Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha- How to trace Major and Minute Life events in Vimsotri Dasha Period

Tips for Tracing Major and Minor life events from Vimsotri Dasha :

Vimsottari Dasha is most known and common dasha system calculated based on Movement of the Moon on the progression of Nakshatras at the time of birth (Tithi – Longitudinal distance of Sun and Moon).This Nakshatra is one of Most important Anga in Panch-anga system for identifying well being and over health of the mind and body of the native.

Whole Dasha system progresses based on  combination of Total 9 Nakashtras  which Forms a complete 120 year of cycle of dasha as equals to life cycle in kaliyug, as suggested by sages.It is presumed as total life span of human being in kaliyug would be of around about 100 to 120 years.

There are Total 27 Nakashtras where we have divided into 3 groups ( 9*3 = 27 Nakashtras – forms 3 different Nakashtras based progressive Vimsotri Dasha system). for e.g If one is Born in Jyestha Nakashtra – Dasha of the native will starts from Mercury ( Lord of Jyestha) and it goes further up-to rest of 8 Nakashtras, like Moola ( Ketu Dasha) ,Poorva ashada ( Lord Venus) and finally it will end at Uttrabhadra Nakaashtra (Lord Saturn). Every Preceding Nakashtra has Major role in Forming Mental Setup of Native during the progressions of Vimsotri Dasha lords in VM Dasha system .Starting point of Dasha system is Ashwani (Nakashatra lord is Ketu) and end of Dasha system is Revti Nakashtra.

VMD Dasha System is a Commonly used Dasha system but Less in its accuracy and timing Events, in its application & usage, if one is not aware of Usage of Nakashtras and Degree Concepts with accurate Birth time in VMD system, than its not easy to Use it wisely with perfection, VMD perfection need case studies of lots of people and in depth knowledge of Nakashtras, Degrees, Padas and art of Birth time rectification process. So, what i believe is knowledge of Degrees and Nakashtras is must while timing events in VMD Dasha system.

If during the birth, Moon is Stronger in strength; means birth In Brighter nights(Shukala Pakasha), we considered Moon as Stronger. During Brighter Nights Moon is ahead of Sun and more powerful to receive Sun Beneficial Rays which are directly gone impact people mindset, who will take birth in earth during this period of time.

Most of Beneficial Works are done in Shukala Pakasha tithis. Even in Bhagwada Geeta it is Mentioned as – Birth in Shukala Paksha leads to Heaven and people who gone die at same tithi and same Pakasha never come back to earth in material world.

Those who are Born in Krishana Pakasha they used to come back to material world again and again until and unless karmic balance is equals to zero. So, those people who are born in Brighter Nights (Shukala Pakasha tithi ), can use VMD Dasha system blindly in Natal and Divisional Charts without any 2 views.

For its applicability, Check the Strength of VMD Dasha lords by Making Moon as Reference Point and Extracts the result of VMD Dasha lord by its Nakashtra and its Lord in Natal Chart.
Those who are Born in Darker Nights ( Krishna Pakasha), we considered Moon as weaker being in darker side of Sun, not able to receive full rays of Sun. Those people who are born in Krishna Pakasha Tithi – Either they should use Yogini Dasha System or Ancient Dasha system based on 108 years of cycle (Ashtottari Dasha system) as explained by Lord Shiva for timing events and Dasha results in Kaliyug.

Moon & Nakashtras are the base for Vimsotri Dasha System & it should be given Higher Priority over Planets placement in Natal and Divisional charts while analyzing Results for any Dasha Period ( Either it is MD , Ad or PD or Sookashmaa Dasha). VMD Gives Events based on what Mind Will Show and Experience you a Picture.In My calculation its Accuracy is 60-70%.

As our sages made the Progression of Vimsotri dasha from Movement of Moon over different nakashtra during the course of 27.5 days, this dasha period has major role in identifying and tracing life events based on certain vimsotri dasha sub dashas divisions.It is a known fact that when a soul actually take entry in Body to give life to a new soul, baby birth usually takes place and during that duration the movement of moon on certain degrees, minute and seconds has major role in identifying past birth punya karmas.

So, one should never ignore the fact that the same moon is refereed as Maa Adi-Shakti in Vedic deities whose responsibility is to balance this material universe. Its due to Adi-Shakti Power this whole world is energized with the prana shakti from animals, to humans to plants to planets. every existence in this material world has energy in it.  The same power of Praana shakt in also running in the new born baby in the form of Moon energy when it enters in a body.

