Research Journal on Ancient Vedic Astro meteorology of India | November 2018

Astrological weather prediction of India and understanding the Ancient Science of Astro-meteorology
The Process of Vayu-Dharana or GarabhDharana
Weather and Meteorology of ancient India
“According to one indigenous theory established in the Upanishads, the universe consists of five basic elements 1. Earth or land, 2.water, 3. light or lustre, 4. air and 5. ether. Nature has maintained a status of balance between and among these constituents or elements and living creatures. A disturbance in the percentage of any constituent of the environment beyond certain limitsdisturbs the natural balance and any change in the natural balance causes lots of problems to the living creatures in the universe.Different constituents of the environment exist with set relationships with one another. The relation of the human being with an environment is very natural as he cannot live without it. From the very beginning of creation, he wants to know about it for self-protection and benefit.” 
(Reference: Origin of Environmental Science from Vedas by Sashi  Tiwari)
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The Divine Codes Volume 5 | Issue by Team Divine Codes

” The Divine Codes ” – volume 5

Dear Readers,

We are glad to inform you that the 5th Volume of our magazine has just been released on the auspicious day of Aswin Shukla Poornima.
Articles at Glympse for volume 5th | October 2018 | The Divine Codes
• Unxplored wonders near Vaishno devi- The Editor
• Spiritual power yoga — Shri Adarsh Narayandas (Spiritual yoga guru)
• A nadi research. Predicting the year of Brahmopadesham. –Shri Ramdas Rao
• Understanding allergies, The Ayurvedic way. Dr V.D Singh M.D (Ayurveda)
• || चन्द्रमा मनसो जातः || Shri Tejas Pandya, M. A. (Vedang Jyotish)
• Cancer- A vedic jyotish analysis- Shri Jatinder Sandhu
• Transformative astrology: An Introduction- Dr. Ajay Shahi
• The workflow in Vastu analysis – The Editor
• Kundali Power Rising and its benefits- Shri. Adarsha Narayandas.
• Ritucharya: an overview of seasonal regimen in ayurveda for healthy living- Dr V.D Singh M.D (Ayurveda)
• Stories for champs/dedication to the duty- Dada J. P. Vaswani
• Karkamsha – Shri Vinay Jha
• Astro-meteorology: The process of vayu-dharana or garabhdharana- Shri Rakesh Jamwal
• The rashi, bhava & graha guna. A snapshot method to understand a chart. : With examples- The Editor

Webinar on Medical Astrology: Understanding Seat of the Disease – How to find Disease from Natal Chart

The Vedicsiddhanta Presents webinar on Medical Astrology

The seat of Disease – How to predict Disease from Natal chart by Jatinder Sandhu

@ 21st October 2018, from 10:00 Am to 12:00 PM On Zoom

Webinar Fee: Rs 350/-

For Any Details or Query for Registration, you can Contact: +91-7006278941

All those who are interested in learning medical astrology can join this Paid Webinar on Medical astrology for the understanding seat of the disease via different Astrological Methodologies and principals. Session Duration would be around 2 Hours.lectures would cover the entire gamut of basics to advanced concepts as required for identifying the diseases from the horoscope. The course can be in English/Hindi depending on the participants enrolled.

Video recording of the session Would be provided after the session but first, we need to understand

What is Medical Astrology?

Understanding the Content of the webinar

In Real Life, astrology is related to every simple aspect of life. Thus it is important for people to have the perfect idea of diseases. These predictions are important for astrology that can also predict the condition of diseases that have a chance of health problems. It is also important to have health situations related to those of medical astrology.

Stages of predicting health conditions through astrology
These process of predicting is done through various tests that help in understanding the knowledge and events to occur in the life of that person. This can only be predicted by assessment of all the positions of planets and other heavenly bodies. Thus just like any other important events, disease and health problem are also associated with astrology. Medical astrology is an important sector of astrology that can be used to avoid chances and risks of having diseases as much as possible.

