How to do Timing of Events Using Planetary Transit’s in Vedic Astrology, Part – 1


In Vedic astrology there are several methods of timing of events, they all can be used and if used properly give good results, but you also have to know when to use which thing in which way.

Few Methods to Time Events in Vedic Astrology are:-
Using Dasha
Using Transit
Using Natural Age of Planets.
Using Special Methods like Lomesh Anshak Paddhati, Sarvatobhadra Chakra.

Today here we will be discussing about Transit.

First this should must be understood that transit have their own limitations, transits works in respect to dasha and Antardasha, like for example transit of moon, sun, even of Saturn will be in same sign for more than once in lifetime for a person having medium life span of 60 years, so dasha and Antardasha should always be kept in mind, sadhesati in dasha of Marak will become more dreaded as compared to sadhesati in dasha of yogakarak.

Secondly under transit there is doubt whether to see transit from ascendant or from moon, I will tell you to use both the technique and give conclusion after watching them both,
Transit from ascendant will show the condition presented and from moon it will show the mental conditions of the native or the impact of the event over the mind of the native, 

After that also check the transit of planet from their own position in birth chart, this will also give very good clues about the events likely to occur. Movement of planets with respect to their natal chart position give result relating to their karkatwa (significations),
Also note the house where combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn falls that house will be activated for the time period and house in your horoscope where that sign falls will become active like right now check Leo in your horoscope where Jupiter is in transit and Saturn is aspecting using 10th aspect, see in which rashi Leo falls and in which house and you will see events related to that house have been happened or not. Like in next year when Jupiter will be in Virgo his 5th aspect will be on Capricorn where Saturn is already aspecting using his 3rd aspect and in this way next year Capricorn will be activated. 

if anyone comes to you to ask question, then put transit of that time over his chart and you will be able to know the problem of the native, the house being most afflicted will be the house related to which the native will be facing problems. 

To know if a transit will be favorable or not then see the rashi in which any planet is transiting, then see how many points that rashi gets in BAV (Bhinna Ashtak Varga) of that planet and how many points that rashi gets in SAV (Sarva Ashtak Varga) in in BAV 4 or more than 4 then good result if in SAV more than 28 then good results, if not then bad effects. 

Also see in which Navamsha planet is transiting, like Jupiter in Leo is in Scorpio Navamsa, now in your chart see where Leo is and where Scorpio is and check the same in Navamsha chart and then go to results. 

While judging the transits also see aspect of other planets over that planet, his conjunction with other planets in transit, also see if in natal chart the planet is transiting over other planets natal chart position , this can trigger few important events, like 5th lord transiting over natal Venus can give love relationship, or over natal mars can give attraction towards another sex or can give fights too, also see placement of planets to each other like Jupiter-Saturn in 4-10 axis in transit can give jobs to so many people but Jupiter in 6th house in transit from natal Saturn can give problem in professions too. 

In any sign 0 to 3.45 degree is ruled by Saturn, 3.45-7.30 Jupiter, 7.30-11.15 mars, 11.15-15.00 sun, 15.00-18.45 Venus, 18.45-22.30 mercury, 22.30-16.15 moon, 26.25-30.00 ascendant, the degree division for planets are same in every sign, now just suppose Saturn is transiting in Libra and in BAV of Saturn Libra gets 5 points, so see in BAV of Saturn which planets gave him points, let us suppose that sun, mars, Jupiter, Venus and ascendant have given point in Libra in Saturn’s BAV. 
So when Saturn will go through that portion of rashi where their degrees falls Saturn will give his effect and at other places he will be ineffective. In this case Saturn will give his effect when he will be in 3.45 degrees to 18.45 degrees and again he will give effect when he will be in 26.25 to 30.00 degree of Libra, at another degrees he will be inactive for the native. This is called kakshya, using this method timing of event using transit becomes easier. 

If dasha or a direct planet is running (who is in direct motion in birth chart) and in transit he becomes retro then his special effects will be come to felt. And if dasha of a planet is running who is retrograde in birth chart then his effects will be come to felt very powerfully when he becomes direct in transit. 

Also some special techniques should have to be used while timing events using transit like Sarvatobhadra chakra and vedha and all that on which I will write sometimes later.

Written By
Shubham Alock

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