Moon actually signifies power of adi Shakti in human body. Body without mind is called boat without any guide moving aimlessly and in direction-less motion. So due to its life forcing nature one should see every event in life based on one’s Moon Lagana. Moon is Prana Shakti (Life giving), the Nourishment power, its a karka of Motherly nature, Its a  karka of Love and majorly it rules our mind, out thoughts and energy which is hidden everywhere and ruiling us.  Its more preciously a Prana Dasha which actually explained us in vedic astrology how Life force moves in every being or or how pran Shakti energies enters in our body and nourishes the Soul, Mind and body with the every moment of moon from seconds to minutes .

Moon Nakashtra and Mind is the basic Key in understanding Vimsotri Dasha life progression and how that life force air actually drives that energy in our life seen via the Nakashtra of the moon when it travels in a month in certain degrees forming over different tithits. One should always considered strength of Nakashtra lord of Moon for native health, Mind and Physical conditions. In timing Smallest to smallest events one should see from Moon lagana. Moon gives you environment where one has to act and react based on situation given or created by the physical conditions. How we react and act, simply decides how we actually takes decision in life.This More shows our aagami Karma for future life variations. So, we should always see events of life via Moon and its Nakashtras progressions in different signs. For tracing smallest to smallest events.
For better understanding i have highlighted major points in step by step, please Use this below mentioned System for verify Major to minor events in life via  use of vimsotri Dasha.

1) Use Sun lagana for MD Lord strength, to see how soul moves in particular direction in particular MD period for finding goal of life for number of years. As Sun rules our Atma -Soul- it decides goals of our aatma. that’s why for final evaluation of Atma one need time to transform itself after major time duration’s. It takes much time to realize what is the real goal of soul you got from past.Only can be possible when a soul faces major life events or a soul realizes slowly after duration of time. Trines from Sun Shows improvements, additions of skills in atma one learn from past. MD lord placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Sun shows major life lessons regarding that house for e.g if MD lord is placed in 12th from Sun – it shows life event is regarding realization, Moksha, Spiritual transformations  and  major spiritual lessons. If Md Lord is 6th from Sun – Soul has to learn how to  get peace after sickness, diseases, fights, hardships and transformations. MD lord 8th from Sun shows Past life events that one has to face or debit in that dasha period. MD lord placed in Trines and Kendra from Sun shows soul has to evolve both materially and spiritually.

2) Use Moon Lagana for AD lord Strength to see how Mind acts and Reacts in given Environments for facing those challenges and Psychological  events given by Rashi. As moon shows Mind and thoughts and negative and positive environment has major impact on one’s mind and body.Mind can feel comfortable if environment is soothing and peaceful. If environment is hard , mind has to suffer or find on account of the environmental challenges.  Dasha lord in 6th, 8th and 12th from Moon lagana always be a conflicting state for our mind.

3) Use Natal Lagana for PD lord Strength to see how those events effects our physical body health and its conditioning.How it actually effects deha(Body). The Short duration in Vimsotri is Pratyantar dasha period which actually signifies the life events in physical form. If Any of PD lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Lagana than health and body can suffer during the AD period.

4) Use Progression of Current Moon transits in those Nakashtras when moon moves in transit chart for Sookshama AD in PD.Sookshma means minute events those are signifies by the movement of moon over different Nakashtras and its padas. If the Sookshma dasha lord is somehow interrelated with Moon transits nakashtra, signs, degrees or padas we might see sudden events those can effects our mind during that PD period.

5) Use Moon Lagana with Transit of Praana Antardashas Lord planets under Sookshama Dasha. Praana means very vital life events which can effects our Deha and Mind. If Praana Dasha lord is badly placed or afflicted from Moon Lagana, than we might can face issues related to life events.

6) Use transit of Deha AD lord in Praana AD with reference of Moon Nakashtras for seeing any Impact on body for those 2.5 days of Moon transits on particular Nakashtras.

Majorly Key of Praana and Deha Dasha is Moon only. Never ignores the power of Moon Lagana in transit charts for Seeing Hourly and days based events under those Sookashma dasha periods.

Career Astrology: Finding true life goals and career path in society from 10th from Sun, Moon and Lagana.