Prediction of Astrological condition with medical benefits
The most important part of the disease and sickness prediction through astrology is the preparation of the planetary position. Each high planetary position depicts particular risks of a disease and then comes the charting of the associated conditions.

Best wishes for the session

For Register yourself in webinar click on the below link:

” BLIND CHART ANALYSIS ” Predicting past and background of unknown people by Guru Rajesh Kotekal



With an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, we are happy to share you with that, the fourth book ” Blind Chart Analysis – Predicting past and background of unknown people ”  has been published by our Guest Scholar and Author ” Guru Rajesh Kotekal “.

‘Blind chart analysis’ is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native.

Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do blind chart analysis successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also.

In the Previous Free e-book version author has explained only 10 cases briefly.

This book presents 100 cases of Blind Chart Analysis of people who have approached author for astrological consultation.

This is a book, first of its kind, where the method of Blind Chart Analysis is demonstrated by explaining the astrological reasoning and logic for the queries.

This work impresses the reader about the power and utility of Jyotisha in general and Nandi Naadi methods in particular.


Buying information : 


It’s size is 6 inch by 9 inch, nearly 450 pages and price Rs. 550 + postage charges (Total Rs.620/-). 

This is self-published the book through Print-On-Demand technology,
If you are interested to purchase the book reply back to this email or fill this form.

For copies of the books, write to: 
Kind regards,
Dr. K. Guru Rajesh
Team Vedicsiddhanta

The Divine Codes 4th Digital Edition on Divine and Transcendental subjects ; Vastu, Meditation, Mundane astrology, Vedic Jyotish

Dear Readers,

We are Extremely Glad to inform that we have released 4th issue of the Research Journal based e-Magazine – The Divine Codes.
” The Divine Codes ” – 4th Digital Edition on transcendental Subjects.

Readers are requested to have a glance at our 4th Volume

Check out first look of Articles Published so far


THE DIVINE CODES- ISSUE 4- Free Magazine with scholarly articles on Vedic Jyotish, Nadi Jyotish, Sariraka Sastram (Palmistry), Sthapathya (Oriental Architecture), Art related topics (Includes photos, paintings, art installations), Yoga, Ayurveda and Spirituality. ( Released Today)


Articles at Glympse for volume 4th | December 2017 | The Divine Codes

• The secret Vault of Lord Padmanabhswami- By Editor
• Naadi rules & Parivrajaka yoga- By Dr.K.Guru Rajesh
• Appendicitis in the light of astrology- Sri Jatinder Sandhu
• The modern genetics in relation to sapthamsa & Dwadasamsa in Hindu astrology- Sri Jayadev Challa
• Colors Health and Chakra Balancing- Editor
• Combinations of Murderers in Vedic Astrology-Sri Jatinder Sandhu
• As Above so Below- By Sri Jayadev Challa
• Naagdosha- The curse and the Remedies- Editor
• Your questions our answers- Free Jyotish consultation
• New Book Release- Sarfarosh-Dr.K.Guru Rajesh

* Note : This magazine is free for everybody and can also be read in following formats.
The issue is available on the following pages. You can download the same from the available links. 



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For download in PDF format

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Team Divine Codes
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Version update – 0.0.2 for our Android App ” The Vedic Siddhanta – Indian Vedic Astrology has been released in play store

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We have released new update – 0.0.2 for our Android App ” The Vedic Siddhanta – Indian Vedic Astrology ” with new enhanced silent features required for better user experience:

1) Push Notifications integrated into the app for News, future Updates and also for New Blog Articles.

2) Added Graphically soothing Splash Screen, Summary Wallpaper, enhanced Logo of Vedic Siddhanta app.

3) New Graphically enhanced Thumbnail view added in every section for all the posts.

4) Two New Labels added in category Section ” Ayurveda” and ” Astrological Case studies” those who want to learn the science of Ayurveda and Celebrities Case studies.

5) The Divine codes 4th Editions Advertisement added in homepage screen.

