Video : The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

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The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

Host: Rocky Jamwal | Guest Speaker & Content  by: Mr. Navroop Singh 



The great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn video is all about the upcoming Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that was triggered in the year 2020 in the Capricorn sign and the exact conjunction we may experience around 21st December 2020, this video is all about its impact on the Mundane world, India, and World.  This is a corrected version of the Last Jupiter and Saturn conjunction Video that we uploaded a few days back and in this video, we covered all the concepts that were missing last time due to an audio issue. we have rerecorded with fresh audio and video. Saturn-Jupiter conJunction is most important In mundane astrology and takes place once every twenty years in each of the twelve signs, In a retrograde order In trine from the previous ones.


For example, In January 1842 the conjunction took place In Sagittarius, In 1861 It happened In Leo, in 1881 In Aries sign, and In 1901 In Sagittarius. The conjunction In earthy triplites falls In Virgo, then In Taurus, and then in Capricorn. After going through the four triplites In this manner the whole series of conjunctions repeats again.


Traits of Both Jupiter and Saturn 


Signification of Jupiter: The nature of events to be experienced as a result of this conjunction will depend upon the significance of both planets. Jupiter signifies religion, philosophy, ) udldary, finances, business, trade, capitalism, treaties, external affairs, ministers, ambassadors, nobility, prosperity and peace, international cooperation, birth rate, and arbitration between the countries.

Jupiter is a Jeeva planet and represents resurrection and a new order. Jupiter Is also the planet of kings, queens, and royalty and is also associated with the constitutional type of government.

Signification of Saturn: Saturn signifies death, national calamities, contraction, diseases, war, loss or gain of territory, agitation, strikes, labor dasses, democracy, farmers, miners, land, and crops. It has been noticed that the first conjunction falling In each triplite, which is also called a “Great Mutation”, has a very important and lasting effect, and when the places of other conjunctions, eclipses, and lunation, which occur after It, fall therein, or In opposition thereto, Important events are triggered. Saturn Is also a democracy, death, and dictators, being the lord of ten houses in the natural zodiac It has much to do with rulers of the country. Saturn is death- death of rulers also.

The Conjunctions: 21st December 2020 – great Shani Guru Conjunction – Grah Yudh


One of the most transformative conjunction is the Shani-Guru conjunction. Both are now Conjunct in Dhanu Rashi & later from 30th March to 30th June Shani & Guru would be conjunct in Makar Rashi before Guru retrogrades back from 14th May into Dhanu and back into Makar on 20th November. From 20th Nov 2020 to 6th April 2021 Guru wud again conjunct Shani and the exact conjunction will happen on 21st December 2020 at 5 Degrees where Guru is debilitated. This conjunction will have a profound effect on Politics Globally as Geo Politically well as Economically. Guru Shani conjunctions after every 20 years and the cycles keep repeating. This time it is happening in Makar Rashi is an Earthy sign that governs political rulers. Historically this conjunction has brought wars, assignations, and deeper political & ideological changes across the world.

Guru then moves to Kumbh Rashi on 6th April 2021 till before it starts retrograding on 20th June and moves back to Makar on 14th September making a short conjunction once again before it moves back to Kumbha rashi on 21st Nov 2021 & moves to its Swarashi Meen on 13 April 2022.

Guru finally ends this conjunction with Shani and the next 10 years from 2022 will be very good for Global Economy, Trade, Boom, and Liberal Elite marking the rise of the liberal left across the world before reaches in Opposition to Shani when the cycle reverses to Contraction once again.

Rise does not mean the left liberals will come to power but that the Right Wing Nationalism across the world would face challenges in many countries from resurgent left liberals. In some, it may succeed & in some, it will give serious opposition. Depends from country to country.

It has been observed that in the USA President elected under or about the time of this combination dies in office. The cases dated are of President William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and A Garfield.

Other Presidents who died In office were William McKinley, Warren J Harding, Franklin J Roosevelt, and John F Kennedy. With Leo as the Lagna of USA, Saturn becomes lord of six and seven (marak,l) and hence evil.


Past Events: Great Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions of the past 100 years 

Other events on Guru Shani Conjunctions: In September 1803, the English army led by General Lake defeated Maratha forces at Aligarh & again on September 11 at Delhi establishing its Supremacy. Saturn, Jupiter & Mars were conjunct in Virgo then).


On 8th August 1940-1941:  Saturn Guru Conjunction happened in Aries (which is considered the deadliest of all conjunctions in 12 houses).

• Hitler launched a massive attack on Russia on 22nd June 1941

• Japan’s Pearl Harbour Attack on 7th December 1941

• Civil Disobedience movement.


1961 – Shani Guru Conjunction happened in Dhanu


• Indo-China war 1962 under its shadow

• liberation of goa from Portuguese

• Major Yuri Gagarin of the USSR made his first flight into space.