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Om Gurave Namaha

Finding true life goals never be an easy task for any being to identify it from any chart, as God has sent us in the earth with multiple roles and responsibilities to fulfill those unfinished and pending karmic duties those are carrying with us from many eras and births. A body with soul is a complete package born with eternal motives and goals to lift and heal many of unguided and pathless souls in right path. But first thing is one should need to understand those Karmic desires, realize and then finally moving on that path. Some are Karmic Goals, many of those are belong to Mundane desires and a major portion of those goals lies in understanding its duties toward Society and uplifting inner Soul for a better harmonic path. It is impossible for me to explain this huge and vast topic in few words. What I am here trying to explain is about Goals toward Society, and Karmas in society. But before that, we need to understand first how life is divided into 4 Major portions of life. Almighty has given us 4 major goals in different stages of life and when it is required we need to work on it for the betterment of society and our inner soul path too.

Every each of the stage has some priorities and responsibilities that we have to complete in any case. These 4 major goals are Following our Dharma (Truth and Responsibilities of Human being), Understanding Artha (Understanding Material and basic necessities), Kama ( Understanding Root cause of Desires) and Finally moving toward the ultimate path Moksha (The path of Jeevan Mukti from the cycle of birth). Sticking to basic principles for finding true goals in a society based on Brihat Jataka, here is a simple technique to look for a true goal in your society that shows the true desire, path and how to move on that path. I have used same principal in deciphering and Identification of career in Albert Einstein case study. Readers can read my case study on Albert Einstein that I will post in the separate link.

So here, is the principal- How to find your true goal in society.

For finding the true goal in society one must understand which part of society dominates your goal in society. it can be your material goal, it can be your body or physical goal or it can be the task given by the God to you.So the key to search from all is here.

1) 10th from Lagana (Your Body)

Check placement of any planet in10th from the Lagana first, that decides what you are actually doing in society as per the need of the body and intelligence. This planet simply shows what you actually wanted to do in society to fulfill your physical or mundane desires but if it could be your actual goal in society, there will be no guarantee to vouch for it . It could be for power, it could be for the spiritual task, it could be for upliftment of society. it could be anything. That purely dependent on your physical desires and needs based on the planet placed in 10th from Lagana, that only shows in which environment you work for or for what purpose you are doing task in society. every planet has some gunas attached with it, what you do is totally dependent on that planet guna attached with it( i.e Rajsik, tamsik or Satvik, decide by the jaati of that planet). So, that is the task of you to decipher it deeply from your chart, In which guna you are working for. It is actually signify the “Kiryaman karma” – The future karma. ” But if you are totally dependent or dominant on your 6 weaknesses you could choose this path as final goal. choice is your after-all. My role is to give you clue or hint how to see the actual goal of life in more generalize or lay man way.

2) 10th from Moon (Your Mind, Sub-conscious)

Now check 10th from Moon, that decides what is your actual need, unfinished desire to satisfy your mind and hidden agendas in desires and motives resides in subconscious side of brain. this planet simply shows what is actually the requirement to fulfil environmental needs arisen by physical challenges, and it is totally dependent on physical needs of the body. Your mind goes in that direction where your body need. for this way most of people goes in this direction either to succeed in society or to sustain themselves in society. For accomplishing this task you need to follow this planet deeper characteristics. it can give you worldly satisfaction, material sustenance but no guarantee it should justify your actual goal in society. it is purely a personal goal of your in society. it is your personal level goal to satisfy your inner material desires, or sustain yourself in society or to survive in environmental conditions you might experience in your day to day life. How long it will goes that purely dependent on , how many Dashas are beneficially placed from moon, If in any life path dasha is not supportive from moon or moon itself got afflicted by nodes or other malefic you might fall in pit. Reason being it only shows your actual material needs to survive in society.So there is no guarantee you can face those situations well those are not in your hand. Moon actually shows life force, means what is essentially a requirement for life.So, path is totally dependent on your thoughts and mind make-up.

3) 10th from Sun (Your Soul, Super conscious) 

Finally check 10th from Sun for evaluating true goal in life , for checking what is the actual goal, god assigned to you to raise the level of mankind for some higher purpose. Only you need to see who is dominating in the 10th from Sun. that planet will decide the global task god wanted you should do. Actually it is the purpose of life, god wanted you to accomplish in society for higher reasons.It is the task assigned for global cause. this planet shows what is the goal your soul always like to fulfil or seek within self. it is the actual goal of Soul to accomplish or finish the pending karma of past. It is the goal which can give you assured massive name and fame in society but only when you do it with full spiritual force. More than material goal it is actual your karmic and spiritual goal given by the god. choice is your what you actually wanted to do in society.Many of people never goes to this level or never think like this. most of the people only restrict up-to the material goals of life, to satisfy either their bodily needs or hidden mind desires. This is Super conscious goal of life and can give a complete harmonical relationship between mind, body and soul.