6) New Free E-Books added in Vedic press section written by our authors with images, Links, Share, Download and view options:

Ebooks are :

1) Buying guides for gemstone By Alok Jagawat
2) Nagamani – The Mystery of Snake pearls and Snake Stone by Alok Jagawat
3) Gems and Their use in Vedic Astrology By Alok Jagawat
4) The Musings of an Insane Man By Alok Jagawat
5) Kalachakra – The wheel of Time By Rakesh Jamwal
6) Marvels of Vedic Astrology: Blind chart analysis By Guru Rajesh Kotekal
7) Premium Book: Sarfrosh: A Nadi Exposition of the Lives of Indian Revolutionaries By Guru Rakesh Kotekal

6) News Tab added in Homepage screen for all the future app releases, app updates, Book releases, magazine release and any new information regarding Vedic Siddhanta.

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Face off Divine Codes 4th Volume : Some Highlights from the fourth issue of divine codes magazine

Coming Soon! The Divine codes 4th Edition. 


1-The secret vault of Lord Sri Padmanabhaswamy
Devaprashnam (When God’s speak), treasure & Chaitanya of God. The secret vault.
2-Where Nagas bless you.Kaalsarpa
(The curse and the Remedy)
3-Appendicitis in the light of astrology
4-The genetics of sapthamsa in astrology
5-Colors and Health
6-Astrology of murderers
7-U.S.A Eclipse and the Aftermaths
8- Your Problems and Solutions- Letter to the Editor
9. Book Review.

“THE DIVINE CODES” journal is published by us for establishing scientific truth on the origination of different sacred subjects i.e Mundane world Events, Vedic Astrology, Earth Sacred Geometries, Vastu, Pyramid Science, Paranormal, Vedic Jyotish – Jamini , Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda, travelogue and Transcendental Meditation sciences.

The primordial being has encrypted many matters of life and Jyotish is a light that enlightens the path to unknown. The Divine Codes Journal is a free periodical with no time limits attached.

It is completely free and downloadable from the following links. The articles in the magazine are well researched and carry a well-balanced scientific approach.

Members can contribute their articles and research for the same. It will be published regularly and it will remain free forever. Each article from its contributing members will also carry a photo and bio of the respective author.

The authors will also get exposure through three websites, social media, and publishing archives.We welcome you to a voyage for love and peace.

Android App launched of Vedic Siddhanta for Astrological learning, Get it on Google play store – ” The Vedic Siddhanta – Indian Vedic Astrology”

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We are extremely glad to inform that we have released our Android App for Vedic Astrology Learning Named ” The Vedic Siddhanta – Indian Vedic Astrology ” in Google play store with the joint efforts of Team Fiftyone App for promoting our research magazine @ The Divine codes and the Precious precious work, we had done on all the branches of Vedic Jyotish on your mobile fingertips.

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The Vedic Siddhanta – Indian Vedic Astrology is an app with purely Vedic teachings of Astrology.So you can Find all your favorite topics to study Vedic astrology easily.

You can find all the articles to learn predictions on fingertips.weekly Articles will be released in our App in many of Astrological branches very soon by our Panel of authors.

Now you don’t need to Open Vedicsiddhanta Blog in your browser and facebook page every time. All the latest articles will be in your Mobile phone storage on your finger tip.Our only motive is to promote and Spread all the Branches of Divine sciences in your Mobile phone in coming digital era.

For iPhone users, we will launch our App very soon.

Some of the Silent features of the app are :

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6) All the Authors Are listed in Apps.

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An Invitation to writers and authors for the Divine Codes 4th Edition

Subjects: Spirituality, Jyotisa, nadi jyotisa, gems, travel related to temples or spiritual places, interesting interviews, Vastu, divine subjects, mundane astrology, palmistry, yoga, Ayurveda, naturopathy.

The fourth issue of our digital magazine “The Divine codes” is going to be published very soon. The forthcoming issues (Not this issue) will carry a paid subscription (Nominal amount) and the amount will be used to pay the writers.