1961 – Conjunction in Capricorn:

•Decolonization of Africa – Britain & French

• Bombay was bifurcated into MH & Gujarat

• India took Goa, Daman & Diu

• In Africa, Rwanda, and Burundi became republics.


Guru Shani Conjunction in Virgo:

• 1980- Iran Iraq War

• 1981 – Zia Ul Rehman President of Bdesh was shot dead

• President Anwar Sadat of Egypt Assassinated

• mass suicide in Uganda

• Crash of Air France Concorde

• Attack on US Warship.


In September- November 1989, Shani in Dhanu & retrograde Guru in Mithun opposed each other:

• Collapse of Berlin War

• Breakup of the Soviet Union

• Mandal Commission protests in India

• Unification of East-West Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS States

• Gulf War 1.


The Shani Guru opposition continued in Capricorn-Cancer on 16th March 1991

• Devi Lal was sacked as Deputy PM

• Benazir Bhutto PM of Pakistan was removed from office

• Cauvery Water dispute between TN & Karnataka.


Shani Guru Conjunction is one of the most significant ones in Mundane Astrology it redefines the world so much. Though placement & aspects of other planets too differ since these two are big planets & move slowly far bigger impact they have on the world.


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Effects of Conjunction on India & Globe:


Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It rules the 9″‘ and 12″‘ signs of the natural zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces. Its nakshatras are Punarvasu (7), Vishakha ( 16), and Purvabhadra (25). Saturn has been designated by Kalidas as  Dukhakarka. Earthquakes, war, and calamities happen when Saturn Is moving through the asterism of Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.  The position becomes worse if Saturn Is afflicted by Rahu/Ketu or Mars by aspect or association. Harm would be more If Saturn Is In retrograde motion. Its position vis-a-vis Jupiter in 2/12. 6/8 or 3/ I I Is not good and Jupiter Is not capable of giving Its benefic results fully. If Jupiter Is In the 6/8 position from Saturn It can even cause Raj Bhang Yoga.

Conclusion :

This video will cover a brief idea of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction and its impact on India, the world, the Mundane world, and Spirituality.  The session mode will be in Hindi, Today’s Guest will be  Mr.Navroop Singh.

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The Cosmic Clock – How planets and Remedies work

88c4eb18152309.562c4bbecf998 The Cosmic Clock - How planets and Remedies work

The Cosmic Clock – How planets and Remedies work

How Planets Work?

two clocks and tunnel in fibers ring time travel concept background loop The Cosmic Clock - How planets and Remedies work

Many people used to ask me how planets having huge mass and distance of millions of light years from earth impacting our life infinitely that one cannot have any choice to change his life actions or course of the journey in any way. It’s a point to think and one needs a deep understanding of Spiritual sciences for the answers to all these questions? i.e How physical bodies have a deep impact on our Karma, on our life actions and decision making ?, Does it means that planets are controlling our karma, our power of thinking or have telling influence on our brain signals that we cannot think other than what it has been decided by the invisible power already !.

Does every planet generate such powerful electromagnetic or electrical impulses that they have an ability to control our mind,  or can fix our destiny points and that there are no such other choices we have left it for changing our destiny, or it has been already decided by the almighty even before our so many journies of soul or these karmic actions points or destinies of soul  already been fixed by some invisible system even before we have taken birth on this mortal earth.

Now the question remains same, can we change our course of action or it is been fixed by some boundaries or by an invisible system?

Seeking this answer I have been researching a lot in my library of spiritual books and many a time I had tried it a lot to seek answers from ancient scriptures. Mostly I failed in my attempts and this question still remained a mystery. What I have learnt from my past learning journey is that for looking exact answer. The irony is there is no clarity

Sometimes I keep on thinking how planetary rotations happening in the celestial sphere impact our lifetime. there is an infinite number of questions daily every person try to find their answers via astrologically.  so much worse and everyone is feeling its effects individually. Why planets are behaving differently in everyone lives.

Questions seem very interesting because none of any explanation is mention in any of Astrological and Astronomical treaties, how planets are working in everyone human life individually.

mercury retrograde The Cosmic Clock - How planets and Remedies work

Well if you want to understand you need to understand How Birth and Death cycle is rotating in everyone’s life, scientifically it is not an easy task to provide any logic behind its processing. Spiritually you can explain – Your Karma CyclePlanets are bound to work relatively according to your Rebirth, Karmas and Soul action and choice cycles.

Scientifically time is working parallelly according to our current karmas, Our Current choices and those actions generate Time ripples like as of gravitational ripples created by huge mass moving body in space as we have studied in physics, same as in case of spiritual science when we make any choice or do a certain amount of some particular karmas, time used to move accordingly in that direction. It normally seems as time is uni-directional or in a one-directional scheme but actually it is working in the multidimensional framework based on our actions and choices.