Key: Now key to find what actually is your global goal, see who is dominating the 10th from all three. the one who dominate from Lagana, Sun and Moon will take over your life and will move you in that path. But Here comes the U turn, those who have wisdom and higher life philosophy they always go with the 10th from Sun, it is actually the soul goal given by the sustainer itself – the Narayana- The sun god having responsibility to sustain your all three needs.

Now, request doesn’t ask me to analyze your chart. My job is to enlighten and giving clue and light to understand the need of society not to fulfill the individual needs of everyone. Rest of the job is for learned readers to testify in your charts.

Case Study based on above-mentioned rule already done in Albert Einstein case: Readers can check this below-mentioned case study to understand more.

Case 1: Albert Einstein Career rise and fall

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10th from Moon:

In Albert Einstein D1 chart 10th from Moon is Empty and having Leo sign, Lord of Leo Sun is in Pisces in 10th house from Lagana with 5th & 12th lord Venus, 1st & 4th lord Mercury, 8th & 9th Lord Saturn, 5th and 9th from Moon sign (Scorpio) and Ketu – Indicates an Intuitive person who can see and imagine things in reality with his power of Imagination and visualize it. A real intellectual and Creative Mind, Having real Imagination, which can imagine with his outstanding visual power, A powerhouse of creativity who can deeply imagine and understand creator equation on Cosmos and knowledge of Cosmos.Those no planet is dominating in 10th from Moon but 10th lord from Moon is placed in 5th from Moon, so it is impacting his visualization and creative skills and power.

All the planetary positions from Moon Made Albert Einstein a real Imaginary and much skilled in visualizing things.He simply wanted to know the creation of cosmos and understand God equation while making the universe.

Here 10th from Moon is Leo Sign; no planet is there, so we can’t decide 10th from Moon for a native career.

Although 10th from Moon has Jupiter and Mars aspect – Making passionate and very logical in higher learning.

10th From Sun:

10th from Sun having Sagittarius sign (sign of Knowledge,) the Lord is in 9th house from Lagana, 4th from Moon and 12th from Sun – indicates Higher Knowledge and doing research in cosmos will bring him name and fame in worldwide.

10th from Lagana:

Now Last and most important point is cluster of 4 planets are in 10th from Lagan , Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Pisces Sign clearly indicating doing something deep, mystical and completely dominating the interest of Albert Einstein, telling me something he will do something for the Society and whole public or mass will know him by his work and he will be well known to the whole world. He will do deep for the sake of Society and will be an icon for many people for his accomplishment in higher causes, Pisces is the 12th sign of Kaalpurush – the Sign of cosmos and Deep World in the modern terminology we called It Space, cosmos and universe.

Observation: From above all, it is quite clear to understand that 10th from Lagana and Moon is dominating Albert Einstein career, where 10th from Lagana is Better in understanding and shape of career for whole life path and true goals in society.

Now a further question arises is what would be exactly career type of Albert Einstein?

**Note** 4:-> Whenever you want to see what would be career interest type, we have to see the strength of 10th house and 10th Lord placement in D1, D9 and D10 and its nakshatra, nakshatra lord, and its pada.

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10th lord Jupiter is in 9th house (House of Higher Knowledge, wisdom, God Messenger, God blessing, Knowledge of Ancient scriptures etc.) in Aquarius sign (Mystical Sign of traditional knowledge i.e. Cosmos , Astronomy , Stars , space and and knowledge of Creation) , Kendra lord in tri Kona House – (Raja Yoga means work which can give native Name, fame via Higher learning ).

10th lord Jupiter is in 9th house expecting 1st & 5th house in D1 indicates owner of Supreme knowledge which we called Dhi Shakti – a form of Higher learning – in house of Higher Philosophy , Wisdom , something connected with God and creation of God which is clearly indicative of Doing something for Higher cause or Finding truth of creation , a real knowledge of Real medium – Space and time bondage and will be self-learned (aspecting 1st house) will teach whole world via his own findings and give godly knowledge to his future Followers (5th house).

Same can be confirmed in D9 and D10 Chart, Jupiter is lagan Lord of D9 in 9th house in Scorpio sign aspecting lagan having Rahu (Indication of being in Science for out of box thinking – A restless mind) in it , aspecting 5th house having Sun in it , will be a Blessed Researcher who will extract & crack down and write down all his findings of cosmos and secret world and will present to whole world.