Advertisements will be published as well. The current advertising rates are very less. You can email for advertisements. The account statements of the non-profitable organization will remain a public record and will be published on open forums. Complete transparency will be maintained in all payments received and given.

Writers who can write on above-mentioned subjects can send their articles to There are certain amendments that will be seen in the coming issue:

1. The writers will have to complete their articles in three-four pages. This does not include photos.

2. The articles can be in Hindi as well as English.

3. Articles should carry a photograph and short bio of the writer. This will be published along with the article. 

4. Try to write short articles in a summarized form. 

5. The magazine will include articles on travels related to temples, mathas or spiritual places. This will include colored photographs and the spiritual aspects of the temple, the background history, and the traveling methods.

6. The magazine will include a question-answer session where anybody can ask questions and the panel of writers will answer the same. The question can be related to jyotisha, health, Vastu etc. Questions can be emailed to and answers will be published in coming issue. Please send an email with subject “question”.
7. The previous issues of the magazine are free and can be downloaded from following locations.
Authors Can also send their article on below-mentioned link:

Presenting one of most unanticipated book of Astrological Interpretation on Indian Freedom Movement in 1947- “Sarfarosh” – “A Naadi Exposition of the Lives of Indian Revolutionaries” in Vedicsiddhanta Bookshop -Must have book for nadi lovers

Preview the Sample

Sarfarosh- A Naadi Exposition


A Naadi Exposition of the Lives of Indian Revolutionaries

The life events of 108 revolutionaries belonging to the Indian Independence Struggle have been explained in a novel way using the Nandi Naadi principles discovered by the author.Besides the astrological angle, this book presents the biographical details of the revolutionaries, their poignant tales of courage and struggle against a giant colonial power and the tremendous sacrifices they made for the cause of mother India.This book is indispensable for anyone who wants to grasp the application of Nandi Naadi principles to various facets of human life including longevity, mode of death, ill-health, misfortunes, married life, progeny, career and so on.

About the Author

Dr. K. Guru Rajesh has been into the field of astrology since his teens. He contributed many articles on the subject to journals and magazines. He believes in a judicial mixing of tradition and research as the way for the progress of the science. A doctorate holder in Geology by qualification, Dr. Rajesh is also an accomplished artist and trained musician in Carnatic classical music. His other interests include classical poetry in Telugu and Sanskrit.


Since long, I have been trying to write a book on the lives of the revolutionaries of the Indian independence struggle from the viewpoint of an astrologer. That has materialised now due to two reasons – the Nandi Naadi system of astrology, and the availability of the revolutionaries’ biographies on the Internet. Through the method of Nandi Naadi astrology, the analysis of a horoscope can be carried out with just the date of birth of a person, and the timing of life events can

be fixed by studying the transit of planets. 
This makes possible the analysis of horoscopes of revolutionaries wherein details of birth time are not available. This book has been written with two objectives. The lives of many Indian national leaders, who were mostly from the Indian National Congress, are available as general biographies and with astrological analyses. However, the biographies of revolutionaries and martyrs who sacrificed everything, including their lives, for the sake of the motherland are lost in oblivion.

Astrological analysis of their lives is even rarer. The first aim of this book is to impress upon today’s youngsters the selfless sacrifice, patriotism and courage of these revolutionaries and inspire them to develop the noble attributes of patriotism and self-sacrifice. The second aim of this book is to demonstrate the utility of the principles of Nandi Naadi astrology by the analysis of the horoscopes of the revolutionaries. Some of them died young, others lived up to middle age, while some others had a long lease of life. Some died in battlefields, some through weapons, some were hanged to death and some died from natural causes. Some of them lost their parents early in life.

A few were adopted. Some had siblings while some others were single children. Some of the revolutionaries married early, while others had late marriages. There were revolutionaries who married more than once. Some married widows while others had love marriages. Some revolutionaries had progeny while some died childless. Some revolutionaries faced severe physical difficulties including incarceration, deportations and debilitating illnesses, while some others were powerful rulers and held politically important positions. Some of them fought without leaving their native places while some others carried out their struggle from foreign lands.

