in break of marriage. Jupiter in D1 is in 11th house that shows physical relationship out of marriage by native’s own wish. He is lord of A7 in mutual aspect with lord of UL bringing love in marriage in a bad way due to affliction of Jupiter by Rahu and Moon by Mars. In Navamsha he is in 8th over UL although being lord of UL but being aspected by Sun depositor of this adulterous combination of Moon and Mars it have just worsen the situation.

In this way marital life and related matters can be found using Vedic astrology. All these charts have so many other scopes of justification that readers should try themselves to enhance their own knowledge. The best remedy for marital discord is to keep fast on the day rules by lord of UL. By a good match making 50% of marital disaster can be lessen down.

May god bless us all with wisdom and light

Om Tat Sat
Shubham Alock

pin Detailed analysis of Timing of Marriage using Vimshottari and Narayana Dasha