In D10 chart Jupiter is with Saturn in Pisces Sign in 5th forming Brahma Yoga (higher knowledge of creation) house aspecting lagan (where the sun is in it in A10 Arudha) , aspecting Venus from 5th house and 7th from AL, Will be known for His Brahma Gyan theories – Theory of Relativity – E= MC2 God equation of cosmos.

10th lord Jupiter is in Aq which is a Mystic sign of traditional knowledge lorded by Saturn and Rahu, Rahu in 8th and Saturn in 10th also indicating Albert wanted to do something in the field of Science for the sake of society for presenting a truth of cosmos for the future wellbeing of mankind.

10th lord is in Dhansitha , Nakashtra lord in 8th house with Rahu – Dhansitha is a Nakashtra of Harmony, a close connection with nature and music, Albert wanted to do research on natural laws and understanding it deeply for the prospects of nature passionately , but he did a mistake (Rahu in 8th house with Mars – Nakshatra lord of 10th Lord), by suggesting research for Atomic Bomb based on his Atomic theory which he had a deep guilt in his heart & always realized till his death.

Dhanistha indicates divine power from the” eight Vasus “; its presiding deities happens to be the twenty-third birth star, to sparkle in the cosmic firmament. Guided by the planetary force of Mars, Dhanishta Nakshatra stands for Symphony, prosperity, and adaptability from nature, the eight Vasus are the solar gods of energy and light Because of the influence of ruling Nakashtra of 10th Lord Einstein was always having a deep fantasy for Light and its origination.

Native of Dhanishtra nakshatras are usually fond of Music, Symphony and Healing, reciters of rhythmical incantations and also indicates Scientist who likes to do things In fine tuning with nature and God in a perfect harmony with nature which gave him deep interest in forming its Relational Theory of Light, energy, and Mass is same but form of one another.

There is an Exchange yoga of 10th and 9th Lord – Indicates Dharma – Karma adhipati yoga, Dharma hi Karma, and Karma hi Dharma – A Sign of Saint and Satvic Soul.

10th Lord Nakshatra Lord Is in 8th house with Rahu clearly indicates native inventions or researchers may lead to something destructive for Social mass by mistake(Rahu in Capricorn in 8th house).

Rahu and Mars always indicate something explosive or something is hidden behind the truth which is under cosmos or nature i.e. a deep anger is burning inside a body and brain.

**Note** 5 :-> Beside 10th Lord and Strength of 10th house , Lagan lord placement and its nakshatra is most important and need to check in D1, D9 & D10 chart for tracking career interest and in any house indicates where you are applying the knowledge for creation purpose or destruction purpose or it simply indicates application of your intelligence.

Here lagan Lord is in 10th house in D1 and 8th house (Mercury + Saturn) in D9 with 9th lord Saturn and in 4th house in Aq Sign in D10 with Moon again confirming me a Brilliant Analyzer, Deep thinker and Keen observer and the finest researcher.

Although Lagan Lord is in debilitation in D1, having neech bhanga too , but being placed in 10 Degree it is away from its deepest debilitation degree of 20 deg , Mercury is in Uttara-Bhadra nakshatra lord of Saturn, making Mercury much stronger, closely conjugated within the orbital distance of 2 degree with 9th and 8th lord Saturn who also happens to be Nakshatra lord of Uttrabhadra indicates Albert was a lover of traditional knowledge in science i.e. he was a deep follower of Isaac Newton, Max Plank, Michael Faraday etc. and he always wanted to do work of old Knowledge’s and giving understanding the concept and giving it in new shape.

Because of this he was always in Contradiction and always faced controversies whenever he presented journals of a new model of old traditional physics laws.

Beside this combination making him very much logical, and deft at skills of calculations strong determination, wisdom, and experience.
He was always Penchant for calculation and acquiring wisdom by way of experience which was his essential aspects of his personality. Another interesting aspect of Albert was its changeability.

Owing to this changeability according to the varying needs of circumstances, it was difficult to attribute typical traits to his personality.

He was very attractive features and complexion; excel in attracting attention by virtue of his grace and mannerisms.

He was very much religious and drawn to high ethical standard and always recluse within the folds of spirituality.

Saturn completely dominated the Mercury in Albert Einstein Chart Which is giving me a clear indication of having the natural bent of mind for doing calculations, logic and much skilled in the Scientific hypothesis which is clear indication of a finest of finest Scientists.

The combination of Saturn and Mercury always indicate the finest scientist who always keeps them-self busy in doing calculations and deep observing Nature and Science.

Beside 8th and 9th Lord conjugation with Lagnesh Mercury, Sun and Venus is also there in 10th house but not having Close conjugation with Lagnesh Mercury and Saturn, which is good if we look at deeply, all the planets are free from combustion of Sun and 7th from Al – He will be known a public Icon known for his Tremendous knowledge in abstract sciences.