 Teachers, homemakers, poets, writers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, clerks, monks – they were from diverse backgrounds. Hence, I believe that the experience gained by studying the lives of these revolutionaries using the Nandi Naadi method will bestow deep insights that will be of great aid in horoscopic analysis for astrologers.

The advocates of the traditional Parasari and Jaimini methods or the followers of modern methods like K.P. may feel that the Nandi Naadi system applied in this book is too simple, unrealistic and useless. However, believe me, the logic behind this method is superlative, sublime, simple and almost infallible in the hands of an adept.

My views in support of the Nandi Naadi system should not be considered as my disregard for traditional Vedic astrology. I am a sincere student and researcher of traditional Vedic astrology. Readers of my articles on Vedic astrology published in the erstwhile The Astrological Magazine and its successor Modern Astrology are well aware of this fact. In my humble opinion, the Nandi Naadi method applied with conventional astrological analysis would greatly enhance the predictive capability of astrologers.

Keeping this in mind, a separate chapter dealing with the general rules of Nandi Naadi system is included in the beginning of this book to help even novices follow the Naadi astrological discussion given in the biographies. For readers who would like to dwell deep into the application of the Nandi Naadi method to various aspects of human life, I would suggest my other books. To the keen and discerning mind, the astrological explanation provided in this book will give lot of insights into the nuances of Nandi Naadi method.
Book Description :

This book contains the biographies and astrological explanations for the life events of 108 revolutionaries who were active from the 18th century, up to 1947 – the year that India won independence. In fact, there are thousands of revolutionaries in the illustrious history of the Indian freedom struggle. However, for many of them, even the birth date is not available. Hence, for this reason, and keeping in view the size of this work, 108 leading revolutionaries have been selected and arranged in a loose chronological order.

Care has been taken to gather relevant and correct information regarding various events and dates, but I cannot vouchsafe for their accuracy as I have collected them from various sources. While discussing every biography, a brief introduction of the revolutionary with his/her date and place of birth is provided. This is followed by the analysis of the birth chart in the light of Nandi Naadi principles regarding the potential promise in the Horoscope. Afterwards, the life profile of the revolutionary is discussed in detail from childhood to death along with the planetary transits responsible for the unfolding of these events.

All the horoscopic charts are cast for 6a.m. for the required date at Kolkata, my place of residence, while working for this book. The possible alternative position of the Moon in another sign is indicated by placing the Moon within parenthesis – “( )”. In the astrological discussion the planetary combinations are indicated by placing planets separated by hyphenation “-”, such as Sun-Jupiter-Mercury when Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are associated. Whenever reference is made to planets that are involved in mutual sign exchange, they are indicated by a slash “/”. For example, when Mars is placed in a sign of Saturn joined with Moon and involved in sign exchange with Saturn, they are referred to as Mars/Saturn-Moon.
Note from Author : Guru Rajesh 

I have to express my sincere gratitude to late Sri R.G. Rao, whose book Bhrugu Nandi Naadi forms the basis of my research in Nandi Naadi. Secondly, I am thankful to various websites, including Wikipedia, from where I have collected biographies of the revolutionaries. I am grateful to Sri Satyanarayana Naik, renowned author and one of the senior researchers on Naadi astrology in India, for taking out some valuable time from his busy schedule for writing the foreword for my humble work. I express my love and gratitude to my father Sri Krishna Murthy Rao, mother Radha, wife Prathima and daughter Srimayi for their understanding and care. They stood by me though I could not give the time they deserved as I was immersed in writing this book. If this book could awaken patriotic fervour in readers and impress upon them the utility of Nandi Naadi system, I would consider my efforts fruitful. I am enthused to share the opinions and experiences of astrologers who have applied the principles explained in this book.
With Regards,
Dr. K. Guru Rajesh