More Louder the actions we perform in the mortal world, much wider will be the consequences of our karmas impact or fruits that we can See or analyze from the Navamsa Chart that an exclusively shows us fruits of all our sanchit karmas and more the soul will bound in Space-time and rebirth Cycle.

Its work like a simple phenomenon as in science, Heavier you throw a stone in silent water, much wider or deeper it will create or make ripples in silent water flow. Same as we can understand this principle in our life too, karma works like in the same process earlier we had discussed, when we throw a stone in a silent water much wider consequences and ripples it will generate and come back with same intensity, same way  karmic impacts or fruits of consequences  of actions of humans always come back with much power and heavy consequences of actions can be experienced in the near future of life as a result of our past actions, so we should always watch our current choices that can decide our future life shape and orientation.

Similarly, the planetary motion of planets in space plane is like the carbon copy of those Consequences or actions formed in water when we throw a heavy stone in deep silent water or they used to depict how time moves or flow in straight like flowing water that can never move back. It will always go in one direction but has choices to choose multiple paths in a different stream of flow same as like action of the water flow or the karmas of humans

In a more scientific way, Time is directly proportional to your actions and karma in society and Planets shows those time consequences which are made by past actions and reason for occurring in future life. (T = P= (K + A = C ) i.e where T = time, P = Planets, A =Action , C = Future and K = Karma.

Planets work on the basis of our Prana (Life) Energies.

Planets are rotating around the sun in a fixed orbital distance in every hour, minutes and Second in a constant speed; there is no variation in its speed same exactly as your wristwatch keep moving in Hours and Minutes as per earth Rotation around Sun in 360 degrees in 365 days.

Same as Planets are part of “ The Cosmic Clock “ located in our solar systems like a monitoring and administrative authority made by one who made us to monitor our cycle of Karma, rebirth and Soul Journey in every seconds and millisecond.

Planets are simply signification of Kaal Chakara system – The wheel of time. We are living in 3d Dimensional world and the Wheel of time represents the 4th Dimensional world – The Time – Kaal – The Eternal Changes Controlled by two Particles – The Shiva and Shakti – Two bodies who controls time and life cycle.

Time is relatively equal to the Planets Speed and Motion and directly proportional to the Human beings Life, Breadth, Hours, seconds and Minutes cycle. The Soul is bound to Live in a Body as per contractual documents to perform the cycle of Karma to finish pending karma based on previous births, one has to either suffer or celebrate the Karmas cycle based on The Sanchit and The Prarabhda Karma one had done in its previous births.

Sun Moon and are Two Supporting Pins moving parallel in a Cosmic clock in a geocentrically motion around the Earth. Shorter Pin Holds Fast-moving events ruled by Moon (Thoughts) and the Longer events are ruled by Sun (Aatma) and the 12 signs are the path of Both Sun and Moon where they rotate every day and night to indicate what and when an event has to trigger and how it will influences Mana, Jeeva and Aatma.

Rest of the planets are moving relative to Both the Sun and moon in the same clock and anti-clockwise direction to signify when an event has to trigger in everyone life, that’s why for any event we need to see each and every planet aspects and placements because all are working relative to each other.

Planetary alignments in a cosmic clock trigger the events and when both Sun and Moon pointing toward that particular individual sign. Time is moving in one direction and same as planets are moving too in one direction that’s why Time is relatively equal to planets Speeds, Motion and Distance.

That what Einstein was trying to explain in its equation of E= MC2, the Subtle Logic behind Cosmos creation of Ataman, Matter and Time.

Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh are the three Tri Gunas present in each planet, soul and Body and in Nakashtras signifying Nature of planets and Aatmic Qualities.

Now you are able to understand how planets are working in our Physical and Spiritual plane, the next question is how Remedies are working??

How Remedies Works?

601162 493791307345513 551741343 n The Cosmic Clock - How planets and Remedies work

Well, Remedies work based on karma i.e The sanchit and Pradbha Karma one has done. One who is having Strong Navamsa, 9th house/Lord in D1 and D9 remedies always work for them with efforts. That indicates about Credited Karma or accumulated karma, the portion of your good Karma in total. Without putting efforts or some actions in the form karma none of the remedies will work. Only Good karma in future can mitigate the impact or consequences of the past deeds to some extent. Karma generates ripples of karmic action in the time cycle of birth and death, more the past deed is heavy more it can be felt in many births of the soul that we can figure out of the Retrograde nature of the planets present in the one chart that shows the Pending karma soul is carrying from many of the past journies. If Burden of the soul is heavy it is impossible to clear the debt of past karmic actions in current birth. To get some relaxations from these karmic actions either one need to put Intense Tapasya or One need total surrender toward the ishta devta. Another way is one can take shelter of the Siddha Yogi or a Divine guru to get a way out of these heavy karmic deeds that one has done in the past journies.If we want to understand Remedies, in general, we need to first understand  consequences of the karmas.