It is Quiet clear he was a genius Scientist and a blessing to Science and mankind for his theories and Researches.

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Alignment of Saturn and Jupiter with Nodes – Probability of era of civil war and social revolution after (April 2019-2020)

The probability of Era of Civil War and social revolution after (April 2019-2020)– There will be New world order after the year 2020.

Based on the below mentioned planetary alignments occurring after April 2019 world authorities may face fall in global economy and chances of probability of civil war like situation in some portion of world, it can possibly arise in Asian regions including India, Pakistan, China, Russia, some of the European-western countries may face crisis like civil war or there might be possibility of increase in the result of already ongoing social war or crisis during that tenure. Already ongoing crisis may take final u-turn as the alignment is happening on the sign of Sagittarius – represents higher wisdom, deep thoughts and deep inner inspirations etc , any inner spark in those society or people living over there can take it in a sense that can bring lightning inspiration and awakening in society regarding  bringing change against any social injustice  or ongoing social agitations or social revolutions like situations .

If we study past instances regarding these alignments in history, the closeness of Saturn with nodes and Jupiter in Sagittarius-Gemini axis or over any sign axis never be considered as an alignment for peace, it usually brings idea of revenge or agitation against authorities by mass society for the injustice they are going through from the past.

We have already seen this situation in early history much, since from the ruler-ship of Abraham Lincoln in 1862, in 1960 conflicts, Vietnam war, Algerian war, Pearl Harbour Attack, World War II to India- Pakistan and China war.

Now, Look at the chart for alignments occurring in the year 2019-2020.

Jupiter, South Node and Saturn is deeply conjugated in Sign of Sagittarius getting aspect from North Node Rahu and Mars.  This usually indicates war like situation or a spark in an already ongoing situation.

If we move back to History it has seen many devastating events earlier, whenever Saturn + Jupiter alignment is closely triggered in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Taurus sign, when it was Deeply influenced by Nodes (Agent of Conflicts) and Mars (Agent of war).

The year 2019-2020 will be the Key years for both Indian and American-European continents for Rise in Civil war or social injustice like situation, especially in Kashmir- Pok  Issue.

During 2019-2020 we will see Saturn close alignment with South Node and Jupiter in Sagittarius and aspect from North node and Mars, After total solar eclipse in July 2019, this can take shape into civil war like situation or increase in something serious situation.

Though I am getting better Result with Dr. Raman’s Ayanmansa for these ongoing Mundane alignments.

I will try to use both Ayanamsa (Chitra Paksha + Raman). Let see what would be calculation and what will be the result.

Here are some of the past events are based on this Juggling combination in early history are:

Event 1 – Attack on Pearl Harbour When Retro Ju & Saturn conjugated in Taurus in 7th Dec 1941.

Event 2 – China Invaded Indian Territory and attacks India in 1962 when Saturn + Ketu was in Capricorn.

Events 3 – When Saturn + Ketu was in Conjugated in 1960-1961, British and French Imperialism suffered defeats.

Event 4 –  In Africa, Rwanda and Brunudi becomes republic, Sierra Leone, and South Cameroon become independent in Year 1960-61. Syria Secedes from UAR.

Event 5In April 1962 – USA and Russia confront over Missile crisis in Cuba and both were ready to go to Nuclear war.

Event 6 1960s Civil Rights Movement for Grant of Equal rights to black Americans.

Event 71960 – Algerian War – The Algerian War, also known as the Algerian War of Independence or the Algerian Revolution (Berber: Tagrawla Tadzayrit; Arabic: الثورة الجزائرية Al-thawra Al-Jazaa’iriyya; French: Guerre d’Algérie or Révolution algérienne) was a war between France and the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria gaining its independence from France. An important decolonization war, it was a complex conflict characterized by guerrilla warfare, maquis fighting, and the use of torture by both sides. The conflict was also a civil war between loyalist Algerians supporting a French Algeria and their Algerian nationalist counterparts (Source Wikipedia).

Event 8 – Guatemalan Civil War

The Guatemalan Civil War ran from 1960 to 1996. It was fought between the government of Guatemala and various leftist rebel groups supported chiefly by ethnic Maya indigenous people and Ladino peasants, who together make up the rural poor. The government forces of Guatemala have been condemned for committing genocide against the Maya population of Guatemala during the civil war and for widespread human rights violations against civilians.

Event 9 – The Congo Crisis (French: Crise congolaise) was a period of political upheaval and conflict in the Republic of the Congo (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo)[c] between 1960 and 1965. It began almost immediately after the Congo became independent from Belgium and ended, unofficially, with the entire country under the rule of Joseph-Désiré Mobutu. Constituting a series of civil wars, the Congo Crisis was also a proxy conflict in the Cold War in which the Soviet Union and United States supported opposing factions. Around 100,000 people are believed to have been killed during the crisis.

Event 10 El Cajon Boulevard riot

The El Cajon Boulevard Riot was the official name of what the San Diego Union called the Drag Strip Riot. Socialists consider the El Cajon Boulevard Riot one of the first major youth riots of the 1960s.

Event 11- The Battle of Vientiane was the decisive action of the 1960 Laotian coups. Fought between 13 and 16 December 1960, the battle ended with General Phoumi Nosavan winning control of the Kingdom of Laos with the aid of the Royal Thai Government and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Vientiane was left devastated by the fighting, with about 600 civilian dead, about the same number of homes destroyed, and 7,000 left homeless. The losing Forces Armées Neutralistes under Captain Kong Le retreated onto the strategic Plain of Jars, to begin an uneasy coexistence with the Pathet Lao and the invading People’s Army of Vietnam.

Event 12 – Operation Jumelles (English: Operation Binoculars) was a military operation which was part of the Algerian War in the Tizi Ouzou Province, Algeria. It lasted from 22 July 1959 to March 1960. It was fought between the FLN and the French Army.

Event 12 Sharpeville massacre

The Sharpeville Massacre was an event which occurred on 21 March 1960, at the police station in the South African township of Sharpeville in Transvaal (today part of Gauteng).

After a day of demonstrations against pass laws, a crowd of about 5,000 to 7,000 black African protesters went to the police station. The South African Police opened fire on the crowd, killing 69 people. Sources disagree as to the behavior of the crowd; some state that the crowd was peaceful, while others state that the crowd had been hurling stones at the police and that the shooting started when the crowd started advancing toward the fence around the police station.

Event 13 – In October 1960, the communist high command ordered Kunming Military Region to prepare for the campaign. In early November 1960, communists and Burmese government held a joint conference on the matter of communist force fighting in Burma.

Event 14- War against the Bandits

The War Against the Bandits (Spanish: Lucha contra Bandidos) is a name given by the Cuban government to a six-year rebellion (1959–1965) in the Escambray Mountains by a group of insurgents who opposed the country’s government led by Fidel Castro. The rebellion is known abroad as the Escambray Rebellion.

The rebelling group of insurgents was a mix of former Batista soldiers, local farmers, and former allied guerrillas who had fought alongside Castro against Batista during the Cuban Revolution. The end result was the elimination of all insurgents by Cuban government forces in 1965.

Complete Research article will come soon with Vedic mundane techniques, this is just a tip of an ice berg. Till then stay connected

With thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Singh Jamwal

Career and Karama Astrology: The Beauty of Karama and actions – The 10th house : Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career rather it is more about Karma in society..

The Beauty of Karama – The 10th house – Mostly misinterpreted as the house of career.

10th house is the the place which decides what Karma you would like to do or add in society or what actually you want to contribute in society or how society will see you as in action or make an impression based on your impact of your Karmic actions you had given in society or still how it is influencing society.10th house is Nothing about your career, its about your Higher goals, actions, causes and karamas that reflects in society.It is a combination of every karamas both good and bad including Personal or public and mostly it changes its shape depending on the influence of other planets on 10th house via Graha or Rasi Aspect and most important depends on the dispositer lord in D1 and mainly seen via as strength of 10th House/Lord in different Divisional charts. It is more about your environment and actions you are doing in society. Career is only the 1% of his totality , from rest of karmas are those we do in society.  

Here, Beneficial placement shows more about Good karmas those can be highly appreciated by the society for its well being and growth , it could be including of any karama where people get inspired from you i.e via your Social causes those for uplifting of social masses or society, doing work for N.G.O’s or social organizations,  or might be participating in Spiritual  mass movements etc .

Malefic in this house shows more about karama those are influenced by personal benefits and motives, those are highly materially in nature i.e Name, Fame, Proud, satisfying personal Ego’s, material gains, karama for Uplifting only personal bank-balance not for the benefits of society, mankind and any social causes. Its actually shows the combined Karama one like to do or add in society including social, Personal, global or Karma in work place too. Malefic in Kendras mostly Sustains materially much rather than social growth.