Remedies are simply like applying for Discounts from your credited Karma, If you have Zero balance in your Sanchit Karma, won’t expect Your Application of Remedies will be approved for further processing.

If the Prarabhda is 90% and Good part of the Sanchit is 10 % – You have to face past deeds results of karma in your life as part of previous birth Bad Karma. Both the Karmas are inversely proportional to Each other and Remaining Percentage signifies, How much intense karma you have to suffer in this birth or it has to carry forward in next birth.

So before Applying for a concession from almighty Love – first look out your Praradbha Karma – your placement of the 6th house and its lord in D1,D9 and D60 shows your Deeds of the past life. In this life, 6th house shows debts, Sufferings, Diseases, enemies, weakness out of the past actions. What sort of one has done karma in the past same one has to face the one of 6 Shadripus. I.e Venus shows Extreme lust and lack of happiness from spouse and Financial stress in this life. If Sun is 6th lord one will face a lack of respect in public life and his ego always tries to dominate the native. Same way the effects of other planets can be decoded. To understand the Consequences or intensity of the 6th lord in current life one has to check 6th house or its lord strength.  If it is placed in Sthira Rashi’s, or afflicted in both D9 and D60 chart Impact of karmas will be intense in the current life, and whenever there will be transit of Saturn or nodes transiting around this sign (6th lord sign) one can experiences  Results of the past deeds during that tenure good or bad depending on the Strength of the 6th , and sometime the result will be hard to avoid and suffering will be intense. One has to face it or experience the consequences as it shows your Prarabdha karma. If the 6th lord is in Dual Sign, One can put efforts to mitigate it to some extent. If it is in Chara Rashi one can neutralize the impact of Karmas to much extent and burn it in current birth and native efforts will get its results and Impact of Dashas periods will be softer on the native. Moon Placement, Sign and the Planetary Dashas Shows Sum total of your  Sanchit karma. Dasha Period in Vedic astrology is Sum total of your Sanchit Karma and Transits are the Carrier agent and Delivery Boy of that Karma, When will the Parcel (Fruits) of Karma deliver to you, totally depends on the Transits. That time your Old karma’s (Both good and bad) of past should get triggered or get align with your Dasha Period. Delivery boy (Transits) can deliver either good fruits or bad totally depends on your total karma (Dasha and Planetary Placements).

Remedies means – Almighty is giving you a concession, Relaxation in your total karmic account for some period of time.

If you won’t do remedies in the form of Vedic Prayers, Mantras, Homam, Daanm Punyas with the selfless approach it cannot give you 100% results. For remedies to work and its effectiveness or sincerity depends on one 5th house and its lordship in D1, D9 and D60 chart.5th bhava shows how much sincere or dedicated you are in your devotion towards your ishta Devi/Devta.It’s Your bhakti and shows your total surrendered approach towards your Ishta. Beneficial planet shows strong faith on your Ishta whereas Malefic shows One has to put more efforts, need strict dedication and discipline to get devoted toward your ishta. Placement of nodes in the 5th house shows your Inconsistency or fluctuating devotion toward multiple deities and one may not be regular in his devotion or daily prayers. The strength of the 5th lord Deities and its form depends on the placement of the 5th lord in Lagna, D9 and D60 amsa’s i.e Mercury shows Durga and Vishnu both, whereas Shukar shows worshipping of Laxmi or Devi who controls the Family households i.e Kula Devi. Same way Saturn shows the form of Narayana and worshipping of Kali as well. Only Ishta has the power to mitigate your any karmas of the past if your dedication and devotion are much stronger and consistent. If 5th House lord is well placed in Lagna and Varga charts it will act as an added advantage in worshipping and bhakti toward your Diety. Influence of the Moon on  5th house is considered as the grace of God or good for Ishta Bhakti. If there is no selfless devotion or inner feelings available in daily prayers – nothing will work. Astrologically, If there is no benefice influence on the 9th house or 9th house lord is not well placed in D1, D9 and D60 1000 tries in the form of remedies to please your Ishta Dev can go in vain.

As per Karma Principal, you have given this birth to cleanse your past deeds, improve the current life for the better next life. By the Grace of almighty, you have given concession from your total Sanchit karma to improve your future life that is seen from the 5th house and its lord. More you follow it more you can better move on the right path. If Total Karmic account is zero, Debit is more than Credit may not work.

Without the Permission of Trinities – Planet won’t change its Default path and duties even if you are Billionaire or Millionaire or even if you perform 1000’s of Hawan’s or Yagyas – Nothing will work.

Almighty need your Love and Devotion, not your Money.


Rakesh Jamwal