It shows the interests, passion, Liking and hard core passion which one wants to show or add in public i.e For influencing political career, N.G.O , C.E.O or might be for becoming spiritual guru etc , it shows what is the actual interest governing you toward particular karma i.e Software industry, Hardware industry, Marketing, doctor, Spiritual purists etc

Its not your work place actually, its not the people whom you interact in , its the environment or society you like to work in or work for higher cause or work for those societies. its never shows one is having doctor profession, or be an astrologer or an engineer. it only shows your interest in that karama or Karma you would like to add or contribute in society which impacts your status. Its your liking toward that karma in society. Planet in 10th house only Shows which karama influenced your work or type of interest, or Profile you influenced by or Karama you would like to add in society.Motive could be either personal or private that precisely depending on the nature of the planet  that is place in 10th house- is it Satvik or Rajsik.  Rajas Guna is more about doing karamas those for Material reasons and Satva  gunas are more about spreading Knowledge and doing social welfare of the  uplifting society, usually for global cause.

For e.g, if One has Mars in 10th house – one must be very dynamic in society, aggressive, passionate and will always like to do work those are influenced by the martian energies , influenced by War, fighting or courage or those are highly action in nature or highly motivated for the protection of society etc .

Still there are micro analysis required to know each and every aspect of karama in society, i,e strength of  the 10th lord in d1, D9, D10 and D60 and checking deity nature for the 10th lord  in divisional charts for analyzing exact karama in society for same. Basic Nature of 10th lord and its associated Nakashtra one of most important aspects in understanding one’s skills and abilities in society.Same way Aspect of Planets on 10th house in D1 and D10 shows how your karamas are modifying because of the gunas of the planets. for Strength we need to see placement of 10th lord from both Sun(Atma) and Moon(Mana) in d1 and d10 chart. For getting better understanding on society perception about you we need to see placement of 10th lord from AL( Arudha Laagana – Its the lagana of people about you, what people are perceiving about you in society). Karam Arudha are another aspects where one can know more about his working environment and can see variation in his work profile during transits and dasha periods.
In D1 chart, 10th lord and its associated Nakashtras shows what is the actual work profile you would like to work for or having deep interest in it and also shows the actual working area skill sets, abilities, qualities, and your field of working profile.i.e if  we analyze the combination of 10th  lord with different planets in associated nakashtras in modern terms we will have different approach and conclusion. for e,g if  10th lord Mars is with Saturn in any house – there would be higher possibilities that native would be in engineering profile and its nakashtra will show what exactly you do in your profile. Lets say If 10th lord is Moon in Punurvasu Nakashtra – that it might shows native would be working with software products or writing in software codes or might be a publisher, spiritual teacher, involving himself in mystic work,  or might be having philosophical thoughts, or might be an  innovator,etc with added influence of Mercury, Jupiter also required on 10th and 10th lord and D10 chart too to see the deeper picture of nature of work.

10th from 10th is the place where one deals with colleges, people publically, Associate partners, businesses partners or the Place where one interact Mutually for the global causes, or for personal benefits, that’s why we deal 7th house for Mutual working, Administration tasks, Managements skills, HR etc.

Maya of the 10th house ( A10 Arudha- Karma pada, Karmarudha, Swarga pada, Swargarudha, Rajya pada) is the place where you actually work, its shows your working company or where you interact with people in work place and it is the actual work place people actually perceives you about in which company you are working for.Any Dasha lord falling in trine from a10 gives you chances or growth for promotion in company. Beneficial in 2nd and 11th from A10 gives you financial gain in company or simply hike in salary. Same-way if Beneficial planets are transiting in trine or upchaya from A10 arudha it gives gain and promotion too. Malefic in 8th and 12th from A10 gives Downfall for company or company may fall or failure of work in those dasha periods. These rules applicable for both D1 and D10 Chart.

10th from AL shows what is the karma you are doing in Society which people perceives about you or make an impression about you i.e Moon in 10th from Al – Native Might be in Social work, doing something wrt to Society or cause for them, Software industry with other combination required too, Nurse or might be Doctor too. Same-way Jupiter and Ketu in 10th from Al – One might be in spiritual pursuit or might be an astrologer or Working in a Spiritual organisation.

10th from Moon shows – your environment, your actual work interest you would to like do in society for earning bread and butter.It is the actual karama mind feel satisfied. it actually shows you how much financial status would be influenced by the karma you are doing in society, if beneficial dashas lords are falling in trine from Moon, result would be good and fruitful.

10th from Sun shows – What is the Work which can give you name and fame in society.